2023 Dynasty Baseball Trade Target: Max Meyer

by Josh Stevens
2023 Dynasty Baseball Trade Targets: Max Meyer

Sometimes a team has so much talent at a position that an uber-talented player can get lost in the hype. For example, Tony Pollard is a fantastic running back but does not get the same recognition or in-game touches as Ezekiel Elliot. Unfortunately, this case is not uncommon and is the case with our next 2023 Dynasty Baseball Trade Target: Max Meyer.

Rarely someone picked third overall (Meyer was drafted third in 2020) just a few years ago and can get overshadowed in just a few years. Don't get me wrong, Meyer is an incredible player. He runs his fastball up to the high 90s, coupling that with a wipeout 70-grade slider. Sprinkle in an improving changeup, and there seems to be no reason why all the attention in South Beach isn't on Max Meyer.

However, the Marlins boast a myriad of fantastic young arms that have been making waves across the majors. First, there's reigning NL Cy Young Award winner Sandy Alcantara. Next, Pablo Lopez established himself as an above-average starter at 26. Then there's Edward Cabrera, who isn't just unhittable in MLB The Show, as he seems just as hard to hit in real life. Finally, 6'8 Eury Perez has a gigantic frame and even more great stuff.

These four pitchers dominated the hype in Miami in 2022. While the attention was deserved, it caused Max Meyer to become severely underrated. The lack of awareness of Meyer has caused him to become a key trade target for fantasy managers.

2023 Dynasty Baseball Trade Target: Max Meyer

Breaking balls have greatly improved in the last few years. Gone are the days of using a curve or slider to work off the fastball.

In fact, during Meyer's short stint in the majors, he threw his slider more than any other pitch. Leaning on this pitch in the future seems to be the correct move, as Meyer was given a 70-grade. This 70 grade means that Meyer's slider is already elite, with the potential to be one of the best in the game. It looks like Dave Eddy agrees as he already has him ranked as the No. 87 SP in his Dynasty Rankings.

Here's what Meyer's scouting report looked like via miilb.com

"Meyer had the best pitch in the 2020 Draft, a wipeout slider that reaches the low 90s and with which he can add and subtract depth. He also can blow away hitters with a four-seam fastball that sits at 93-97 mph, clocked at 98 in the ninth inning of one start last spring, and tops out at 100. In addition, he surprised the Marlins with his feel for a changeup that he didn't need much in college, and his mid-80s offering with fade could give him a solid third option."

This scouting report provides a ton of promise for Meyer. It shows he is someone who can not only throw his fastball by a hitter when he needs to but also keep them off-balance with a wipeout pitch. This seems to be the recipe for success in today's game, and at 23, Meyer has this down pat.

At just 23, Meyer has the potential to improve this pitch even more. Spin rate alert reports that Meyer's spin rate on his slider was 13% over the league average... in his first start. If that doesn't get you excited, I don't know what will.

In addition to his incredible stuff, Meyer posted very promising stats across the minor leagues. For a guy with an electric fastball and slider, Meyer was able to limit the walks, having a BB/9 of just a shade over 3.00. That's about an average mark in the MLB and will only continue to get better the longer Meyer pitches. Additionally, Meyer's lack of control issues eliminates the most common problem for young pitchers.

Why is Max Meyer being undervalued?

Max Meyer has all the tools to dominate at the next level. However, while Marlin's great young pitchers take some of the spotlights, Meyer's injury is holding his hype train back. After two starts in 2022, Meyer was shut down for the season and underwent Tommy John Surgery. This confirms that Meyer won't be on a mound until 2024.

As you probably know, Tommy John is not the death sentence it once was. Instead, the surgery is becoming a "rite of passage" for MLB arms. Therefore, it is almost better that Meyer undergoes this surgery now instead of interrupting his year once he is a seasoned arm in the MLB. Meyer's injury brings me to my next point.

What will you have to give up to get Max Meyer?

In most cases, trading for a pitcher as talented as Meyer would cost a pretty penny. Guys with this much potential don't come around very often.

However, Meyer's injury may help you get a discount on him if you are willing to stash him for a year until he recovers. It is risky to trade for a player who won't pitch for a year or more, but the reward is compelling. Changing a few mid-tier players for Meyer is a steal, and that's what he will go for while sidelined.

Final Thoughts

In my trade target articles, I try to identify players whose value is way below their potential for a specific reason. The unfortunate perfect storm had to be created to have Max Meyer fly under the radar compared to other top prospects.

The rise of other young Marlins starters, coupled with Meyer's TJ surgery as soon as he broke into the MLB, has prevented him from becoming a household name.

Now is the time to buy low on Meyer while he is sidelined. By 2024/2025, fantasy managers will be able to have acquired a top young arm for cheap. Who doesn't love a trade that turns out to be a fleece down the road?

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