2023 IDP Fantasy Football: 6 Veteran Key Landing Spots

by Steve Hungarter (IDPHunter)
2023 IDP Fantasy Football: 6 Veteran Key Landing Spots

A solid landing spot in life is important. Make the wrong one and you just might break your leg. Landing on both feet is not just a metaphorical expression of resilience and adaptability; it's a tangible demonstration of gracefully embracing new opportunities and helping set forth a strong career. Let's apply this to NFL players as we discuss 6 Veteran Key Landing Spots for 2023 IDP Fantasy Football.

No other player is as vital to a Defense and Fantasy Football as a linebacker. The two go hand in hand and parallel here. A great inside linebacker is equivalent to a Quarterback, usually calling the plays and possessing a high IQ. As this upcoming season approaches, the key question arises: which landing spots offer the best opportunities for IDP veteran linebackers?

While the NFL's offensive free-agent market may have been somewhat lackluster this year, the same cannot be said for IDP (Individual Defensive Players). In this article, we delve into some of the top landing spots where veteran LBs could thrive.

2023 IDP Fantasy Football: 6 Veteran Key Landing Spots

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Tier one

Bobby Okereke, LB, New York Giants

Let's begin with Bobby Okereke, who impressively stepped up when Darius Leonard was sidelined last season. He showcased his abilities as a capable LB1. Okereke has now signed with the Giants, a team that has long been in search of a standout linebacker since the days of Bill Parcells.

With an 85 percent snap share on 968 snaps last season, Okereke has proven himself and is projected to be one of the top linebackers targeted in our drafts. He also achieved a PFF grade of 73.3 and a 79.3 against the run. Expect him to be selected early due to his promising potential and opportunity with the Giants.

Tier two

TJ Edwards, LB, Chicago Bears

The Bears let the best outside linebacker in the game this offseason. Traditional wisdom suggests focusing investments on inside linebackers rather than outside linebackers for a stronger up-the-middle defense. It remains to be seen if this strategy will yield positive results for the Bears.

While TJ Edwards may experience a slight dip in rankings after leaving the Eagles, he has always put up stats and will contribute effectively to the Bears' defense.  Edwards received PFF strong grades with 78.0 in coverage, 79.0 against the run, and 79.5 against the passer.

Tremaine Edmunds, LB, Chicago Bears

As I mentioned above, the Bears really did a good job by signing two of the top free agents at IDP and both will serve a role in clogging up the middle. But what a lot of people don't know is they are quite good in coverage, which is going to help the Bear's overall Defense that was the 8th worst last season.

During Edmond's time at Buffalo, he struggled as a young linebacker, but really put it together last season with a strong 81.9 overall PFF grade, and also an elite score of 90.0 in coverage. I see the two new Chicago Bears players as interchangeable parts this season.

Tier three

Cole Holcomb, LB, Pittsburgh Steelers

With the departure of Jack Spillane to the Raiders and Devin Bush to the Seahawks, the Steelers have an open position and opportunity at linebacker.

Interestingly, for the second consecutive season, the arrival of a new linebacker with the Steelers has led to the departure of the previous starter.

Last season, it was Myles Jack making way for Joe Schobert, and this season it's Holcomb replacing Myles Jack. These moves indicate that the Steelers are keen on swiftly improving their linebacker corps, even if it means making changes through free agency.

Holcomb is coming off an injury season, where he was earning a PFF grade of 66.5 overall and 67.0 coverage grades so it will be interesting to see how the Steelers will want to use him and should make an excellent addition to this team.

Kaden Ellis, LB, Atlanta Falcons

Benefiting from injuries on the Saints, Ellis seized the opportunity and established himself as a full-time linebacker, appearing in every game and earning a 56% snap count.

Ellis achieved an 81.5 PFF grade and now with the Falcons, he is projected to take on the LB1 role with Troy Anderson, who also had a solid 83.6 PFF grade.

This tandem should indicate that we can anticipate further growth and improvement from both of them. Keep an eye on Ellis as he continues to make strides in his career.

Cody Barton, LB, Washington Commanders

With just a 56.6 PFF grade, it may not be a popular opinion, Washington has a reputation for allowing their linebackers to accumulate tackles, and that happens to be Cody Barton's strong suit. While there may be more talented players available.

Barton is expected to receive playing time and have opportunities to soak up easy tackles. In fantasy football, tackles are still valuable, regardless of individual talent. The Steelers have a lot here so don't expect massive numbers but rather a good player filling in and being productive in a three-down role.

Honorable deep dive mention

Kyzir White, LB, Arizona Cardinals

Hear me out. A name no one will mention may be in a position to give decent production at a discount for your dynasty teams. With Zaven Collins now rumored to be trying out Defensive line/edge duties, and Isiah Simmons more of a hybrid/ coverage safety player duties, there is a huge void left at inside linebacker so who will fill it?

Enter new coach Jonathan Gannon, who brings his former Eagles"s player who knows this system. It is worth noting that last year during the Eagle's championship run, Gannon gave White those same duties where he amassed 110 tackles, 1.5 sacks, and seven pass breakups resulting in a PFF grade of 64.3.

While this Cardinals team is in transition, expect this position to get solid work. I feel strongly about these guys I mentioned above and hopefully, your league plays in the off-season which you might be able to get before the hype happens.

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