2023-24 Fantasy Basketball: Fantasy Impact of Coaches and GMs on Your Teams

by Charles Vakassian
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In fantasy basketball, league managers and owners are usually focused on the output of the players on their team. What some do not always realize is that the production of those players can be regulated by those who coach them. Or their GMs. Either way, we can't ignore the fantasy impact of Coaches and GMs.

Even the men at the top, general managers and owners, have a say in when or how long their players are on the court. You've likely heard about "load management" for example. You have to know that comes from upstairs in the offices, not the guy holding the clipboard.

But that's just one fantasy impact caused by GMs. And we know the coaches have their share too.

In this article, we'll delve into the hows and whys the head honchos affect the fantasy output of their players.

Fantasy Impact of Coaches and GMs

Load Management

This is typically the most common reason for a reduction in fantasy numbers. This is usually when the head coach wants to ensure that his players are rested up for the more important games during the stretch run.

You will see this most often for veteran players. The best examples include Lebron James, Kawhi Leonard, and Anthony Davis.

These players either have a long injury history and/or are on the wrong side of 30. We have seen the Lakers rest James and Davis early in the season, and Leonard has become the poster child for load management, with his extensive injury history.

When drafting in fantasy, either avoid these players or just make sure you know you won't be getting them for a full 82 games.

Wacky Rotations

In some cases, coaches prefer to run different rotations of players depending on who they are playing. This was most prevalent in OKC last year. Mark Daigneault would have new lineups for his bench every game. He wanted to give young guys a look.

Young developing teams are most guilty of this. When drafting a player from bottom-tier teams (Houston, Detroit, Charlotte, Portland) be mindful of veterans getting benched for youngsters.


This also ties in to load management a bit. When a player suffers an injury, the coach and GM want to be sure that the player in question is in full health.

If the season is lost, they may rest that player longer than necessary to ensure he is fully healthy. This is most prevalent among the tanking teams of the NBA.

For example, if Victor Wembanyama hurts himself this year, the Spurs should feel zero pressure to immediately rush him back. In contrast, a playoff team like the Bucks may be willing to take a risk and bring back a player immediately after the estimated recovery time. Perhaps even sooner, depending on the severity of the need.

It's just one more way that NBA coaches and GMs can impact your fantasy basketball team!

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