2023-24 Fantasy Basketball Southwest Division Preview

by Brian Dailisan
2021-22 Fantasy Basketball Division Preview - Southwest

Ladies, gentlemen, and fantasy aficionados! As the NBA's summer theatre wraps its latest act, our own season of stats, swishes, and strategic swag is set to rise. Pencils ready? Because it's time to etch your winning strategy with the scorching tales from the 2023-24 Fantasy Basketball Southwest Division preview.

So, starting off with the Memphis Grizzlies, they're not just making noise; they're downright roaring. And why, you ask? Well, perhaps the "Eye of the Tiger" tune blasting in their locker room gives us a hint. Still reeling from the sting of that Laker-led playoff defeat, they've gracefully bid adieu to Dillon Brooks. However, on the bright side, Marcus Smart steps into the limelight. And honestly, his arrival is perfectly timed, especially considering the sizable void Ja Morant's 25-game absence is bound to create.

Over in Dallas, Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving aim for court glory over tabloid tales. With a fresh zeal, they're on a mission to overturn last year’s narrative. Fantasy aficionados, cross everything – we want Kyrie’s focus on hoops, not headlines. Plus, the Mavs bagged Grant Williams and Richaun Holmes to beef up their frontline.

Meanwhile, in NOLA, Zion Williamson gears up for redemption. If he clocks in quality minutes, that 60+ ADP might just be your steal of the season. A twist in the plot: Trey Murphy’s sidelined with a knee issue. That might just mean more airtime for Herb Jones.

San Antonio’s got their golden ticket – top draft pick, Victor Wembanyama. Excited to see his courtcraft? Me too! But let’s hope he doesn’t get too many “Popovich siestas” (you know, the whole load management thing).

Finally, Houston’s big summer splash? Locking down All-Star Fred VanVleet. Add Dillon Brooks to the mix and it seems the Rockets might just rocket past their 22-60 record from last year. Buckle up!

2023-24 Fantasy Basketball Southwest Division Preview

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New Faces in the Division

NBA Draft

Memphis Grizzlies- GG Jackson, Tarik Biberovic

Dallas Mavericks- Dereck Lively II, Olivier-Maxence Prosper

New Orleans Pelicans- Jordan Hawkins

San Antonio Spurs- Victor Wembanyama, Sidy Cissoko

Houston Rockets- Amen Thompson, Cam Whitmore

San Antonio Spurs have channeled their inner Gandalf, drafting the enigmatic Victor "Wemby" Wembanyama. Now, if the injury bug doesn't bite, he's poised to be fantasy's new darling. Here's the scoop: The French courts can testify to his block party prowess. Although his FG% is a tad underwhelming, his FT%? Well, for a big guy, it’s sizzling. So, if you're thinking of punting on assists, steals, or FG%, consider Wemby as your trump card.

Switching our focus to Houston, they've slam-dunked with Amen Thompson and Cam Whitmore. Now, with Kevin Porter Jr.'s legal hiccup, Thompson's on deck, eyeing that backup point guard spot. Initially, Amen might just tease the court, but when he dives in? Brace yourselves for a flurry of steals, rebounds, assists, and naturally, those golden blocks. So, get ready and keep an eye out; Thompson is gearing up to shake things up!

On to New Orleans, where they seem to have pulled off a sneaky maneuver with sharpshooter Jordan Hawkins. Admittedly, he's probably going to taste some bench pine early on. However, with Trey Murphy on the back foot, Hawkins is poised to step into the spotlight.

Meanwhile, in Dallas, they've snagged the imposing Derick Lively II. Facing off with the likes of Maxi Kleber, Dwight Powell, and Richaun Holmes though, he's likely to spend a bit more time soaking up the scene than storming the court.

Finally, for Memphis, still riding high on their young trio of Ja Morant, Desmond Bane, and Jaren Jackson Jr., played it cool in the draft. They've tucked away a few second-round diamonds for now. It seems like a classic case of “watch, learn, then dominate” for these rookies.

Impactful Additions

Ja Morant is hitting the bench for a 25-game siesta, and who's here to light the way? Marcus Smart, that's who! While Ja's out, in the fantasy arena, bank on Smart to jive into that spicy mid-round value. Why? Think dazzling assists and more steals than a pickpocket convention. But remember, this shindig might simmer down once Ja re-enters the scene.

Meanwhile, in Dallas, they're not just talking big—they're playing big! Enter the stage, Grant Williams and Richaun Holmes. Grant's sliding into that PF slot, but fantasy-wise, he's more lukewarm latte than sizzling espresso. Richaun Holmes, on the other hand? He might just out-pizzazz Williams in those intricate 9-category deep dives. You heard it here first!

Shifting our gaze to Houston, there's a new rhythm with Fred VanVleet's veteran vibes guiding the rookies. Plus, they've pocketed Dillon Brooks from Memphis. While VanVleet is still the fantasy darling for early-round picks, Brooks is more like that wild card pick — the kind you'd venture in super deep 9-category leagues, especially if you're cool with sidelining FG%.

Draft With Confidence

PG – Luka Doncic, Fred Vanvleet, Ja Morant, Marcus Smart

SG – Kyrie Irving, Desmond Bane, Devin Vassell

SF – Brandon Ingram

PF – Zion Williamson, Jaren Jackson Jr., Victor Wembanyama, Jabari Smith Jr.

C – Alperen Sengun, Zach Collins

Category-Specific Players (Last Season Stats)

True Shooting (TS%) – shooting efficiency including 2pt field goals, 3pt field goals and free throws

Effective Field Goal (eFG%) – adjust for the fact that a 3pt FG is worth more than a 2pt FG


PlayerPtsFG%3pt%eFG%TS%Pts Per
100 Poss
C.J. McCollum 20.9.437.389.515.54128.7
Jalen Green22.1.416.338.485.53831.4
Keldon Johnson22.0.452.329.512.551 31.7

3pt Shooters

Player3PT Per Game3PT Attempted Per Game3PT%
Trey Murphy III (injured)
Luke Kennard (w/ Grizzlies)3.15.7 .540
Tim Hardaway Jr.


PlayerRebReb Per
100 Poss
Steven Adams11.520.322.73.7
Richaun Holmes (in 2021-22)

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