2023 Fantasy Football Week 11 Vampire League Starters

by Travis Argo
2023 Fantasy Football Week 11 Vampire League Starters

Welcome to the 2023 Fantasy Football Week 11 Vampire League Starters article.

The fantasy playoffs are on the horizon, and I hope you are fighting for a playoff or trying to hold on to your current spot. For those of you fighting for a spot, I'm not going to lie: we are in for another tough week in Week 11.

The bye weeks have recently made a victorious starting lineup difficult, but in Week 11, we have to fight through bad matchups. The good news is that only wide receivers have bad matchups in Week 11. So, you're all set if you have gotten a few studs with your victories. If you are not ready, strap in because we are taking moon shots this week.

Enough of my doom saying, let's get to work so we can conquer this week and improve our teams to avoid bad matchup weeks in the future.

2023 Fantasy Football Week 11 Vampire League Starters

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Brock Purdy, San Francisco 49ers

A few quarterbacks this season have been survivors for many of us vampires, like C.J. Stroud and Sam Howell. We also have to add Purdy to that list, considering he is on pace for 4,399 yards, 28 touchdowns, and only nine interceptions. That is an impressive statistic for a quarterback who was off everyone's radar in draft season. Purdy's season averages are 258.8 yards and 1.7 touchdowns per game, and his Week 11 matchup against the Buccaneers could boost his season averages.

The Buccaneers allow 18.3 fantasy points, 283.9 yards, and 1.4 touchdowns per game to quarterbacks this season. The Buccaneers' secondary has been struggling more recently against quarterbacks, allowing the third-most fantasy points to quarterbacks over the past four weeks.  

Running Backs

Royce Freeman, Los Angeles Rams

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Freeman has been a serviceable running back for vampires as we wait for Kyren Williams to return to the team in Week 12. He is averaging 11 carries and 47.3 yards and scored a touchdown in the three games where he got more work share. He is splitting the workload with Darrell Henderson, but Freeman is the more efficient runner this season.

Most of his yardage is gained after contact (74.6 percent yards-after-contact rate), and his broken tackle rate of 18.2 percent shows he is the more efficient back for vampires. Freeman's efficiency will be fully displayed in his Week 11 matchup against the Seahawks.

The Seahawks allow 25.4 fantasy points, 83.7 yards, and one touchdown per game to running backs this season. Over the past four weeks, Seattle has allowed the most fantasy points to running backs. Fire up Freeman and watch him stop on the birds all the way to the endzone in Week 11.

Raheem Mostert, Miami Dolphins

How dare you leave us for a week, Raheem Mostert. He is rested and ready to anchor our vampire teams like he has all season. Just a heads up, Mostert did miss the Dolphins practice on Monday, but it was unofficial practice, and most of the reports indicate it was a veteran's day off—nothing to worry about but something to pay attention to this week.

Mosert has the best touchdown rate at 10.1 percent among running backs in the NFL and should continue that rate into his Week 11 matchup against the Raiders.

The Raiders allow 24.5 fantasy points, 111.4 yards, and 0.8 touchdowns per game to running backs this season. Here's a bonus: the Raiders have been terrible in the last four weeks at stopping running backs, allowing 27 fantasy points, 128.5 yards, and 0.7 touchdowns per game.

Wide Receivers

Darius Slayton, New York Giants

Embed from Getty Images
I will tell you this week's article theme instead of letting it build. This week's theme is players from the past who have helped vampires and have great matchups in Week 11, and Darius Slayton fits that bill. 

Slayton has a decent target share (at least for vampire options) of 16 percent and a decent enough Air yards per game average of 49.1 yards. I know Slayton has broken over 12 points in any format this season, so I must be crazy to suggest putting Slayton in your starting lineup. I'm not crazy, but I'm desperate for an unexpected breakout.

Slayton has that chance against the Commander's secondary, one of the worst passing defenses in football. It's only getting worse for the Washington unit that sold off everyone on their defense at the trade deadline.

The Commanders allow 41.3 fantasy points, 195.9 yards, and one touchdown per game to wide receivers this season. I know the Giants' offense is a dumpster fire, but the Commanders' pass defense is so bad it can make the Giants' offense look competent for at least one week.

Curtis Samuel, Washington Commanders

I mention that the Commanders' secondary is trash, which has forced the Commanders' offense to be a pass-heavy team (that and Eric Bieniemy's playing calling). This recent surge of constantly playing from behind could benefit vampires in Week 11 with some help from Curtis Samuel.

Samuel averages 5.4 targets, 37.6 yards, and 0.2 touchdowns per game. Usually, I wouldn't consider a player with such a low yardage total, but his 13.1 percent target share is good enough for me to play him as a pray-and-play option based on his Week 11 matchup against the Giants.

I've been beating up the Commanders' pass defense, but the Giants haven't been that much better at stopping wide receivers recently. The Giants allowed the second-most fantasy points to wide receivers over the past four weeks, allowing 47.9 fantasy points, 231.2 yards, and 0.5 touchdowns per game. New York allows the third-most fantasy points to wide receivers for the entire season.

Tight End

Trey McBride, Arizona Cardinals

Embed from Getty Images
Trey McBride has been a beast these past couple of weeks and has helped many vampires to victory as we push towards the playoffs. McBride is averaging 9.3 targets, 82.7 yards, and 0.3 touchdowns in his last three games. He was on the field in those three games for roughly 70 percent of the Cardinal's snaps.

Vampires shouldn't see a change in McBride's snap in Week 11, with Zach Ertz still dealing with injury. It seems McBride was a safe net for Kyler Murray in his first game back. McBride had eight receptions for 131 yards in that first game with Murray.

Now, this high-flying tight end has a fantastic matchup against the Texans. The Texans allow the second-most fantasy points to tight ends this year, allowing 15.4 fantasy points, 61.4 yards, and 0.5 touchdowns per game.


Noah Brown, Houston Texans

It's hard to figure out how the Texans view Noah Brown as one of their primary targets in their offense. Brown's early season injury concerns may have  limted his workload, but The Texans wide receivers are dealing weekly with injuries. So it's hard to tell if Brown is getting more involed permently or is an injury replment either way is good for us.

I've been saying these past couple of weeks, but we have to make some tough choices if we want to succeed as a vampire. Luckily, Brown has a decent matchup against the Cardinals, making our choice easier.

The Cardinals allow 33.8 fantasy points, 160.4 yards, and 0.9 touchdowns per game to wide receivers this season.

Defense/Special Teams

Miami Dolphins

Embed from Getty Images
The Dolphins' defense has been a very steady unit since Week 5. They have scored six fantasy points or racked up a double-digit fantasy point total. So, it's reasonable to expect that kind of production for the Dolphins in Week 11 facing off against the Raiders.

The Raiders' offense is still trying to figure out their groove since all the massive turnovers in house. Oakland's offense allows nine points per game to fantasy defenses this season.

The Raiders are still sticking with Adien O'Connell which means Vic Fangio will have a field day with O'Connell.  Grab the oven mittens because there will be plenty of turnovers for the Dolphins on Sunday in Week 11. Just think of the blitz packages Fangio will throw at O'Connell.

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