2023 Dynasty Baseball Trade Target: Braxton Garrett

by Josh Stevens
2023 Dynasty Baseball Trade Target: Braxton Garrett

Sometimes all it takes is one performance to put a previously under-the-radar player in the spotlight. This is the case for our next 2023 Dynasty Baseball Trade Target: Braxton Garrett.

This can be true in other fantasy sports like fantasy football, where Taysom Hill can have one great three-touchdown game, and it is a race to go pick him up. While it is not as volatile in a 162-game baseball season, one great performance can still be the catalyst to make a great trade or pickup.

2023 Dynasty Baseball Trade Target: Braxton Garrett

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Let me be clear in saying that one good outing should not lead you to immediately pick up a player and expect great results. This was certainly not the case in my previous example of Taysom Hill, who didnt come close to duplicating his three-touchdown outing.

However, a great outing should lead you to go evaluate a player’s season to date. In Braxton Garrett’s case, his 13-strikeout, no walk outing against the Pirates was just a positive reflection of the underrated season that he’s been having so far.

As evidenced by his outing against the Pirates, Garrett has been great at both striking guys out and limiting walks this year. In fact, his impressive 10.1 SO9 combined with his minuscule 1.5 BB9 gives Garrett the best strikeout-to-walk rate in the MLB at 6.53.

While strikeouts are at an all-time level of importance in baseball, and walks are seemingly at an all-time low in terms of importance, both of these are vital towards fantasy baseball. Points can easily be racked up with strikeouts or detracted with walks, and Garrett is the best bet in the game to ensure that he won’t lose any points.

Walks and strikeouts aren’t the only thing allowing Garrett to have a great year in 2023. He is limiting runs to the tune of a 3.60 ERA and a 121 ERA+. Furthermore, Garrett has a better-than-average WHIP at 1.130 and FIP of 3.34.

Braxton Garrett Advanced Stats

However, to get the true sense of the quality of Garrett’s year, let’s take a look at his baseball savant page.

As expected, the thing Garrett excels at the most is his walk percentage, as he is in the 96th percentile to go along with a 76th percentile K percentage. However, being super accurate also helps Garrett get guys to chase out of the zone to the tune of a 91st-percentile chase rate.

One alarming thing when looking at Garrett’s baseball savant page is the hard hit percentage and average exit velocity, which both sit at 11%. However, Garrett is a sinkerballer, whose average launch angle is over 3 degrees less than the league average. Therefore, most of these hard hit balls against Garrett are on the ground, where the infield can either make a play or the guy is held to a single.

How Is Garrett So Effective?

Perhaps the most impressive part about Garrett is the fact that he uses six pitches regularly. With the game shifting more and more to a strict focus on high fastballs and low-breaking balls, Garrett’s advanced repertoire is a breath of fresh air.

This video from pitcherlist.com perfectly sums up how Garrett uses all of his pitches in order to be effective. This great, in-depth video by Nick Pollock spends almost 30 minutes dissecting each inning of Garrett’s outing against the Pirates. Here, Pollock, breaks down how Garrett uses his repertoire in order to effectively tunnel his pitches, keeping hitters off balance and guessing.

By using six pitches (only Yu Darvish uses more), Garrett makes up for his mediocre fastball by making balls move both east and west, getting hitters to chase out of the zone in order to induce weak contact. As evidenced by his low walk numbers, Garrett is able to control all of his pitches, ensuring that he can be effective even if one of his pitches isn’t working that day.

What will it take to get Braxton Garrett?

Despite his recent success, the public hasn’t completely come around on Garrett yet. Per fantasypros, he is only rostered in 75 percent of Yahoo leagues, and less than 60 percent of ESPN leagues. You might be able to pick up Garrett off of waivers altogether.

However, this is a trade target article. If you were to trade for Garrett, you won’t have to part ways with any big name players, but it will likely take a couple of prospects at the very least.

Final thoughts

Braxton Garrett is really coming into his own as a finesse pitcher in a league full of fire ballers. His incredible strikeout-to-walk ratio makes him a no-brainer to be our next.

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