2022 NFL DFS Week 7 DraftKings Picks

by Preston White
2022 NFL DFS DraftKings Picks

Welcome to my 2022 NFL DFS Week 7 DraftKings Picks! You can follow me, Preston, on Twitter @FF_Engineer_.

And we're back after a week of massive amounts of chalk, some of which sadly hit. But that's the game we play, so let's dive into some more values for this week.

If you haven't joined our discord yet, I'd highly recommend doing so. We can't cover every player in one article, but we're always discussing more plays on Discord, but you have to become an All-Access Member to join in on the fun!

Last week, for instance, I gave out another solid play during my AMA - Deon Jackson. In addition, we have some sharp folks always discussing great DFS theory.

Before we dive into this week's picks, let me put out a disclaimer that these picks are for GPP tournaments. The picks represent some of the best per-dollar values at each position while taking into account ceiling. These picks do not consider field ownership.

2022 NFL DFS Week 7 DraftKings Picks

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