2023 Fantasy Football Week 15 Vampire League Starters

by Travis Argo
2023 Fantasy Football Week 15 Vampire League Starters

Welcome to the 2023 Fantasy Football Week 15 Vampire League Starters.

Congratulations, vampires, on making it to the playoffs! You were able to build a winning off of draft leftovers and crush your opponents in victories. Plus, you got to steal some players to help you create a playoff team; now it's time to make those teams a championship team. The Fantasy Gods must be favoring the children of night in Week 15 because vampires have tons of starting options (yes, even running backs) with fantastic matchups. Let's not waste their gift; make sure we take advantage and earn a victory. It is the holiday season, so it is the time of gift-giving and receiving, so give into the holiday spirit as we march to the championship game. 

We are only three matches away from accomplishing our goal of winning the championship. Trust me, guys, winning a championship as a vampire is just a little bit sweeter because of all the hard work a vampire has to do to win games throughout the season. To be able to win a championship is outstanding work. Enough of my ranting; let's stop talking about winning a championship and lay the groundwork to ensure we make it there first.

2023 Fantasy Football Week 15 Vampire League Starters

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Matthew Stafford, Los Angeles Rams

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The Rams' offense has scored over 30 points in their past three games and should be able to continue that success in Week 15. Part of their recent surge of production is Matthew Stafford returning to his gunslinging ways while being efficient. He has averaged 248 passing yards and 2.8 touchdowns in his last four games. Stafford is on a three-game streak with three or more touchdowns, and his Week 15 matchup against the Commanders should help him continue his touchdown streak.

The Commanders allow 21.5 fantasy points, 277.9 yards, and 2.3 touchdowns per game to quarterbacks this season. Washington has recently declined against quarterbacks, allowing 24.7 fantasy points in their past four games. So, let's take advantage of this hot quarterback and his fantastic matchup to get us to a championship. 

Running Backs

Jaylen Warren, Pittsburgh Steelers

We call on the duties of Jaylen Warren again; he worked out for us in Week 13. Let's try him again in Week 15. He has been putting up steady stats since the Steelers started splitting the carries between him and Najee Harris. Warren averaged 9.2 attempts and 55.7 rushing yards in his last ten games. He should be able to perform similar stats against the Colts defense in Week 15.

The Colts allow the third-most fantasy points to running backs this season, allowing 26.8 fantasy points, 106.2 yards, and 1.1 touchdowns per game. Warren had a lousy performance in Week 14, but vampires can rely on Warren in Week 15 because his matchup is so juicy that an excellent performance is almost guaranteed.

Chuba Hubbard, Carolina Panthers

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Chuba Hubbard has been relatively consistent back for Vampires this season, and we will need that consistency if we want to advance in the playoffs. He has averaged 16.2 carries, 63.2 yards, and 0.6 touchdowns in his last five games. The changes in the offensive play calling have benefited Hubbard quite a bit, considering he has scored three of his four touchdowns over the past few weeks.

All signs point to Hubbard being the main guy, and hopefully, that workload will be enough to overcome his tough matchup against the Falcons.

The Falcons allow only 16.9 fantasy points and 84.1 yards per game to running backs. The Falcons defensive unit has yet to allow a rushing touchdown to a running back. We'll see if Hubbard's workload will be enough to break the Falcons' no-touchdown streak. Fantasy Gods, please bless the Panthers' offense and let Hubbard fall into the endzone, Amen.

Wide Receivers

Puka Nacua, Los Angeles Rams

Puka Nacua is one of the main reasons many vampires made the playoffs. If there were a Vampire MVP award, Nacua would be the clear-cut winner for the 2023 fantasy football season. He is currently on pace for 107 receptions, 1,455 yards, and five touchdowns for the season, which is crazy for a rookie wide receiver who went undrafted.

Nacua's advanced stats are just as crazy as his on-season pace. He averages 89.3 air yards per game and has one of the highest targeted on-route percentages among wide receivers. His Week 15 matchup against the Commanders will get him closer to his 1,400-yard season.

The Commanders allow 42.5 fantasy points, 198.5 yards, and 1.5 touchdowns per game to wide receivers this season.

Odell Beckham Jr., Baltimore Ravens

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Hello, Odell Beckham. It has been a while since we last saw you featured in the vampire article, but he has earned it with his most recent production. He has averaged 6.2 targets, 68.6 yards, and 0.6 touchdowns in his previous five games. He has a decent target share of 15.4 percent, which has increased recently with Mark Andrews on the IR.

Beckham is averaging 67.8 air yards per game, which pairs well with his target share, especially against his Week 15 matchup against the Jaguars. 

The Jaguars allow 37.7 fantasy points, 171.9 yards, and 1.2 touchdowns per game to wide receivers this season. Jacksonville has not gotten any better at stopping wide receivers recently, allowing the fourth-most fantasy points (41.5 fantasy points) over the past four weeks. 

Tight End

Chigoziem Oknkwo, Tennessee Titans

Chig Oknkwo is another player like Odell Beckham, who has been heating up recently. Oknkwo's sample size is now smaller than Beckham's but still impressive. Okonkwo is averaging 5.7 targets and 51 receiving yards in his last three games. He has one of the highest targeted on-route rates among tight ends.

Now add his great matchup against the Texans, and you're looking at a potential week-winning performance from a tight end.

The Texans allow the third-most fantasy points to tight ends this season, allowing 14.2 fantasy points, 61.3 yards, and 0.3 touchdowns.


Zack Moss, Indianapolis Colts

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Moss didn't help Vampires much in Week 14 and might have cost some a chance at the playoffs, but we call on his services in Week 15. Even with the poor performance, Moss is averaging 13.7 carries and 44.7 yards in his last three games since taking over the starting role with Jonathan Taylor out.

Vampires shouldn't worry about another lousy performance in Week 15 because he has a fantastic matchup against the Steelers.

The Steelers allow 22.2 fantasy points, 99.1 rushing yards, and 0.6 touchdowns per game to running backs this season. 

Defense/Special Teams

New Orleans Saints

The Saints' defense will be spoon-fed some turnovers in Week 15 against the Giants. The Giants' offense has the highest average of fantasy points (12.6) allowed to defenses this season and is not showing any signs of slowing down their high turnover rate. Plus, the Giants offense leads the NFL in sacks and has quite the lead on that number right now.

We all saw what the Saints' defense did to the Panthers last week; just imagine what the Saints could do against Tommy DeVito and his nonexistent offense.

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