2023 Fantasy Baseball Week 24 Stock Up-Stock Down

by Matthew Rosser
2023 Fantasy Baseball Week 24 Stock Up-Stock Down

Welcome to the 2023 Fantasy Baseball Week 24 Stock Up-Stock Down article!

Mid-to-late September is weird in fantasy baseball. This is the most impactful time of the year. There are only 2 weeks left in the season, and we are firmly into the playoffs. Players are getting called up, waived, and claimed left and right. You don't need the best players, just the hottest.

By this point in the season, you know the drill. We are going to focus on players who are exceptionally hot or cold, not necessarily sustainably hot or cold. They don't ask how when it comes to championships, after all.

Now, without further ado, let's skydive into the 2023 Fantasy Baseball Week 24 Stock Up/Stock Down list!

2023 Fantasy Baseball Week 24 Stock Up-Stock Down

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Stock Up

Logan O'Hoppe, C, Los Angeles Angels

The Angels have had a terrible go of things since the All-Star break. They lost their two future Hall of Famers and have played their way out of contention. If there is a silver lining to their second half, it's the re-emergence of the recently returned O'Hoppe.

Over the last week, O'Hoppe has been one of the best catchers in the league. He is 8-23 with four home runs and is up to 10 total homers over just 35 games. He has an .820 OPS this season and is excellent defensively. The Angels are going to let him make up for lost time and keep him on the field, too. If you need last-minute catcher help, O'Hoppe is currently the best option.

CJ Abrams, 2B/SS, Washington Nationals

The last time we checked in on Abrams, he was running like the wind, and we were hoping he could sustain a nice little heater. Spoiler: he did, and now Abrams looks like a legitimate top-30 player.

The past week he has played like a top-five player. Abrams is batting .500 with three home runs and three steals. The young shortstop is staring down a 20-40 season and is looking every bit like the fantasy stud he was projected to be in the Padres system. Abrams is staying hot and can contribute across the board.

Mike Yastrzemski, OF, San Fransisco Giants

Mikey Yaz has had a pretty lost year due to injuries overall, but boy oh boy has he come on lately.

Yastrzemski is currently riding a five-game hitting streak in which he's gone 10-for-16 with six extra-base hits and five RBI. The 33-year-old has always had extra-base power when he has been on the field, and it doesn't look like the three months he missed sapped much of that. Outfield has been very thin this year, and now is no different. If Yaz is hitting, he is worth taking a swing on for the final matchups.

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Stock Down

Shohei Ohtani, SP/DH, Los Angeles Angels

This isn't a cold stretch in the typical sense for Ohtani. He has been great when he's played on both sides of the ball all year. He got shut down on the mound a few weeks ago, but that also isn't why he is here today.

Since being taken off of the mound, Ohtani has also largely been absent from the batting lineups. He is nursing a nagging oblique and has only played in five games over the last two weeks. Ohtani is obviously a must-play when he is healthy, but do not be afraid to bench him now that he is physically breaking down. He likely got you this far. Thank him for his service, and let him ride the bench to glory.

Nathan Eovaldi, SP, Texas Rangers

Eovaldi was excellent all year until going on the injured list at the end of July. He came back at the beginning of September, just in time for the playoffs. If you own him, it is probably tempting to throw him back in the mix for your championship run. Do not do that.

In his two starts since returning, Eovaldi has had issues with longevity and efficiency. That's not to say that he is falling apart down the stretch. Far from it. I still believe Eovaldi is a good pitcher and will likely help the Rangers in the playoffs. Unfortunately for fantasy managers, though, that means he will likely be handled with kid gloves and given every chance to ease back into form. That's not what you want this time of year.

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