2023-24 Fantasy Basketball Week 15 Buy Low-Sell High

by Greyson Adams
2023-24 Fantasy Basketball Week 15 Buy Low-Sell High

The NBA trade deadline is coming. This, along with other reasons, will cause players to rise and fall in value. I have highlighted a few that I feel will run this course in my 2023-24 Fantasy Basketball Week 15 Buy Low-Sell High.

These articles will come out every other Wednesday for you to consume. I discuss players that you should target or move on from in trades. However, I won't be quite as adamant about certain players as I am about others. To make things easier to follow, I've separated the players into different tiers: buy/sell of the week, main buy/sell targets, and other players to buy/sell.

As it is with most things, context is important. I normally determine my selections based on 9-category leagues, also called 9-cat. If you are in a points league, this may still help, but I cannot guarantee it. If you're unsure or have any fantasy basketball questions in general, you can reach out to me on Twitter @GreysonAdams907. You can also check out our Rest of Season Rankings to see how these and your players rank.

Disclaimer: All statistics for the 2023-24 Fantasy Basketball Week 15 Buy Low-Sell High were made before games on Wednesday, January 31st. Things may change in just a day! So be on the lookout.

2023-24 Fantasy Basketball Week 15 Buy Low-Sell High

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Buy Low

Buy of the Week: Terry Rozier, PG/SG, Miami Heat

Since his trade to the Miami Heat, Rozier has been in a bit of a slump. He's averaging 11.8 points, 4.5 assists, and 3.3 rebounds while shooting just 38.3% from the field. Many people are probably panicking, and rightfully so. However, I am not as concerned, here's why.

Rozier is dealing with a completely new team. Their scheme will take some getting used to, as well as their culture. The Hornets' style of basketball is far different from the style in Miami. They prioritize winning and playing team basketball, which isn't necessarily something we've seen in Charlotte in recent years. This adjustment period will obviously come with its struggles, but he will adapt.

More good news: Rozier is still being allowed to work as a high-usage player. Since the move, his usage rate is 20.8% and he's playing 29.5 minutes per game, per StatMuse. I would expect that as he gets accustomed to Miami's scheme, both his usage rate and minutes increase from what they're at now, which are already solid numbers.

It's very common for players to struggle in a new environment. Damian Lillard was playing at the lowest level we'd seen in a long time to start off the season. Dame's field goal percentage was just 40% through his first 7 games of the season, a number that has now risen to 42.2% (not great, but it's better).

Obviously, the NBA is a business, and for some, a trade is welcomed with open arms. But even so, having to up and move like that is not easy. From an NBA.com:

"Many players struggle with the news itself when it comes to being traded, especially for the first time. It’s an utter shock. And when the public finds out before they do, without any warning to soften the blow, it only makes the experience tougher."

I would expect Rozier to improve from here on out.

Main Buy Target: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, SG/SF, Denver Nuggets

KCP is one of the better perimeter defenders in the league as well as a great shooter. So when I see that over the last two weeks, he's averaging 0.8 threes per game (-0.6 compared to his season average) and only 0.8 steals (-0.6), I see an opportunity to trade for him. Caldwell-Pope doesn't have big-name value, so it makes him the perfect player to target. He's been making a bid for an All-Defensive team this year, so while the steals fluctuate, his defensive prowess does not.

Per StatMuse, in his Denver Nuggets career, Pope has shot 40.9% from three on just over 4 attempts a game. Over the last two weeks, he's shooting just 21.7% on 3.8 attempts per game. These numbers will obviously see positive regression. Overall, KCP is a gem to have in 9-cat leagues, so I would target him now while you can.

Other Player to Buy: Aaron Gordon, PF, Denver Nuggets

Gordon is struggling in the scoring department as of late. Over the last two weeks, He's averaging 10.0 points (-3.5) on just 44.4% shooting from the field (-9.8%). The good news is that we're seeing an upward trend in his steals and blocks (aka stocks) totals, which are up at 1.7 from his season average of 1.4. In addition, he's slowly improving his free throw shooting, which is up to 67.2% over the last month, and up to 75% over the last week, per Yahoo! Fantasy.

The positives here are much sneakier than the negatives, so this is still a great time to buy him.

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Sell High

Sell of the Week: Andrew Wiggins, SF/PF, Golden State Warriors

Wiggins has finally put together a nice stretch of games. And I may sound like the biggest hater, but this for me seems like the perfect time to get rid of him. Given how the season has gone, a 7-game stretch of good production is not enough to convince me to keep him. Over these last seven games, Wiggins has shot 55.0% from the field on 11.4 attempts. Even if we compare this to last year's average of 47.3% from the field on 14.3 shots, there are several issues.

The biggest issue for me, outside of it being obviously unsustainable, is that despite being on such a hot streak, his scoring volume just isn't there. This is his best stretch of games, and he's still shooting 3 fewer times than he did on average last season. The recent rise of Jonathan Kuminga has a lot to do with this. Kuminga is shooting 10.5 shots a game this season, which over the last month has gone up to 13.5 attempts. With him now a mainstay in the rotation, I don't see Wiggins being someone you consistently want to have on your team.

Main Sell Target: D'Angelo Russell, PG/SG, Los Angeles Lakers

Russell has been on a tear recently, and it conveniently started around the time that he was thrown into trade rumors by the NBA media. Over the last month, Russell is averaging 3.9 threes (+1.3) and 22.7 points (+5.6) on 48.8% shooting from the field (+1.4%). Not only is he shooting more efficiently from the field, but he's doing it on 3.3 more shot attempts than his season average.

He may have played his way out of trade rumors, but he may still be included. It typically takes more than a hot streak to keep a player on a team. Especially considering the Lakers are still just 9th in the Western Conference standings. If he does get traded, I don't see his value increasing elsewhere. He'd likely lose some of his efficiency while averaging around the same numbers. In his career, when D'Angelo Russell has not played with LeBron James (including all games prior to joining James in LA) Russell averages 17.8 points on 42.6% from the field, per StatMuse.

Other Player to Sell: Harrison Barnes, SF/PF, Sacramento Kings

I recently called Barnes a drop after a string of games where he was moved to the bench. I'll take my L on that one, as immediately after that he went on a nice hot streak. Over the last two weeks, Barnes has averaged 3.4 threes (+1.5) and 21.0 points, (+9.1) on 50.0% from the field (+2.1%). Besides the unsustainability of Barnes's numbers, the veteran forward could still very well be traded. Much like Russell above, I don't see this being a good thing for his value.

It's also important to note that despite his terrific performances, he still lacks the ancillary stats that make someone truly great for 9-cat. Of course, Barnes is an end-of-bench guy on your team so you probably don't need him to be an all-around great player, but you might be able to include him in a trade for someone who is one. I'm doubling down, and I believe he's an easy sell.


That concludes the 2023-24 Fantasy Basketball Week 15 Buy Low-Sell High.

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