2022 NHL Entry Draft Preview

by Andy Stitzer

The 2022 NHL Entry Draft is right around the corner, offering a chance for teams to claim some of the most exciting new talents in the sport. Fans eagerly anticipate the drat each season, and this year, the event will be held on between July 7 and 8 at the Bell Centre in Montreal. Currently, the Montreal Canadiens will have the first pick of the draft, although it’s possible that they could trade this. It's been a strange year for NHL draft-eligible prospects. This situation has been caused, in part, by the disruption over the past two seasons due to COVID-19. Currently, the talent available in the draft isn’t the most exciting, although there is a lot of depth to choose from.

However, while there may not be as many big prospects as in previous seasons, there are still plenty of exciting names for teams to choose from. The draft is often where the upcoming season is won or lost, so the right decisions can make a huge difference. If teams want to have good odds at Betway for the Stanley Cup next season, they need to ensure they find the best players in the entry draft.

Top Prospects in the 2022 NHL Entry Draft

Juraj Slafkovský

Slafkovský is a Slovenian forward for Finnish side TPS of the Finnish Liga. Currently, he’s considered one of the top prospects for the draft, and his stock has been growing all season. He's everything an NHL team wants in a winger with excellent skating and the ability to score from anywhere in the offensive zone. In addition to this, Slafkovsky is also 6’4” and is a great puck defender capable of getting out of tight situations on the ice. The Slovenian is an electrifying talent who could easily end up being the highest-scoring player from this class a decade from now. There is some work to be done on his defensive positioning here and there, but he’s an undeniably great talent who could easily end up being the highest-scoring player from this class a decade from now.

Shane Wright

Playing for Kingston Frontenacs in the Ontario Hockey League, Shane Wright is an 18-year-old center with a lot of talent. He’s had a mixed season, but he’s still considered one of the top prospects this year thanks to previous showings, and he’s already very polished. Although he may not make the headlines compared to some other prospects in the 2022 NHL Entry Draft, Wright has more than enough ability to make a difference in games. His skating mechanics are outstanding, although he lacks elite speed. To make up for his lack of speed, Wright has a methodical game, rarely overhandling pucks and always keeping to his position. He has an excellent sense of the ice and seems to think several steps ahead of other players.

Logan Cooley

Logan Cooley is currently the top prospect coming out of the United States. Currently playing in the NCAA for the University of Minnesota, Cooley is coming into the Entry Draft as a very highly rated talent. He's a dynamic skater with a quick crossover stride that help him win a lot of puck races. Due to his outstanding puck skills and constant awareness of his teammates and opponents, he makes a clever play nearly every time he touches the puck. Despite his skills, some might be concerned by his consistency, but this is something that can still be improved over time. As it stands, he’d be a great addition to any team in the league and has the potential to keep improving.

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