2023 Fantasy Football Week 2 Drop List

by Daniel Johnson
2023 Fantasy Football Week 2 Drop List

Let's be clear from the jump: it's likely too trigger-happy a habit—too reckless an overreaction—to drop anyone you drafted as a starter or top-three bench player after one week's sample size. So, for the 2023 Fantasy Football Week 2 Drop List, I'm simply going to be flagging players whose Week 1 was concerning enough to raise some eyebrows.

Because, sure—you've got a few juicy waiver pickups this week, right? Puka Nacua, Roschon Johnson, Sam LaPorta, etc. I'd be hard-pressed to believe, though, that you're looking to drop anyone of decent repute for those guys.

It all depends on how much absolution you want to lean into after one week. I wouldn't advocate leaning into it too much. But below are some guys of whom you might want to start emotionally detaching yourself, if their trends keep up.

2023 Fantasy Football Week 2 Drop List

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Kadarius Toney, WR, Kansas City Chiefs

More like "Players Who Drop," am I right?

All irony aside—and there's a considerable amount of irony, here—Toney's dismal showing on Thursday Night Football against the Lions very well may be the worst stat line we see all year, barring goose eggs. One catch for one yard on five targets; one rush for negative yardage.

None of the Chiefs pass catchers were prolific or even efficient on Thursday, so you have to imagine there are better days ahead. You likely weren't starting Toney in Week 1, anyway, unless you decided to gamble on him after the Kelce news dropped. So, hopefully, he didn't burn you.

If he did, though, I can see why you'd want to kick him to the curb out of sheer spite. There's so much risk and a little too much mess—anyone see his ignominious return to social media after the Giants got shut out?—to feel totally comfortable with Toney on your roster. And his claim to fame has always been his ability to make plays when he's healthy and the opportunity is there. Thursday night was a perfect scenario for him.

Having said all that, I'm keeping him on my bench. I want to see how this Chiefs offense evolves, and whether or not Toney evolves into the comeback story of the year. But he's absolutely on the chopping block already.

Cam Akers, RB, Los Angeles Rams

Again, way too soon to make him chum for the sharks in the rest of your league, but can we all agree that Akers looked nothing like his pre-ACL tear self on Sunday?

Sink your teeth into his volume, if you want. 22 carries is a lot. 29 yards on those 22 carries, however, is not. Don't kid yourself by believing his late touchdown suggested anything for future usage.

Kyren Williams outperformed Akers both when it came to efficiency and the eye test. He just looked more explosive, ran angrier, and saw higher-value touches. I expect that to continue. We heard rumblings from training camp that Williams had carved out a more significant role for himself. We also know that Sean McVay has gone on record about Cam Akers's running style and lack of effort.

The Rams won't run the ball 40 times a game. The division of labor is going to swing Williams's way.

I'm not dropping him just yet, but don't be surprised if Akers becomes droppable sooner than later. He's a strong bench candidate for Week 2, especially considering the Rams play the 49ers.

Greg Dulcich, TE, Denver Broncos

So, yeah, a bit of a cupcake here. Dulcich is going to be out for a few weeks because of his injury, anyway. But I think he's plenty droppable based on the fact that this hamstring is the same one that forced him out for seven games in his rookie campaign.

I love me some Dulcich de Leche, but I don't think Sean Payton feels the same. He said as much during OTAs when he suggested that his initial review of Dulcich's performance was highly critical.

Payton brought Adam Trautman from New Orleans, who, at one point, was a pretty juicy sleeper candidate at the TE position. I think Trautman is going to continue to be the dual-blocking-and-receiving threat in this Broncos offense, and that will just serve to push Dulcich into a secondary role upon his return.

Don't waste your IR slot on him. No one's going to go rushing to scoop him up in 12-team leagues if you dump him to the wire.

Devin Singletary, RB, Houston Texans

I mean, were you really starting him, anyway?

The Texans offense is going to take a few weeks to really work itself out, but I don't think it's going to lean Singletary's way. His primary draw in Buffalo was his involvement in the passing game (145 receptions over his four total seasons there). I'm not sure I see Stroud & Co. working to get him integrated enough through the air to warrant bench consideration.

It doesn't help, either, that he only gained 15 yards on his seven carries on Sunday. It's clearly Pierce's show in Houston, just like last year.

Maybe hold onto Singletary as a handcuff in case Pierce goes down? Maybe? But I think he's an easy candidate to be kicked to the wire.

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