2023 IDP Football Week 5 Waiver Wire

by Steve Hungarter (IDPHunter)
2023 IDP Football Week 5 Waiver Wire 

Whether you're the underdog striving to pull off an upset or the top-ranked team attempting to secure a victory with players on injured reserve, we got you covered. The 2023 IDP Football Week 5 Waiver Wire report serves as a valuable resource for skillfully navigating the ever-shifting landscape for these weeks, setting apart contenders for the fantasy playoffs from those who merely had early-season success.

These moments epitomize the essence of strategic gameplay. This week presents a dual challenge for owners looking at waivers.  Not only do we account for injuries, but the complexities of the bye-weeks must be factored in, now is where the fun begins.

This is the first wave of bye weeks, occurring this season, marking the point at which the waiver wire becomes increasingly enticing. As witnessed in previous years, some teams may find themselves in tough spots, leading them to release valuable players. Teams may drop top players leading up to their bye weeks. You should be mindful of this happening and be able to exploit this, provided you have an open roster spot.

To me, In the world of fantasy football, players eagerly await the offseason to draft their season-long teams.  But, that's merely the kickoff.  As the season unfolds, mastering the waiver wire on any IDP league becomes essential. We've all experienced it: drafting what seemed like a flawless team, impervious to league rivals and default draft rankings.

Yet, somehow reality sets in as injuries plague your roster.  One essential tip is to review your weekly schedule to identify potential challenges week-to-week and plan your waiver pickups accordingly.

In my early years playing fantasy football, I approached bye weeks with the same strategy. I used to prepare one game at a time. Thankfully, my approach has developed over time, and I now see bye weeks as a chance to gain an advantage over the competition.  The below players should help you get through this. So, fasten your helmet straps and prepare for action as we delve into the strategies to secure a victory for your team this week.

2023 IDP Football Week 5 Waiver Wire 

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Nik Bonitto, DL/LB Denver Broncos (0%)

The Broncos made a few waves this week by benching Randy Gregory, a player who was given a five-year 70 million contract.  This gave Nick Bonitto an opportunity, to get the start and deliver a career game, with four tackles, two tackles for loss, 2.5 sacks, two QBH, and a forced fumble.

Bonito's strip-sack on Justin Fields was the game-changing play. Sean Peyton has given the player the game ball, and praise in his recent press conference. As it stands now, there is reason to assume he should continue to carry this momentum into next week's matchup against the Jets.

Nate Landman, LB, Atlanta Falcons (2%)

Many owners haven't fully recognized the potential of this player just yet. Week 4 witnessed an impressive performance from Landman, recording 10 tackles. It wasn't until the severity of Anderson's shoulder injury became apparent that he was placed on the Injured Reserve, prompting Nate Landman to assume a starting position once more.

Jack Gibbens, LB, Tennesee Titans (2%)

Jack Gibbens should be a popular name this week on waivers, as he just broke out with a 10-tackles Week 4 performance. Each week he has picked up snaps with 80% in week three, and 77% in week four, consider him a good start moving forward as Gibbens has six or more tackles in three out of four of his games.  Up next, is a rivalry game against the Colts where he could eat again.

Ezekiel Turner, LB/DB, Arizona Cardinals (0%)

This one is more of a Hail Mary. Check your formats to see what his value is, if you could play him at DB this could be a huge upcoming stash. The newest linebacker to play next to Kyzier White,  producing nine tackles on 69% of snaps, this player came out of nowhere.  Will need to monitor this but Turner is free in leagues right now.

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K'Von Wallace, DB, Arizona Cardinals (8%)

K'von Wallace replaced Budda Baker in the lineup once he went to IR, and has played every snap since then producing 30 tackles. This should be the last possible week of waivers you could get him, as owners are starting to pay attention to the stat and usage.

Rudy Ford, DB, Green Bay Packers (1%)

Since replacing Jonathan Owens in the lineup, he has had 19 tackles, an interception, and three pass deflections.  He is usually on waivers because he is not an exciting name, but is generally a steady player. With upcoming games against the Raiders, Broncos, and the Vikings, there should be more than enough targeted opportunities to capitalize on the mistakes those offenses make.

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