2023 Fantasy Baseball Week 11 Drop List

by Connor Charbat
2023 Fantasy Baseball Week 11 Drop List

Welcome to the 2023 Fantasy Baseball Week 11 Drop List!

Heading into week 11 in the MLB season, we continue our drop parade with three more names. Two of our drops this week are extremely young with significant potential, however, this year is not their year. I am extremely excited about the future of these young prospects, but 2023  may have proven to be a bit too soon for the hype.

Lastly, our third drop is a six-year player with over 70 homers to his name. Unfortunately, the pain he is making us all endure is too much.

Head on into our 2023 Fantasy Baseball Week 11 Drop List and see who we're dropping this week!

2023 Fantasy Baseball Week 11 Drop List

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Bryce Miller, SP, Seattle Mariners

After five promising starts to begin his MLB career, Bryce Miller has taken a turn for the worst.

Through Miller's first five starts, he delivered a 3-2 record and a 3.00 ERA. He also recorded 28 strikeouts. However, he has been nothing short of terrible in his past two starts.

In Miller's last two outings, he gave up a combined 19 hits, 15 earned runs, and only recorded five strikeouts. His ERA ballooned from 1.15 on May 24th to his current number of 4.46.

Miller has had the luxury of facing the Oakland A's in two of his seven starts this year while also facing the Tigers one time. The Tigers and A's have scored the fewest runs while also having the worst AVG, SLG, and OPS numbers in the entire MLB. Somehow, while scoring 19 fewer runs than Oakland, the Tigers have managed to win 10 more games.

Anyways, shutting these teams down is something that no MLB-caliber pitcher should have trouble doing in 2023, and Miller has done just that. 

In both of Miller's starts against Oakland, he has given up a combined one earned run while only giving up one walk. He has 16 strikeouts in these two starts. In his single start against Detroit, things were just as dominant.

It's safe to say that Miller's numbers (while not great anymore) are certainly inflated towards the positive side of things.

While I don't expect Miller to get shelled every start from here on out, I am exercising extreme caution while streaming him in friendly matchups. He is a drop at this point and is a matchup-based stream for the immediate future.

Sure, if he's going up against Oakland or Detroit again any time soon then stream away, but otherwise I would be very careful.

Anthony Volpe, SS, New York Yankees

Volpe came into 2023 as the Yankees' top prospect and the No. 5 overall prospect in the MLB. 

While there was certainly a lot of hype around both Oswald Peraza and Volpe going into the season, Volpe ended up winning the starting shortstop job in Spring Training.

Unfortunately, things have stalled for Volpe as he has hit .187 with nine homers and 14 stolen bases this season. 

The stolen bases are definitely a plus but with his recent struggles getting on base, his production in that category has gone completely silent.

Since May 13th, Volpe has had three stolen bases after stealing 11 prior to that date.

With a current slash line of .187/.261/.347, the Yankees may be facing a tough decision soon. How long do they wait for Volpe to turn it around?

Volpe's average, OBP, SLG, and OPS are all nose-diving fast. Every day that he is out on the field, his offensive numbers are looking worse and worse.

While the Yankees haven't pulled the plug on their top prospect at this time, the leash is certainly running out of slack. I don't have the patience to wait this one out and I don't think you should either. 

Patrick Wisdom, 1B/3B/OF, Chicago Cubs

After a power-heavy start to the year, Wisdom has absolutely fallen off a cliff.

Wisdom has always been a high strikeout guy with significant power, but when you're getting what we're getting now, it's really hard to hang on.

With ten homers through April 29th and a .250 batting average, Wisdom owners were on cloud nine. He finished March and April with a combined slash line of .250/.324/.641.

Now, let's take a look at the month of May. Wisdom slashed .162/.269/.368 with four homers and 31 strikeouts. He also struck out 34 times in March/April, but also got base hits and hit homers. That made the 34 K's much easier to stomach.

To make matters worse, his previously stated slash line was completely obliterated. It felt like Wisdom wasn't even making contact and the numbers proved it. Wisdom's OPS went from .965 in March/April to .637 in May. Ouch.

In his last 29 games, Wisdom is hitting .149 with a 43% strikeout rate. This is just bad.

To make matters worse, Wisdom has the highest K% in the entire MLB at 38.1%. The next closest whiffer is James Outman at 34.7% who was actually in last week's 2023 Fantasy Baseball Week 10 Drop List.

If you have bench space and are counting on a turnaround then hang on for dear life, but your team's batting average and OBP will hate you when you decide to throw Wisdom out there.

Unless you're absolutely starving for power, I think you can let Wisdom go. It's just not worth the headache right now. 

I'm checking back in a few weeks to see where things stand, but I am not hopeful.

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