2023-24 Fantasy Basketball Week 11 Buy Low-Sell High

by Greyson Adams
2023-24 Fantasy Basketball Week 11 Buy Low-Sell High

Week 11 is here as we enter into the new year. The new year brings new trades for your leagues! And I'm here to help with the 2023-24 Fantasy Basketball Week 11 Buy Low-Sell High.

With the season in full swing, this article will come out every other Wednesday (usually) for your reading pleasure. I go over players that I feel you should target or move on from. But not every player will be in the same tier. I divide them into groups to help you better understand who I would prioritize as a target. They are split into three sections: buy/sell of the week, main buy/sell targets, and other players to buy/sell.

As it is with most things, context is important. I normally determine my selections based on 9-category leagues, also called 9-cat. If you are in a points league, this may still help, but I cannot guarantee it. If you're unsure or have any fantasy basketball questions in general, you can reach out to me on Twitter @GreysonAdams907. You can also check out our Rest of Season Rankings to see how these and your players rank.

Disclaimer: All statistics for the 2023-24 Fantasy Basketball Week 11 Buy Low-Sell High were made before games on Wednesday, January 3rd. Things may change in just a day! So be on the lookout.

2023-24 Fantasy Basketball Week 11 Buy Low-Sell High

Buy Low

Buy of the Week: Brandin Podziemski, SG, Golden State Warriors

Brandin “Air Podz” Podziemski recently moved to the bench in another of Steve Kerr‘s attempts to shake up the lineup. Despite this, he has still been playing almost 30 minutes a night. On top of this, he’s a very talented player. He has done surprisingly well as a later first-round pick and I wouldn’t expect his trajectory to be anything but up from here. 

Thanks to the Warriors’ style of play, which includes team rebounding and lots of ball movement, Podziemski racks up a good amount of boards and assists. His field goal percentage has also been great thanks in part to the gravity and playmaking of Steph Curry and Chris Paul.

I also believe from watching him that Podz just has a great feel for the game and understands how to play within the Warriors system as a dynamic role player. He’s had some 9cat gems, with the most memorable being his Christmas Day performance against the Denver Nuggets where he had 13 points, 9 rebounds, 6 assists, and 5 steals. 

Just today (Wednesday, January 3rd) Podziemski has been dropped by over 3,200 managers on Yahoo! This tells me all I need to know about how his move to the bench is affecting fantasy managers’ overall perception of him. Use this opportunity to buy low. 

Max Strus, SG/SF, Cleveland Cavaliers

Strus has hit a really bad spell from the field, shooting just 33% on 14.7 shots over the last two weeks, per Yahoo! Fantasy. This is in massive contrast to the start of the season, where he was lights out, especially from deep. Per StatMuse, Strus started off his first ten games of the season shooting 36.7% from three. Over the last ten games, he's shot just 29.9% from deep. This is a natural low for Strus, who is a high-volume three-point shooter.  

It’s no coincidence that this dry spell has also come at a time when both Darius Garland and Evan Mobley are out. Sometimes an increased offensive load doesn’t pan out for players, as they have to play outside their comfort zone. I’d wager that this combo has led to Strus’ inefficiency. Despite this, his counting stats are still strong, so I would look to buy him where you can, especially if your build involves punting field goal percentage. 

Mark Williams, C, Charlotte Hornets

Mark Williams is currently in the midst of a streak of missed games due to a back injury. The total is up to 13 straight missed games, but in his most recent games he was listed as doubtful before being ruled out.

This is a good sign of progress towards health soon, and as nice as Nick Richards is, Mark Williams should slide back into a large role. Before his extended absence, Williams had played 29+ minutes in 6 of his last 10 games. He should see that upward trend continue once he's back and up to speed again.

Sell High

Sell of the Week: Daniel Gafford, PF/C, Washington Wizards

This is not really a call for a drop in production for Daniel Gafford. However, I think you can take advantage of his high rank and move him for pieces that are much more valuable as all-around players. Let me explain.

Gafford has an incredibly high field goal percentage, a high block rate, and very low turnover totals. The fact that these three stats are both so high relative to other players drastically raises his rank.

Of course, these are important stats, but how important is it to your team versus someone like Tyler Herro, for example? Herro doesn’t excel in any one category to the same extent that Gafford does, but I’d argue he’s a better all-around fantasy player to have for most teams.

This also hinges on your build. If it is geared toward a player like Gafford, then disregard this, but I would look to try and trade him in a two for two where you get a lower-ranked center but a better second player. A couple of good players who come to mind at the center spot are Clint Capela and Walker Kessler, who can give you very similar production but are ranked much lower. 

Jarrett Allen, C, Cleveland Cavaliers

This isn’t an immediate sell, but someone you should keep in mind for the coming weeks. Jarrett Allen has thrived without fellow frontcourt man Evan Mobley. Mobley’s timeline still has him 4-6 weeks out from a return, so again, this isn’t urgent. Here are the splits for Jarrett Allen with and without Evan Mobley, just so you can see the difference.

With Evan Mobley, 16-game sample: 28.7 minutes per game, 13.4 points, 8.3 rebounds, 2.3 assists, 0.6 steals, and 1.1 blocks. 69.6% FG and 74.5% FT

Without Evan Mobley, 13 games: 31.6 minutes per game, 15.7 points, 11.4 rebounds, 3.8 assists, 1.1 steals, 0.8 blocks. 64.9% FG and 66.7% FT

Not every stat gets a boost, but it's an overall positive jump, especially thanks to his increase in minutes, almost 3 extra minutes per game. After a few more weeks, ideally before the news of Mobley's progression to return, it's a good idea to try and move him.

Grayson Allen, SG/SF, Phoenix Suns

Allen will be a tough sell on his own thanks to his name, but he’s a great piece to have that does a little of everything.

Similar to Gafford, his ranking gets a nice boost thanks to his high free throw percentage and low turnover total. On top of that, he's been on a hot streak recently. Over the last month, he's averaged 15.3 points (+2.2 compared to his season average), 1.6 steals (+0.6), and 0.9 blocks (+0.3) while shooting 53.5% from the field (+2.9%).

He’s a great piece to add to a trade to get it to go through.

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