2022 NFL DFS Week 4 FanDuel Picks

by Jesse Baum
2022 NFL DFS FanDuel Picks

]Welcome to the 2022 NFL DFS Week 4 FanDuel Picks!  

I’m gonna use my intro to vent as a San Francisco 49ers fan. What I saw on the field this past Sunday was a travesty. Jimmy Garoppolo might be done as a starting caliber quarterback in the NFL. He looked like a deer in headlights every time the Denver Broncos pass rush got close to them. If he didn’t step out of the back of the end zone he would have thrown a pick six which would have somehow made his night even worse. 

If you are still asking yourself why did the San Francisco 49ers gave up multiple draft picks to move up to the third overall pick to grab Trey Lance, just go watch Sunday night's game again.

He could not extend plays, he could not make the basic play, and he made every other player look bad around him. But the worst part is he is right now the best quarterback on our roster. So I guess I am waiting for next season for my team to make some noise in the NFC.

Rant over. Now let’s get started. 

2022 NFL DFS Week 4 FanDuel Picks

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