2023 Fantasy Football Week 11 Trade Targets

by Jason Weiss
2023 Fantasy Football Trade Targets

Welcome to our 2023 Fantasy Football Week 11 Trade Targets article.

This week I went into full Godfather mode.

In the league I'm in that is most conducive to trading, I pulled off three trades in the same day that made me a super team. It all hit at the same time because I had to wait until Justin Fields (still in my IR) was ruled out for the Thursday Night game because he was still in my IR slot.

Once that happened, I was able to accept all three trades and sent shockwaves through the rest of my league. I'm not being dramatic, I work with everyone in this league. I had a slow start in this league but was in the process of pulling myself out of a hole.

I had a good problem, but a problem nonetheless. I had TOO much depth. I needed to consolidate and I sought 2-for-1 or 3-for-2 trades and leveraged my depth to go big game hunting. I made a big move last week acquiring Amon-Ra St. Brown.

Now, my target this week was making a push for Ja'Marr Chase. The Chase owner couldn't survive another loss and was actively looking to make moves this week. Chase was also uncertain to play this week and I knew this was a prime opportunity to land him. Even if he didn't play, I knew I had enough depth to absorb that scenario.

I engaged in another major trade, not knowing how realistic landing Chase was going to be, and had a deal that all but sealed up CeeDee Lamb. If I couldn't land Chase, I would happily take Lamb. Once I knew the Chase deal was going to move forward, I knew I could have an RB depth issue trading away Javonte Williams, who was my RB3. So in the 11th hour, I pivoted with the other owner to buy low on Tony Pollard instead of trading for Lamb.

Objectively, I'd rather have Lamb, but from a roster construction perspective, but he was now a gluttonous luxury. Pollard was going to be the piece that now made the most sense. I didn't need Pollard to be my RB1 like the owner who drafted him, all I needed was for him to be my RB3.

I still had major WR depth,  so I approached the owner who had De'Von Achane. He also was in a must-win situation and I was able to make a deal with him too. Suddenly, I wasn't just absorbing the loss of Javonte as my RB3, I quickly rebuilt better than I was before acquiring Pollard as my RB3 and Achane as my RB4. This is not an 8-team league, it is not a 10-team league, this is a 12-team league.

I don't tell you this to thump my chest about my trades. I tell you this as a lesson to learn because I know many of you are in situations that are causing some of you to take your foot off the gas. DO NOT!!! This is when you have to step on it and go big.

This particular team was 3-5 going into last week before I acquired Amon-Ra St. Brown. I won last week to improve to 4-5. I still had a razor-thin margin for error if I was going to stay in the mix here. Now, with the moves I just made, I am the team nobody wants to face.

I play in plenty of leagues where pulling moves off like this is not easy or even possible. But the point is that you need to stay strong, hang in there, and take some shots. I'm not just talking to teams struggling and in desperate situations. I'm talking to teams who are cruising and are definite playoff contenders.

You need to make sure you have a team that is built to last. Which teams in your league are in must-win situations? Which teams have good players at the top but a scary-looking bench? Are you one of those teams? If so, maybe you need to trade one of your players for two.

I say it often, but you need to consider whether the trade you're proposing helps the other team. You're not trying to pull off a heist here. You are looking for opportunities to buy low, sell high, and utilize other owner's panic, but that doesn't mean you're looking to rip your league mate(s) off. They will never want to trade with you and you're honestly wasting your time.  Ask yourself if you'd consider that trade before proposing it. If not, don't propose it.

Some players that I won't profile because I just did (or have done so frequently) that you should continue to pursue are Tony Pollard, Calvin Ridley, D.K. Metcalf, and Rashee Rice.

Here are some trade targets you should be looking to acquire before Week 11.

2023 Fantasy Football Week 11 Trade Targets

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Buy Low Trade Targets

Lamar Jackson, QB, Baltimore Ravens

Embed from Getty Images

You can feel the panic with his owners. This was his third consecutive week of bad fantasy production, failing to crack 15 points. Two of these three games were against inferior opponents with one of them being a result where the Ravens crushed Seattle, it just wasn't Lamar who did the damage.

This week was a rough matchup. The fact remains that he has disappointed in five of his last six games, but we all know what Lamar is capable of doing. Part of his diminished production has been the success of the running game and having one of the best defenses in the league.

Next week won't be that easy against Cincinnati but I'm not worried about it either since it will be competitive and he will need to do Lamar things to win. If you do not have one of the top QBs and need an upgrade at the position, Lamar Jackson is a prime buy-low trade target this week.

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