2023 Fantasy Football Week 4 Trade Targets

by Jason Weiss
2023 Fantasy Football Trade Targets

Welcome to our 2023 Fantasy Football Week 4 Trade Targets article.

Fantasy amnesia is a thing. We all experience it (for better or worse). There are many different manifestations of it and it is a double-edged sword. When we experience it personally, it may be an essential tool in soldering through the season and preventing ourselves from buying into false narratives. However, sometimes it may contribute to the formation of blind spots for certain players. I know I'm not the only one who has kept going back to the Kyle Pitts well. The first step is admitting it!

One of the reasons we need the good kind of amnesia is that every week seems like its own self-contained season. The NFL sometimes can be like an anthology series like American Horror Story. Only for our purposes, we'll call ours American Fantasy Story. It's the same cast of characters, but each one tells a different storyline with completely different narratives. You may find yourself thinking that you knew this character (or player), but now he just did something so out of character that it seems this show may have jumped the shark" (a dated reference at this point, I know).

We saw it happen this week. Dallas, arguably the most dominant team through two weeks, loses to Arizona, the team that has been the prohibitive favorite to win the Caleb Williams sweepstakes? Miami puts up 70 points and has not just one, but two, Running Backs score four touchdowns? Come on now. THIS is what happens when the writers go on strike - surely this wouldn't happen with professionals at the helm, writing this season.

So this is where the "power of amnesia" can be used for good. It will prevent you from buying into any one storyline from dominating the overall narrative. However, we have to take the necessary information and apply it to how we approach the next season. Well, we've been through 3 different "seasons" so to speak. This informs several players I'm going to recommend to you as Trade Targets this week.

But the main point of fantasy amnesia for our purposes is taking advantage of OTHER owner's amnesia. I'm going to identify players who other owners may be devaluing due to their own amnesia. I'm not really advocating that you exploit those with these real-life afflictions, but I'm speaking metaphorically and with plenty of hyperbole. Therefore, I can safely send you off to exploit those who have chosen to buy into some of these false narratives and who may have forgotten about some of these player's recent successes. Faulty logic is your friend...and so am I.

Here are some trade targets you should be looking to acquire before Week 4

2023 Fantasy Football Week 4 Trade Targets

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Buy Low Trade Targets

Calvin Ridley, WR, Jacksonville Jaguars

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Ridley was a buzzkill this week, I know. He had a smash spot against Houston in a home game coming off a down week. Ridley was going to feast. He didn't. Ridley also left the game at one point after tweaking his knee, but he returned and played the rest of the game.

The offense hasn't gotten rolling yet. They had no business losing to Houston this week. Ridley was targeted seven times and caught three passes for 40 yards. Over the last two weeks, he has only five receptions for 72 yards. However, I'm old enough to remember when he had eight receptions for 101 yards and a TD in Week 1. Sure, his owners will too, but fantasy football is the ultimate game of "What have you done for me lately?"

I fully expect Ridley to get back on track next week against Atlanta in a revenge game against his former team. If someone is willing to sell Ridley after two quiet weeks, I'm buying all day long. Ridley is my top Trade Target for Week 4.

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