2023-24 Fantasy Basketball: Boring But Valuable Vets

by Brian Dailisan
2023-24 Fantasy Basketball: Boring But Valuable Vets

Roll out the red carpet, hoops heads! The NBA season is knocking, and oh boy, am I jazzed up! It's Brian here - your usual Waiver Wire whisperer. But today? We're diving deep into the 2023-24 Fantasy Basketball: Boring But Valuable Vets.

Ah, the seasoned NBA pros. In a sea of young guns, they're the anchors, steadying ships both on and off the hardwood. They may not have the flash, but they've got the finesse.

Join me as I spotlight five vet sensations who aren’t just here to teach the kiddos a trick or two, but are also primed to skyrocket in those fantasy rankings.

No need to check for ID, but let's take a closer look at some fantasy valuable veterans.

2023-24 Fantasy Basketball: Boring But Valuable Vets

Eastern Conference

Al Horford, Power Forward/Center, Boston Celtics

Have you ever heard the phrase, "like fine wine"? Mr. Al Horford embodies it. At a youthful 36, Al strutted into 64th rank in nine-category leagues last season. But hold onto your high-tops—strip away the points, and our man rocketed to a swanky 38th spot. His secret recipe? A cocktail of treys (2.3 3PG), boards (6.2 RPG), dimes (3.0 APG), block parties (1.0 BPG), and let's raise a toast to those near-invisible turnovers (0.6 TPG).

Given the ever-looming injury clouds over Robert Williams and Kristaps Porzingis, don't drop your popcorn if the Celtics give Horford the green light for some major court time. Age is just a number, especially in Al's playbook!

Nikola Vucevic, Center, Chicago Bulls

Hats off to the fantasy gurus who hitched their wagons to Nikola Vucevic last season! Playing the full 82-game marathon, he snazzily clocked in at 26th in nine-category leagues. Nudge aside those sneaky steals (0.7 SPG), and voilà, he shoots up to 19th. Ignore blocks (0.7 BPG)? He comfortably lounges at 25th.

As the main man in the paint for the Chicago Bulls this year, repeating an 82-game extravaganza might be a stretch, and he might dip a tad. But grabbing him in the third round? Sounds like a recipe for fantasy flair to me!

Brook Lopez, Center, Milwaukee Bucks

From barely breaking a sweat by playing 13 games in the 2021-2022 season to running a 78-game marathon the next year, Brook Lopez is full of surprises! Ranked a dazzling 22nd in nine-category leagues, he wasn't just a steal, he was daylight robbery last season. Those 2.5 swats per game? Pure gold. Toss in his 15.9 PPG, 6.7 RPG, and those sneaky out-of-position treys (1.7 3PG) – the man was on fire!

This year, though? With a new coach at the helm and Lopez clocking in at 35, some caution flags are flying. Yet, for that blocks bonanza alone, he remains a solid middle-round jewel in the draft.

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Western Conference

Chris Paul, Point Guard, Golden State Warriors

Pop the confetti! Chris 'Point God' Paul is taking his talents to the Bay Area, teaming up with Steph Curry in what's bound to be a jaw-dropping backcourt duo. Now, before you go rearranging your fantasy charts, remember: This might not be the glittering CP3 jackpot of yesteryears. But fear not! The man's fantasy stats are like a fine wine. Think mid-round gold, especially for those sashaying down the 'punt points' lane. His saucy assists and steals? Oh, they're still on the dance card.

And hey, don't lose sleep over his minutes; with Jordan Poole and Donte DiVincenzo taking their talents elsewhere, the Warriors are likely itching to let Chris Paul run the show.

Mike Conley, Point Guard, Minnesota Timberwolves

Mike Conley, who's now frolicking with the Minnesota Timberwolves, was, let's say, decent last season. Skimming just under the top 100 radar in those nine-category leagues, he takes a glorious leap to 74th if you're the daredevil type who punts points. Now, those threes, assists, steals, and near-ghostly turnovers? They’re like fantasy gold nuggets in the later rounds.

A word to the fantasy-wise, though: Conley might be like that classic vinyl record in your attic. Vintage, yes. Timeless, not quite. So, avoid the overdraft pitfall. But if you can snatch him up later on, then, my friend, you're doing fantasy right.

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