2023 Fantasy Football: Ten Safest Players to Draft

by Michael Tomlin
2023 Fantasy Football: Ten Safest Players to Draft

Drafting a Fantasy Football roster is more about finding the right values then knowing who is going to score the most points. That is why these 2023 Fantasy Football: Ten Safest Players to Draft are vital to your draft kit of information.

If we were really needing just the safest players to score a lot then the list would include eight quarterbacks. Obviously, Kirk Cousins, Geno Smith, and Jared Goff are safe to draft. You also are not taking them until the double-digit rounds.

What we need to find are the safe players at cost. “You cannot win your Fantasy Football league in Round One but you CAN lose it.” I wanted to find players being drafted in the first six or seven rounds that provide your team safety.

You will hear the hot-take blow-hards preach nothing but upside. But your roster needs to have a solid floor as well. Not every player, especially the ones you draft, will reach their upside. These 2023 Fantasy Football: Ten Safest Players to Draft are guys that provide you safety with the same upside.

All of the information for the 2023 Fantasy Football: Ten Safest Players to Draft is up to date as of August 28th, 2023 with the Average Draft Position (ADP) data from Fantasy Pros for half-PPR leagues.

2023 Fantasy Football: Ten Safest Players to Draft

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Justin Jefferson, Wide Receiver, Minnesota Vikings: ADP – 1.0, WR1

Just because it is obvious does not mean it should be neglected. He is the best player in any non-superflex format. Do not get cute. He is the ultimate: he has highest floor as well as highest ceiling at the position.

Travis Kelce, Tight End, Kansas City Chiefs: ADP – 5.7, TE1

I am not mad at you if you want to take Kelce second overall in PPR formats. He has been the TE1 overall six of the last seven seasons, and was second the other year.

I know he is on the wrong side of 30, but he has never missed a game due to injury. He is the top receiving option for the best quarterback on the planet. No one has a safer role.

Nick Chubb, Running Back, Cleveland Browns: ADP – 9.7, RB5

In the last four seasons Chubb has averaged between 100 and 110 scrimmage yards per game, scoring two touchdowns every three games. He has long been seen as the most talented runner in the league.

Now this year, he loses the Robin to his Batman with Kareem Hunt still a free agent. Chubb makes the 2023 Fantasy Football: Ten Safest Players to Draft even with Hunt on the team. Without Hunt, Chubb has a ridiculous upside in the receiving game.

Stefon Diggs, Wide Receiver, Buffalo Bills: ADP – 10.3, WR5

Since arriving in Buffalo, Diggs has caught at least 103 passes, 1,225 yards, and eight touchdowns each season. He is the lead receiver in the second-best offense in the league without a true number two wide-out or an elite tight end.

I am not worried about the possible off-season drama. Diggs has not missed a game since joining the Bills and is the perfect late-first round draft pick.

Patrick Mahomes, Quarterback, Kansas City Chiefs: ADP – 14.3, QB1

I know, this is a little boring. Obviously Mahomes is a safe option. I think he still needs to be mentioned though, since some have knocked him down their quarterback rankings.

Mahomes gives you a floor that the rushing quarterbacks cannot touch. If you are wanting an early quarterback, Mahomes is the safest option.
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Dameon Pierce, Running Back, Houston Texans: ADP – 43.1, RB17

Alright, now we can get a little deeper down the draft board. Pierce is being slept on because of the terrible outlook the Texans have this season. Guess what? They were terrible last season too!

Pierce still was on pace for 1,227 rushing yards in 2022. I think C.J. Stroud will actually open the offense more than Davis Mills, leading to a few more touchdown chances.

Either way, if Pierce just repeats what he did last season, he will more than return on this current ADP.

Keenan Allen, Wide Receiver, Los Angeles Chargers: ADP – 44.3, WR19

Somehow, Allen has gotten the “Injury-Risk” tag on his name again. Allen did miss seven games last year…. After missing only two games in the previous five seasons.

Nevertheless, if Allen is on the field he is good for over 70 yards per game and 100 catches. Do you know how many wide receivers did that last season? Five. Jefferson, Tyreek Hill, Diggs, CeeDee Lamb, and Davante Adams. The other five are going in the first fourteen picks. Allen is  going at the end of Round Four.
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James Conner, Running Back, Arizona Cardinals: ADP – 60.7, RB23

See Pierce, Dameon. Just because the Cardinals will be terrible does not mean that Conner will be useless in Fantasy Football. He has literally no competition.

And with the news of Kyler Murray staying on the PUP and Colt McCoy getting released, it looks like Clayton Tune will start for the Cardinals (which I predicted in June).

What will help a fifth-round rookie quarterback? Pounding the rock! Conner could have his best season ever and he is going in Round Six.

James Cook, Running Back, Buffalo Bills: ADP – 71.3, RB28

On the other end of the spectrum, we have a young player in an amazing offense. What scares us about James Cook? The competition? Damien Harris is not competition. Josh Allen vulturing touchdowns? His rushing touchdowns have actually come down the past two seasons.

Furthermore, the Bills season was sunk by Allen’s elbow injury. I truly believe he runs less this season. James Cook has the highest upside of any running back drafted outside of the first round. He also has the safety of being the only viable option in a truly elite option. #safety.

Mike Evans, Wide Receiver, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: ADP – 80.1, WR32

I know, he is dealing with an injury. I know, he has Baker Mayfield as his starting quarterback. However, I just cannot write a safety article without including the only player in NFL history to start his career with 1,000 receiving yards in each of his first nine seasons.

Only 21 receivers reached that mark last year. What is more likely to happen: what has happened NINE years straight? Or something different?

If we are truly talking “safety,” no player drafted within 20 picks in either direction is safer than Evans.

That’s it for the 2023 Fantasy Football: Ten Safest Players to Draft. Be sure to stay up to date with our rankings!

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