2023 Fantasy Baseball Week 14 Stock Up-Stock Down

by Matthew Rosser
Mike Trout Injury

Welcome to the 2023 Fantasy Baseball Week 14 Stock Up-Stock Down article!

We are quickly approaching the worst time of the fantasy season: the All-Star Break.  I know, I know, it's supposed to be a big celebration of the game, but it's also four days in the middle of the season where there is no real baseball to obsess over. Do you mean I get to watch Mookie smash dingers, but my team gets no credit? Communism.

Luckily, we still have a full week before that happens.  Let's take advantage of that time and find some guys worth pursuing via trade or free agency.

Now, without further ado, let's jackknife into the 2023 Fantasy Baseball Week 14 Stock Up/Stock Down list!

2023 Fantasy Baseball Week 14 Stock Up-Stock Down

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Stock Up

Tommy Pham, OF, New York Mets

Tommy Pham has been playing better than expected for the past month, but he has really turned it on recently.

Last week, Pham hit .481 with a .573 WOBA and 274 WRC+.  Pham has been a revelation for the Mets and is certainly doing his part to inject life into a clubhouse that is in desperate need of some.

Pham's season line is looking quite safe as well.  In 64 games, he is hitting .287 with a 138 WRC+.  Despite being his best performance since 2019, Pham seems to have found the Fountain of Youth in Queens.  While this hot stretch may not last, the 35-year-old is certainly worth an add until the production dries out.

Anthony Volpe, SS, New York Yankees

Look who's back, back again. Volpe's back, tell a friend. We've gone back and forth on Anthony Volpe since the Yankees decided the future would be 2023 and named him the opening-day shortstop.

Volpe has had an up-and-down start to his career. He came out hot in April but then turned in one of the worst stretches we've seen in 2023 from anyone not named Marcell Ozuna.

Here we are again.  Volpe has shown signs of life at the plate for the past few weeks, but it seems to all be coming together again now.  Over the past week, Volpe is slashing .452/.469/.645 with a 214 WRC+.  He has 12 Home runs and 16 steals on the season, so he's been useful in that regard despite his average.

The 22-year-old has had a period of adjustment at every stop, and with any luck, May-June was his MLB adjustment period. If Volpe is available, pick him up.  If he gets his average up to .240 he could be a 25-30 HR-SB source as a rookie.

Carlos Rodon, SP, New York Yankees

It's been a rough first half of the season for those who thought they were getting Carlos Rodon at a discount in March.  The new Yankee hurler has been sidelined due to back complications all year.

The long national nightmare is over: Rodon is slated to pitch his first start in the pinstripes on Friday.  His arsenal looked strong in his rehab outings, but he probably needs to be stretched out a little bit more before he is able to contribute to his full potential.

If Rodon can stay healthy, then he will undoubtedly be a boon down the line.  However, his first start may be a little bit ugly. If the current owner is just fed up with Rodon after a bad first outing, he may be worth trying to buy at a discount.

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Stock Down

Giancarlo Stanton, OF/DH, New York Yankees

I never know what to do with Giancarlo Stanton.  On one hand, if he is healthy he is a lock for 30 home runs, average be damned.  On the other hand, he is less of a three-true-outcomes darling and more of a one-trick pony now. And that doesn't even involve his extensive injury history.

In June, it seemed as though the bottom has fallen out on Stanton's season. The former All-Star hit a pitiful .145/.234/.304 with a 46 WRC+ for the month with a 30% strikeout rate.  He has been bad in roto, but Stanton is an albatross in points leagues.

Stanton hit .211 last year but managed to slug his way into a decent OPS. This year the non-home run power just hasn't been there.  He is still on pace for around 30 home runs, but he has a .679 OPS on the year.

I know it can be hard to get rid of someone who can get as hot as Stanton can, but while you're waiting on him to come up for air, he is drowning your playoff chances. Move him out and move on.

Mike Trout, OF, Los Angeles Angels

Mike Trout is one of the best players to ever play the game. Let's get the obligatory stuff out of the way.  He has been nothing short of incredible when he's been on the field for over a decade.

2023 has been a weird year for Trout.  His average is as low as it's been since he broke into the league, and his power hasn't been as prevalent as it has been in the past.  Trout himself has said that he just hasn't been seeing the ball well.  Even still, he has an OPS in the 900's. That's just what Mike Trout does.

The careful readers among you will have caught the caveat in the first paragraph, and that's what brings us here today.  Mike Trout is once again injured in a bizarre way.  He fouled a ball off of his left hand and broke his hamate bone on Monday.

He is expected to be out for 1-2 months, but hamate bones are also notorious power zappers.  Trout famously hit 19 home runs last August, and owners this year have been waiting on his annual herculean feat.  While he may still come back in time to deliver, it is yet to be determined if this superhuman player can have a superhuman recovery.  This sucks for baseball, Mike Trout is awesome.  Let's all hope he makes it back.

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