2023 IDP Football Week 8 Waiver Wire

by Steve Hungarter (IDPHunter)
2023 IDP Football Week 8 Waiver Wire

We now have seven full weeks of football, and the data makes it helpful to identify breakout players.  Finding players about to break off a waiver wire could be a challenge without knowing what to look for. Here at the Fantasy Six Pack, we got you covered. You want those players that will burst through a wall for you come playoff time. With enough games behind us, Fantasy football enthusiasts know that a successful season hinges on identifying breakout players who outperform expectations. A breakout you put a waiver claim in for could transform your roster from mediocre to championship-worthy. In this article 2023 IDP Football Week 8 Waiver Wire, we'll delve into the world of fantasy football breakouts, discussing what they are, why they matter, and how to spot them for your team.

Entering the challenging bye-weeks, it's common to encounter teams with 2-5 or 3-4 records. This juncture in the season brings forth a fascinating period for opportunities.  However, these teams are far from being out of contention as long as they keep working at it. For teams encountering challenges, it's important to maintain their resilience and keep pushing forward.

The upcoming weeks in the season can be a turning point.  To navigate this phase successfully, you'll require a game-changing waiver acquisition, akin to a player who can break through walls and obstacles, allowing you to sneak through and win some games. Even when facing elite fantasy teams, especially on paper, it becomes apparent during this time of year that they also experience vulnerabilities and drop a few games as they grapple with injuries and roster changes, which serves to level the playing field. Therefore, maintain your optimism and don't lose hope.

At the time of writing this article, the Philadelphia Eagles had just traded for Kevin Byard from the Tennesee Titans. The Denver Broncos have made nearly every player on their defense available for trade, except for Patrick Surtain and Drew Sanders. There's a plausible scenario here, too, where players like Justin Simmons or someone similar to Josey Jewell could be moved to a contender like the above. Envisioning this team remaining intact by the end of the season is a challenging prospect. Rumors suggest that another team, the Minnesota Vikings, is actively exploring trade options for Danielle Hunter. These dynamic shifts in the football landscape consistently introduce fresh avenues for break-out opportunities with the change of scenery for players, a pattern that repeats each season at this stage.

Every season, managers eagerly await to utilize waivers to find which players have the ability to burst through walls, often applying their own research to those hidden gems, the players who transform from under-the-radar talents into fantasy football breakouts. These breakout stars often make the difference between a championship-winning team and one that falls short. In this article, we'll explore the concept of fantasy football breakouts, what defines them, and how to spot them to gain a strategic edge in your league. Our IDP experts will give examples, outline a few of these strategies, and give insight on how to apply them. With any luck, perhaps your team will burst through walls like the Kool-Aid man, and the team that no one wants to face in the playoffs could be yours.

2023 IDP Football Week 8 Waiver Wire

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Rashan Gary, DL/LB, Green Bay Packers (39%)

Rashan Gary has been an absolute machine this season in regard to getting after the quarterback. With a 33.3% win rate and 4.5 sacks, the only thing holding him back was his modest snap counts.  Well, I am happy to report that he has been generally in the field only  30% or less of the snaps this season; that number seems to be climbing each week, with 47% in week four and again to 68% in week six after his bye week.

The primary reason for his limited playing time appears to be his recent injury, as the team is taking a cautious approach to his recovery.  This is an unusual case where the production he's providing is not in line with the number of snaps he's getting. He sustained the injury late in 2022, but it's evident that the team is well aware of his potential. It's highly likely that Rashan Gary will become a standout player in the coming weeks, and he might become a hot topic as the season progresses towards the playoffs. This could be the last opportunity to add him to your team because the signs of improvement are clear, with his snap count recently climbing. If you are looking for a breakout on your waivers to add or trade for, this is the one.

Boye Mafe, DL, Seattle Seahawks (2%)

Mafe is the epitome of a breakout candidate ready to happen. He leads the leagues on winning pass rush rates per @espn analytics over the more familiar superstars at the position. Why have you not heard of this person? It's because of his limited snap count.

This is the classic case of how two-year players get buried on depth charts and get lost in our drafts due to ADP. I suspect that as this season goes on, coach Pete Carroll will devise ways for a player of this magnitude and talent to get on the field. He always does. Fun fact: Did you know that Mafe was one of the players involved in the trade from the Broncos that sent over Russell Wilson to the Broncos? Take note of the irony here: Denver lost on the same deal twice.

Bryce Huff, DL/LB, New York Jets  (7%)

Although the sample size is limited, Bryce Huff stands out with a remarkable 14.8% run-stop rate, the highest among Jets defenders. His issue has always been playing time, but it is starting to work itself out.

For those in deeper leagues, he's a viable option, especially considering his recent performance over the past two weeks, where he notched 2.5 sacks in two games. Huff is also well-regarded for his strong pass-rushing skills; the stats support that reputation. He now has 34 total pressures in just 114 pass rushes this season. What makes him notable is the consistent increase in his snap count over the first six weeks leading up to the bye week, making him more than capable of filling in when needed.

Samson Ebukam, DL/LB, Tennessee Titans (10%)

Sometimes, a player is an average athlete but fits the coaching scheme perfectly. A little unknown and appears in waiver wire articles every week, Ebukam's main role is to rush the passer, which he does well. He won't provide you much in the tackle department, but he makes up for it with his solid sack performance. Expect this player to blitz, blitz, blitz you through the bye weeks.

Jack Campbell, LB, Detroit Lions (23%)

This time of year typically sees rookies and second-year players making significant progress, and it's relevant to note that I anticipate this specific player making a greater impact with increased playing time. The 18th overall pick recently made his second start of the season, tallying seven impressive tackles. However, concerns have arisen regarding his coverage abilities, which could affect his future as a three-down linebacker. So far, Campbell has amassed 26 tackles, with 16 being solos and one sack.  Expect those numbers to increase against the Raiders, Chargers, and the Bears in the upcoming weeks.


Kenneth Murray, LB, San Diego Chargers (8%)

This season, Murray has consistently played almost every snap, and he has taken on the responsibility of wearing the green dot for the defense. In the last five games, he has maintained an average of 8 tackles, with 100% snap count. He also has two sacks and one interception on the season.

Denico Autry, DL, Tennesee Titans (3%)

Alright, this one is sort of cheating as the player is on a bye week, but if you could plan ahead, he played 72% of the defensive snaps, ranking as a DL5 during week seven.  Only rostered in the deepest of leagues, yet has managed to record five sacks in his last four games.

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