2023-24 Fantasy Basketball Week 14 Drop List

by Greyson Adams

As we slowly approach the All-Star break, you'll start to notice certain teams will alter their approach. Players will be benched, waived, traded, etc. based on how the team is doing up to this point. Some players that you thought had long-term value may now be drops. I've made the 2023-24 Fantasy Basketball Week 14 Drop List to help you discern who to drop.

This list attempts to cater to multiple different league formats, particularly leagues of different sizes. Some players can be dropped in one league while remaining as an obvious hold in another. Context is always important. Another piece of context for this list: I base my drops on standard 9-category (9-cat) leagues. These suggestions may also work for points leagues, but it's important to use your discretion to determine if that's the case.

As I said, I will be attempting to cater to different-sized leagues with my drop list. Here's how I classify each of my drop picks.

Shallow league: 8- or 10-team leagues with normal roster size (about 15 players per team) or a 12-team league with a smaller roster (about 12-13 players per team).

Standard league: 12-team leagues with a normal roster size, or 14-team leagues with a shallow roster

Deep league: 14 or more teams with larger roster sizes. Typically the area for basketball sickos (like myself).

If you have any questions, feel free to tweet me or message me onย Twitterย (no I will not call it by its other name). Also, make sure you check out ourย Rest of Season Basketball Rankingsย for more help deciding who to drop from your roster.

Disclaimer: This list was made before games on Wednesday, January 24th. Things can change very quickly, so be on the lookout for that!

Let's get into my 2023-24 Fantasy Basketball Week 14 Drop List.

2023-24 Fantasy Basketball Week 14 Drop List

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Shallow League Drops

Bennedict Mathurin, SG/SF, Indiana Pacers

Given his name value, Mathurin might be a bit of a surprise here, but looking at stats without the name can be important. The second-year player is just not putting up the stats you'd hope for.

Per Yahoo! Fantasy, Mathurin is averaging 14.2 points, 3.7 rebounds, and 2.0 assists on the season. Outside of that, he is at just 0.5 steals a game and shoots just 45.5% on 11 shots. In category leagues, this just isn't good production, and his ranking is very telling of that. He's ranked 224th in Yahoo! Fantasy's season average rankings.

The Pacers rotation is pretty crowded, and with the latest addition of star forward Pascal Siakam, I don't see Mathurin's usage going anywhere but down.

Cole Anthony, PG, Orlando Magic

Another surprise given his success this season, Anthony is much in the same boat as Mathurin. While his counting stats outside of points are slightly better, this is completely overshadowed by his extreme inefficiency. Anthony is shooting just 43.2% from the field on 10.2 shots per game, per Yahoo! Fantasy.

Anthony is known to have boom games, but is it worth it when the majority of his games are as bad as they are? I don't believe so. I would move on from him in any shallow league format.

Standard League Drops

Zach Collins, PF/C, San Antonio Spurs

Collins is an interesting case here. For those who held him through injury, like myself, this may be a tough pill to swallow. I'm barely holding onto him as is, and that's in a deeper 14-team league. If my top waiver add wasn't Trayce Jackson-Davis, I'd likely be moving on from him myself. But unfortunately, I am stuck with him. However, for those of you in standard leagues, I would highly recommend moving on.

Ever since coach Gregg Popovich decided to move Victor Wembenyama to center, Collins has been a lot more hit-and-miss. His stocks (steals + blocks) in particular have taken a massive hit. Over the first 10 games of the season, Collins averaged 1.7 stocks per game. Over his last 10 games, that average is down to 1.4.

If you look at his last three games since his return, Collins's stocks have dropped to just 0.33 per game. This could be due to rustiness after a return from injury, but it's also important to note that in one of these games, Victor Wembenyama wasn't playing.

Popovich has been trying out several different lineups, so I would expect a lot of inconsistency from Collins if you decide to keep him.

Kyle Lowry, PG, Charlotte Hornets

This one might be a given, I could maybe even move it into my deep league drop category. Despite this, I still wanted to touch on it. Schuyler Callihan of SI.com reported that according to general manager Mitch Kupchak, Kyle Lowry is unlikely to play before the trade deadline. The trade deadline is February 8th, which means if you did hold him, you'd be burning a roster spot until then.

Even then, I'm not sure how much playing time he'll get on his new team. Lowry is much older, and the Hornets have clearly started to look into tanking the rest of the season. They've already moved Rozier and are looking to move forward Gordon Hayward next, so this just doesn't seem like a team to give Kyle Lowry minutes.

If you did want to hold him, it would be based on the hope that he gets traded again before the deadline. But I'm not sure any team wants a 37-year-old aging guard who's making almost $30 million this season. It's not a trade-friendly contract for any win-now team.

Deep League Drops

Daniel Theis, C, Los Angeles Clippers

Daniel Theis has had some solid value for the Clippers with the absences of Mason Plumlee and now Ivica Zubac. However, Mason Plumlee is healthy and starting now over Theis. Even with Zubac still out for another three weeks, head coach Tyronn Lue loves going to small ball lineups. This renders Theis completely useless for fantasy.

We saw a great example of this last game against the Los Angeles Lakers. Both Plumlee and Theis played just 20 minutes with minimal success. Meanwhile, Terrance Mann, Norman Powell, and Amir Coffey all played 23 or more minutes in the win.

This isn't to say Theis won't have decent games. We saw him put up some serviceable numbers before this game. But if that is the ceiling and the floor is practically nothing, I'd move on to someone with a higher ceiling and the same floor.

Isaiah Jackson, PF/C, Indiana Pacers

Jackson's minutes have alternated between the mid-20s and single digits for the entirety of the season. I thought that maybe his minutes were matchup-based, but I was unsure. I looked more into his game logs, it looks more like a hot-hand approach for coach Rick Carlisle. Every time he scores a lot of points, he plays a lot of minutes. Along with these minutes comes good production in other counting stats.

But if he doesn't have scoring outbursts, he plays about 10 minutes, maybe less, and does almost nothing.

With the arrival of forward Pascal Siakam, I would expect far fewer games where he has scoring outbursts. The frontcourt was already crowded, adding an all-star-level forward to the mix won't make it any easier for the big man.

This concludes my 2023-24 Fantasy Basketball Week 14 Drop List. Be sure to check out the site for more content!


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