2023 Dynasty Baseball Trade Target: Nolan Schanuel

by Josh Stevens

Over the course of my articles, I usually like to compare the situations of the players I write about to players in other sports, such as in football. While the two sports are obviously different, the thought aspect of the fantasy versions of the sports can be similar. However, one key difference is when it comes to players who have just gotten drafted. Such is the case with our next 2023 Dynasty Baseball Trade Target: Nolan Schanuel.

While the NFL and NBA drafts are giant spectacles with millions of viewers, the MLB draft often flies under the radar. This is because while the top picks in the NFL and NBA draft make impacts at the highest level right away, even the top prospects in the MLB have to toil away in the minor leagues for years.

There are likely hundreds of articles and videos out there about Bijan Robinson’s immediate fantasy impact. (None better than our draft day reactions on YouTube). This is because even though the highest level he has played in is college, he will start right away in the NFL. This is why Robinson is a likely top 10 pick in any fantasy league.

While you won’t find anything near that level of hype for a draftee in Fantasy Baseball, it is imperative to jump on these guys right away in dynasty baseball. There was no position player drafted last weekend that is more pro ready than Nolan Schanuel.

2023 Dynasty Baseball Trade Target: Nolan Schanuel

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Schanuel’s first look against college level opponents was in the South Florida Collegiate League in 2020. Over a COVID shortened 23 games, Schanuel hit .270 with a .418 OBP. Perhaps the most impressive part of Schanuel’s 2020 Summer was his ability to avoid strikeouts, as he only had six of them while drawing 13 walks.

Schanuel really came into his own at FAU, as he accumulated an astounding career batting average of .386, OBP of .516, and OPS north of 1.200. While Schanuel did not hit a homer with the Buccaneers, his power was evident all throughout his college career, as he blasted double digit homers in all three years at FAU.

While Schanuel’s first two seasons at FAU were already very impressive, his third year is what solidified him as a first rounder. In 2023, Schanuel posted an amazing .447 average, .615 OBP and 1.483 OPS. He lead all of D1 baseball in OBP and OPS, while finishing second in average.

Schanuel continued his impressive lack of strikeouts all throughout college, capped by an insane 71 walks to 14 strikeouts in 2023. With velocity creeping into the triple digits in college these days, striking out 14 times in 60 games is an extremely impressive feat.

Almost all of my articles incorporate baseball savant, which really helps break down the true ability of a player. While we obviously can’t use it in this article, tools such as scouting reports are great to look at for young players. Prospectslive.com in particular has a glowing report about Schanuel.


What Do The Experts Think?

“Simply put, Schanuel can flat-out hit. He's been one of the best hitters in all of college baseball this year, currently sporting an OPS of nearly 1.600 and a K% under 7%. He has a great mix of hit ability and power, making him one of the most heralded bats in the draft. He's an average runner and defender as well, making him more than well suited for the first base position long-term.”

Most guys come into the major leagues with their main problem being plate discipline. A lot of players spend many years before they cut down on the strikeouts and walk more. As this is arguably Schanuel’s biggest talent, he is the most pro ready position player in the draft.

Schanuel also couldn’t have landed with a better team. The Angels are known for accelerating guys through the minors, as Reid Detmers, Zach Neto, and Ben Joyce all spent less than two years in the minors. This makes acquiring Schanuel even more beneficial.

What will you have to trade to get Schanuel?

As Schanuel can’t help your team at the major league level this year, it shouldn’t be too much of a burden to trade for him despite his huge potential.

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Final thoughts

Nolan Schanuel might have just been drafted last weekend, but he has the poise of a 30-year old veteran. Schanuel’s advanced approach coupled with his amazing bat to ball skills and solid power make him a no brainer to be our next 2023 Dynasty Baseball Trade Target: Nolan Schanuel.

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