2023 Fantasy Football QB Do Not Draft List

by Mike Bonni
2023 Fantasy Football Top-10 Riskiest Players

Welcome to the 2023 Fantasy Football QB Do Not Draft List.

Well, football season (pre-season) is in full swing, and the F6P team is hard at work. Every day of every week (leading up to the season), we will be providing fantasy football content so you can dominate your drafts. Let's bring home some money/trophies, shall we?

Today, we will be going over the QBs you SHOULDN'T be drafting this year. For most players, a 10-12 man league is the norm, so we are going to go off of that type of ADP (sleeper). I will briefly go over deeper leagues and the (all-important) superflex league QBs to avoid later on in the article.

I hope that wasn't too much to digest. Anyways, let's jump into the 2023 Fantasy Football QB Do Not Draft List article.

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2023 Fantasy Football QB Do Not Draft List

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Anthony Richardson, QB, Indianapolis Colts (QB12)

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QB12 is way too rich for my blood, why is this happening?

There is no way he should be going ahead of these QBs: Kirk Cousins, Aaron Rodgers, Geno Smith, Daniel Jones, or even Jared Goff. Let me tell you why below.

To start things off, are we even sure he is going to start the season as the starter? Gardner Minshew is putting the pressure on him, to say the least. In the first preseason game, Minshew (6/6, 72 yards, zero turnovers) outshone A-Rich (7/12, 67, one turnover).

It is worth noting that Richardson has been taking all the first-team reps in training camp/practice, so we can't let the nugget of information go unnoticed. Even if he does take the job from the start, we need to talk about his "in-game play".

Anthony Richardson has one year down as a full-time starter, which was in 2022. During that year, Richardson was modest (putting it lightly). He threw for 2549 yards (17 TD- 9 INT), and he also added 654 rush yards (6.3 avg.) with nine touchdowns.

Doesn't sound too bad right? Well, just wait. In that 2022 season, Richardson's completion percentage was 53.8%. Yes! You read that correctly. 53.8% completion percentage, this is BRUTAL. Let's dive a little bit deeper, and I must thank playerprofiler.com for this.

Anthony Richardson sports a QBR(70.6) in the 48th percentile (yikes) and a 7.8 YPA (38th percentile). As you can see, Richardson needs a lot of work with his accuracy. His rushing prowess can guide him to a top-12 (in the future), but it won't save him this year. The accuracy issues will be too difficult to overcome in his rookie year.

I wouldn't touch him till the QB18-QB21 range, I'm sure this isn't what fantasy football players wanted to hear but it had to be done. Too many problems for me to draft, let someone else take the fall on him.

Deshaun Watson, QB, Cleveland Browns (QB10)

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At one point in time, DeShaun Watson was considered a fantasy QB star (3 straight top-5 QB finishes). Those days are long gone.

The 26+ games he was away from football have taken its toll on the once brightly-lit star QB. The brightness is fading, which showed in 2022.

During that year, Watson played in six games. His completion % plummeted from 67% (career) to 58.2% (career-low). He also saw a career-low in TD%, YPC, and a career-high sack % rate. In the six games that he started (w.13-18), Watson was QB14 (avg. 15.1 FPPG).

It's not all doom and gloom for Watson though. In Weeks 17 and 18, Watson averaged 20.7 FPPG (5th) and was QB4 during this time. His rushing is also a highlight, as well.
*25% of his fantasy points in 2022 came from his rushing.*

Bottom Line

If you plan on drafting Watson, hope that his Week 17 and 18 are what he is (not the previous four games). After being off for so long, then coming back rusty is not a good sign. I won't be drafting him in any leagues, I suggest you follow suit. Let someone else (who doesn't read this site) take him. QB10 is too rich for me, he will have to be efficient to no end.

Honorable Mention

Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Miami Dolphins (QB11)

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This section is going to be short and sweet. Tua doesn't belong on here, except for the fact that his injury history is (legit) scary.

With that being said, I hate putting him here.

In 2022 (before getting hurt), Tua was an MVP favorite. He still finished the year with 3558 yards with 25 touchdowns and eight interceptions (13 games played).

Unfortunately, Tua's TWO concussions have led to some serious questions. With how high Tua is being taken, coupled with the fact that he has (wicked) injury concerns, you can let someone else draft him.

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Rich Burns August 15, 2023 - 8:51 pm

I think your takes on Tua and Richardson are solid and well thought out. If it could be guaranteed Tua stays healthy for 17 games he is QB 6/7…….but he won’t stay healthy. I respectfully disagree with your opinion on Watson, I believe the rust will be off and he will end up QB 4/5 when the dust settles. He has weapons everywhere and one of the best O lines in the NFL.


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