2023 Fantasy Football Week 8 Trade Targets

by Jason Weiss
2023 Fantasy Football Trade Targets

Welcome to our 2023 Fantasy Football Week 8 Trade Targets article.

So you're 2-5, right? I can feel your panic. Take a deep breath.

Oh and you, you're 6-1, that's great...don't you dare get complacent on me. Are you looking to make the playoffs or are you looking to take down a championship? They are two different mindsets. Sure, I get it, you have to make the playoffs to get to the ship.

I don't care how well it's going for you, you can never stop looking for opportunities on the waiver wire or trade market.

Oh and back to you. Yes, you my friend who is getting ready to just call it quits. Take my hand and I'll pull you out of the corner you're sitting in curled up in the fetal position. It's not that bad!

I have watched 2-5 teams win championships. I have seen 6-1 teams miss the playoffs. Or get bounced in the first round. Championships are not won in October people!  You need to be that team that keeps fighting and clawing to stay in the picture and be the one to catch fire at the right time to make an end-of-the-season run.

I hate being a front-runner. I'd RATHER be the team that nobody is suspecting to come back. I want to be the team that the others are looking back at and realize I may be the most dangerous team to face in December. Embrace it and let me help you back up. Do I need to give a Bluto Blutarsky speech here?

When is your trade deadline? What do you mean you don't know? Get in the game people!

I want you focused this week. First off, STOP panicking. Now. It's not dignified and it's not productive. Next, we are going to focus on Trade Targets from those who I know are panicking more than even you were before I just talked you off this ledge.

Some of these players have appeared in this column before. Yes, I get it, I've told you to trade for some of them before. I'm not being repetitive. Do you want me to ignore prime opportunities to only give you players I haven't discussed before? I'm giving you the players who I know owners are freaking out about and may do something stupid.

Before I give you my trade targets this week, let me arm you with this advice. When possible, communicate with the owner beyond just the trade proposal you send through your fantasy platform. It is much more effective to have a dialogue. This allows you to express your thinking and how the trade can help them. Point out bye-week issues, tough schedules, and other arguments I may be helping you make.

Most importantly, don't insult your league mates' intelligence. Be credible in your thought process, fair in your offer, and adaptable. Here are some trade targets you should be looking to acquire before Week 8.

2023 Fantasy Football Week 8 Trade Targets

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Chris Olave, WR, New Orleans Saints

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I've seen way too many owners looking to trade low on Olave...and I'm here for it.

My biggest focus this week is to see what it might take to trade for Chris Olave. He had a rough couple of weeks in Weeks 4 and 5. This week was underwhelming and Derek Carr looked really bad even though he salvaged his fantasy day by the end of the game.

Having said that, Olave just had a season-high 15 targets. It was disappointing that he only caught seven of them and had 57 yards without a touchdown. In fact, he has only one touchdown on the season. That is something to use as ammunition with the Olave owner. What I see is an extremely talented wideout who has had 10+ targets in five of his seven games so far.

Do you know what else I see? I see that his schedule for the next three weeks is amazing. He goes up against Indianapolis, Chicago, and Minnesota. This is it, my friends, you will not be able to steal Olave after this week.

Olave is my top trade target of the week and I implore you to go get him NOW. If you are an Olave owner looking to sell hastily, I really hope I just stopped you from doing so.

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