2023 Fantasy Football Week 6 Trade Targets

by Jason Weiss
2023 Fantasy Football Trade Targets

Welcome to our 2023 Fantasy Football Week 6 Trade Targets article.

It's getting real now, isn't it? Well, as real as fake football gets...which is brutally real. Injuries and bye weeks form the gauntlet we all must survive to come out the other end still alive and victorious. Did that sound dramatic? Or perhaps not dramatic enough?

You have to be constantly looking to improve your roster. Keep on churning the bottom of your roster. Keep working the waiver wire, look ahead to see where you have major bye-week issues, and start stocking the cupboard for it now so you're not competing against everyone else. And most importantly, be completely opportunistic when it comes to trades.

If you're only focused on updates on your players during the week or the games, you are not doing it right. You are in your own fantasy bubble. Every fantasy update you see is information you should be paying attention to and processing. If the update isn't about one of your players, you still need to understand the ramifications on your players (or your competitor's) matchups and determine what (if anything) is actionable.

Maybe you don't own Amon-Ra St. Brown, but when it was announced he would be doubtful this week, did you go look at his owner's roster in your league? What about the Tee Higgins owner? Jahmyr Gibbs? How about any of the key players who had byes this week? Why not? It's time to WAKE UP!!! These are missed opportunities you've been letting slip by you.

Had you done a deeper dive, you may have seen that owner also owned Keenan Allen who had a bye this week. Now they had serious WR trouble and are facing the real possibility of 1-4. This is an opportunity that you missed when they were in desperate need of a WR (and a win). We want to pounce on these opportunities.

We always need to consider the ramifications of every injury. Obviously, if it happens to one of your players, you are immediately trying to figure out your next move. But every time there is an injury that isn't your player, it represents a problem for another owner.

I want you to go through all of your opponents' rosters and look at their strengths and weaknesses. Look at their rosters as if they are yours. From there, you can identify who is going to be a good trade partner. Where do your strengths line up with their weaknesses and vice versa?

Look at your bye-week situation for the next three weeks and assess your needs.  Then try to identify other owners who are going to have real issues over that span. Pay attention to their team records and who is already in a bad situation record-wise and with injuries. This is another important component of sizing up their strengths and weaknesses and, therefore, their concerns and insecurities about their team and outlook.

Once you have gone through these steps, honestly ask yourself if you have the pieces to make a trade that helps both of your teams. If not, that's not the right trade partner for you even if they have the player you covet.

Too much homework? I'm challenging you so you no longer miss these opportunities, while also being smart and forward-thinking about how you approach identifying your trade targets. I want you to outwork and outsmart your opponent on the waiver wire and trade market.

Here are some trade targets you should be looking to acquire before Week 6.

2023 Fantasy Football Week 6 Trade Targets

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Buy Low Trade Targets

Bijan Robinson, RB, Atlanta Falcons

Embed from Getty Images

He isn't going to be an easy trade target, but I'm kicking the tires right now. I have many harsh words for Arthur Smith and how he just seems to misuse premium talent, but I'm going to reserve most of those words for another day and possibly another forum.

This week was highly frustrating if you were a Bijan owner in what looked to be a great spot for him and he posted only 11.8 fantasy points. He barely reached double-digits in spite of scoring a touchdown. He wasn't productive on the ground with only 46 yards on 14 carries and was only targeted twice in the passing game, catching both of those for 12 yards.

Bijan is an incredible talent and has been very good so far, but he hasn't had THAT game yet. He has been getting consistent volume. Of course, on the same week Arthur Smith finally gets Kyle Pitts involved, Smith had to rear his ugly head and strike somewhere, deciding to give more carries to Tyler Allgeier (17) than to Bijan (14).

Bijan is a beast and he hasn't truly erupted yet, which makes him my top trade target of the week. You're going to have to be thoughtful in your trade offers. People spent their first-round pick on him and don't want to look stupid for giving up on him too early. But I encourage you to shoot your shot.

If I soft-sold him with all of my Arthur Smith rage, it's because I just gave you your pitch. You're welcome!

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