2023 Dynasty Baseball NL East Prospects Impact

by Alex Welch
2023 Dynasty Baseball NL East Prospects

A wide range of NL East dynasty baseball prospects is ready to impact in 2023. F6P's Mike Schneider put 17 NL East prospects in the top 100 of his end-of-season prospect rankings, and a handful of them will see MLB action this year.

The NL East sent three teams to the playoffs last year and also featured the team with the worst regular season record. Again, a wide range of outcomes.

In this series, I'll be looking at the prospects from each division that have the potential to play a somewhat significant role for dynasty owners this season. Of course, some of these guys might not impact your lineup until the year's second half, but you should keep an eye on all of them for any buying windows (or opportunities to sell if you lose faith).

2023 Dynasty Baseball NL East Prospects Impact

Atlanta Braves

Jared Shuster, LHP

One of the top-ranked prospects in arguably the weakest farm system (this is not a knock on the Braves, as they've put together a strong MLB roster), Shuster will likely see playing time at the MLB level this season. He posted solid numbers at Double-A last year, going 90.2 innings in 17 games resulting in a 3.46 xFIP and 23.8% K-BB%. Unfortunately, those numbers regressed after he moved to Triple-A for ten games (4.72 xFIP and 11.4% K-BB%). However, considering the organization he's in, fantasy owners should still be optimistic about what he could accomplish if he gets the call-up.

THE BAT and Steamer projections both see Shuster getting five starts for the Braves in 2023. Atlanta has several options for their fifth spot in the rotation. Although Mike Soroka has dealt with multiple injuries, Ian Anderson and Bryce Elder are far from locks. Nevertheless, Shuster has a decent three-pitch mix and could be consistent enough to become a mid- to back-end starter, so dynasty owners should monitor his progress.

New York Mets

Francisco Alvarez, C

MLB Pipeline's No. 1 ranked player saw a brief glimpse of MLB action in 2022. In 296 PAs at Double-A, he batted .277/.368/.553 with 18 HRs, 47 RBIs, and 146 wRC+. That production slowed down in 199 PAs at Triple-A, where he slashed .234/.382/.443 with 9 HRs, 31 RBIs, and 121 wRC+. He closed out the year with two hits in 14 MLB PAs and ankle surgery in October, but he said he's "100% sure" he'll be on the Mets' roster for Opening Day.

His early ADP is way down the charts, and he has more work to get comfortable at the MLB level. This might be a good time to check how Alvarez owners feel in your league. There's no question about his 70-grade power. His batting average might be a concern, at least for 2023, as projections have him hovering around .230. This could be the only window you have to buy - if we can even call it that.

Brett Baty, 3B

Another potential 70-grade power hitter, Baty, saw 11 games of MLB action in 2022. He mashed in Double-A, hitting .312 with 19 HRs in 89 games. He also lowered his GB% to 42.6%. That number rose again in Triple-A, and with the Mets, so his line-drive swing still needs to get more lift on the ball. But his overall profile looks like a safe addition for any dynasty team.

It's unclear how long Eduardo Escobar and his projected 100 wRC+ will continue to block Baty at third base. Steamer sees Baty playing 29 games. While his limited time with the Mets last year didn't look outstanding, he did post a .332 xwOBA. So dynasty owners could get some late-season help from Baty at a thin position, depending on what New York has planned for him.

Philadelphia Phillies

Andrew Painter, RHP

How could you not be excited about this guy? Painter has dominated in the minor leagues so far. He only made five starts at Double-A last season, but he looked even better than in High-A with a 32.1% K-BB% and a 2.98 xFIP.

The projections for Painter's 2023 campaign are all over the place. Some see him having a small impact at the end of the season. Others believe he could be in the big leagues right out of the gate. Both THE BAT and Steamer projections have Painter making 13 starts.

Workload will undoubtedly be a factor. Here's some insight from The Athletic's Matt Gelb: "If Painter has only so many innings in 2023, the Phillies might deem it a waste to spend any of them in the minors."

There's so much hype around Painter that acquiring him now would be tough. However, if he struggles early on, dynasty owners should push aggressively if an opposing owner is willing to sell. He should be one of the more anticipated prospects to make an impact in 2023.

Miami Marlins

Eury Perez, RHP

Another huge prospect (literally, he's 6'8"), Perez dealt with some injuries in 2022 and spent the majority of the year at Double-A. His numbers weren't quite as gaudy as Painter's, but he did post a 26.0 K-BB% and a 3.52 xFIP in 17 starts.

We likely won't see him in the majors until the end of the season. THE BAT projects Perez to start eight games in 2023. He will be near the top of most watch lists. The Marlins have an inconsistent, injury-plagued group of potential starters. Perez could undoubtedly get a chance sooner than many expect. But, as with Painter, it would take a rough start to scare a dynasty owner into selling at a reasonable price.

Washington Nationals

Cade Cavalli, RHP

Here's a name to keep an eye on this spring training. Cavalli started one game for the Nationals last year, exited with a 14.54 ERA, and then went on to the IL with a shoulder injury. He'll want to put his MLB debut behind him.

Cavalli led the minors in strikeouts in his first pro season, climbing to Triple-A in 2021. He spent most of last season at Triple-A before the one-game MLB stint. He has electric stuff, but the command isn't always there. Nevertheless, the Nationals will likely rely on him in their rotation starting in 2023.

He's probably the most extreme highest risk/reward case among these NL East prospects. The shoulder injury and the good but not great numbers from 2022 likely lowered his asking price. If you believe in Cavalli's arm, now is the time to buy before any potential spring hype.

Hope you enjoyed the 2023 Dynasty Baseball NL East Prospects. Check out more excellent Fantasy Baseball content from the F6P team!

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