2023 Fantasy Football Week 14 Vampire League Starters

by Travis Argo
2023 Fantasy Football Week 14 Vampire League Starters

Welcome to the 2023 Fantasy Football Week 14 Vampire League Starters article!

Week 13 was a bit of a crazy week for vampires that screwed some of us vampires like me, but Week 14 is looking like an excellent week for us to get in the playoffs. Unfortunately, NFL fans lost a bunch of really good players to injury in Week 14. On the bright side, most of the backups to some big names are available for vampires' lineups.

Tyjae Spears, Ezekiel Elliott, and Zack Moss are running backs that vampires should take advantage of their increased workloads. I don't usually suggest this, but start a running back in your flex in vampire lineups. The depth is so deep for us in Week 14 that we have to take advantage of it because the wide receiver options are slim.

Week 14 is your last chance at getting into the playoffs, and the Fantasy Gods have given vampires that perfect chance to continue our reign of terror. Let's go make it to the playoffs!

2023 Fantasy Football Week 14 Vampire League Starters

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Gardner Minshew, Indianapolis Colts

Minshew is performing exceptionally well as the starting quarterback for the Colts; at least, that's what I hear from all the Micheal Pittman fantasy managers.

But it's actually true. Minshew is averaging 244.8 yards and 1.1 touchdowns as the Colts starter. He is coming off a huge Week 13, where he threw for 312 yards and two touchdowns, and he could have another massive game in Week 14 against the Bengals.

The Bengals allow 17.8 fantasy points, 269.5 yards, and 1.1 touchdowns per game to quarterbacks this season. The Bengals' struggles at stopping quarterbacks have worsened over the four weeks. They have allowed the fifth-most fantasy points (20.7 points) to quarterbacks over the past four weeks. Minshew Mania should make another return in Week 14 for Vampires as we look to secure a playoff spot.

Running Backs

Jerome Ford, Cleveland Browns

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Last Week, Ford saved his fantasy day with a receiving touchdown, but before Week 13, Ford was on a decent run. He averaged 12.8 carries, 53.9 yards, and 0.3 touchdowns, which is pretty impressive considering all the quarterback injuries the Browns have dealt with these past couple of weeks. Ford should get back on track with his matchup against the Jaguars in Week 14.

The Jaguars allow 20.7 fantasy points, 65 yards, and 0.3 touchdowns per game to running backs. That stat line looks familiar to Ford's averages during his nice stretch, so he should be able to hit that threshold. Ford could be in for a more significant week, considering that the Jaguars' defense has struggled to stop running backs in the past four weeks. They allowed 23.7 fantasy points, 82.8 yards, and 0.5 touchdowns per game to running backs over their previous four games.

When building a vampire lineup, you want players with some upside, but you also want consistency, which Ford will give you against the Jaguars.

Devin Singletary, Houston Texans

I talk about building a vampire lineup with consistency and upside plays. Well, Devin Singletary is the upside play in the lineup because consistency hasn't been his game this season. Singletary fell back from his cloud after two explosive games in Week 9 and Week 10.

Part of the reasoning for Singletary's descent is Dameon Pierce regaining his health and workload. Don't be scared off from starting Singletary because of Pierce's return. The Texans are still giving Singletary plenty of touches, and he is the "goto" back in the passing game. His workload should be enough for him to do some real damage against the Jets' rushing defense.

The Jets allow 24.3 fantasy points, 105.8 rushing yards, and 0.4 touchdowns per game to running backs. The Jets' defense has struggled to stop passing-catching running backs. They've allowed running backs to average 40.8 receiving yards and 0.3 touchdowns this season. If Singletary can't get done in the rushing game, he'll have plenty of chances in the passing game.

Wide Receivers

Jayden Reed, Green Bay Packers

Embed from Getty Images
Reed is another player in this article who had a difficult Week 13 but was on an excellent tear before being derailed. He averaged four receptions, 53.2 yards, and 0.4 touchdowns in his previous five games. Reed could be in line for an increased workload since the Packers have yet to learn the severity of Christian Watson's hamstring injury. Reed's potential increased workload with his great matchup against the Giants could vault him into a Top-15 wide receiver in Week 14.

The Giants allow 38.9 fantasy points, 176.9 yards, and 0.9 touchdowns per game to wide receivers this season. You can't go wrong starting wide receivers against a defense that allows the fourth-most fantasy points to wide receivers this season.

Even if Watson is active in Week 14, Reed will still have plenty of upside to be a week winner for vampires.

Elijah Moore, Cleveland Browns

It is wild that Elijah Moore averages 7.1 targets for the season and hasn't been able to turn that high target share into receptions or yardage. The narrative changed for Moore in Week 13 with his old buddy, Joe Flacco. In his first game with Flacco this season, Moore walked away with 12 targets and 83 yards. The old connection from their days on the Jets shows some positive production, which the Browns badly need.

Amari Cooper is in the concussion protocol, and it's looking more like the Browns will be without Cooper in Week 14. That means Moore will become the primary target in the Browns' offense and could do some real damage for the first time against the Jaguars.

The Jaguars allow 37.9 fantasy points, 171 yards, and 1.2 touchdowns per game to wide receivers this season, so even Moore can't screw up this juicy matchup.

Tight End

Sam LaPorta, Detroit Lions

Embed from Getty Images
LaPorta is having a fantastic rookie season, one of the best we have ever seen, averaging 5.3 receptions, 56.6 yards, and 0.5 touchdowns. He is currently on pace for 91 receptions, 962 yards, and eight touchdowns. LaPorta should be able to bump that pace with his Week 14 matchup against the Bears.

The Bears allow the third-most fantasy points to tight ends this year, allowing 14.5 fantasy points, 47.8 yards, and 0.5 touchdowns per game. LaPorta didn't do great in his last matchup against the Bears, but he'll correct that mistake in Week 14.


Ezekiel Elliott, New England Patriots

Rhamondre Stevenson will be out for a few weeks due to injury, and now Ezekiel Elliott is the next man up. Elliott is a player who has been performing well enough recently to be started by Vampires, even without the incoming increased workload. He averaged 50.7 rushing yards and 26.7 receiving yards in his past three games. Now that Elliott will get more touches, I can't wait to see if he can regain some of his former self. He had a decent enough matchup against the Steelers to make my wish happen in Week 14.

The Steelers allow 21.6 fantasy points, 101.6 yards, and 0.6 touchdowns per game to running backs.

Defense/Special Teams

Houston Texans

Embed from Getty Images
The Texans are playing the Jets. O, you wanted more information other than that one point, okay. The Jets' offense allows defenses to average 12.8 fantasy points this year, which is incredible. They're allowing a double-digit point totals to defenses. The Jets continue to spin the quarterback carousel, which hasn't panned yet, so turnovers will be there for taking.

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