2023 NFL DFS Week 18 Picks: Bottom of the Barrel

by Chris Robin
2023 NFL DFS Wild Card Weekend Picks Bottom of the Barrel

Here we are for the Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 18 Picks edition!

A special treat this week! We are giving away all my Bottom of the Barrel picks for free to celebrate the end of the NFL regular season!

Week 18 of the National Football League is a different animal, my friends. One of the few weeks of the NFL season where the real-life winning pairs perfectly with our DFS aspirations. So much unknown that also lends itself to large amounts of game theory and daydreaming. My absolute favorite!

Let’s chill and take in as much information as we can before kickoff on Sunday. If it seems like it’s just nasty and stinky then you are onto something.

I have plans to go as cheap as I can with running backs. Then I’m going to stack up the three most expensive WRs. Those are CeeDee Lamb, Justin Jefferson, and Amon-Ra St. Bown. After that, I am using another cheap RB in my flex spot. The lines I have built up so far have been nothing short of extraordinary!

There is a lot to take in here in Week 18 but I have faith we can figure it out together. If not, hopefully, I have provided you with enough information that you’re able to go out and do your thing all alone!

Good luck and enjoy yourself!

2023 NFL DFS Week 18 Picks

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Jared Goff Lions vs. Vikings(17th)


Last time out this same Vikings team lost to the Lions 30-24. It was not that long ago! Week 16 to be specific. Goff did well but it was the rookie running back Jahmyr Gibbs who had a day. He scored twice! Jared was 30-40 for 257 yards and one touchdown pass. He was only sacked once for 11 yards.

As we approach this Sunday, Week 18 of the NFL season, the rub on Jared is that getting pressure will cause him to fold up. It worked back on Thanksgiving as the Packers rushed him all-flipping game! Things have changed.

Is any one game more important for one squad than it is for the other? I’d say sure but it is different every week and a match-up-based basis. Seems like it has been six months since the Lions last played. They have controlled fury, are at home, and will look to end the Vikings on Sunday. That number two seed is still up for grabs.

Geno Smith Seahawks at Cardinals(28th)


Week 18 is a wild beast folks! If Seattle can still play meaningful football Geno is going to be active. There is one final Wild Card Playoff spot left. The Packers, Saints, Vikings, and Seahawks are all still in the hunt. Winning this last game is all that matters. By any means necessary!

The Cardinals will not just lie down and die. No how and no way. Arizona beat the Philadelphia Eagles last week. One of the few weeks of the NFL season where the real-life winning pairs perfectly with our DFS aspirations.

Geno is in line for 24-25 completions for 270 passing yards and two touchdown passes. There could be a case made for Geno finding the endzone a third time with his legs.

Nick Mullens Vikings at Lions(30th)


This same Nick Mullens just went off against the Lions in Week 16. To the tune of 411 yards on only 22 completed passes. That is 18.68 yards per completed pass. Just a remarkably bad job on the Lion's defense.

A few weeks later, in Week 18, Minnesota travels to Detroit in a must-win game. Plus, they need a bunch of help to sneak into the Playoffs. The Lion’s defense has seemingly tightened a bit. They caused the Cowboys a few fits. Will it carry over into this Sunday’s game?

The cause for concern on the defensive side of things for Detroit is too great to gloss over Nick Mullens this week. I have no issue with guaranteeing 300, or more, passing yards for Nick this week.

Tyrod Taylor Giants vs. Eagles(32st)


Let’s not act as if this Giants team has a handful of outstanding passing catchers. Shoot, even two or three guys with some legit upside. That is the draw here with Tyrod! He brings a high, but safe, floor on top of some rushing yards.

To be fair the Giants do have a collection of four or five guys who can get the job done. Slayton, Hyatt, Hodgins, Wan’Dale, and even Darren Waller will be at Tyrod’s disposal. Plus, the Eagles are dead last at defending opposing WRs. Philadelphia has hit a skid a little bit as of late.

While we can roll with the “any given Sunday” rationale it just isn’t an idea we can confidently use each week. However, the Eagles could be in full rest mode. Tyrod Taylor and a select few of his pass catchers are very much in play on Sunday.

Aiden O’Connell Raiders vs. Broncos(20th)


The Las Vegas Raiders last home game of the NFL season is here. This time last year I was able to attend this game! The Kansas City Chiefs were visiting that time around. Now, it’s the Broncos as they seem to be in turmoil. Take all that away and we are simply left with a brutal AFC West match-up. The hatred flows deep in this division but that is why it works!

The future of the QB position for the Raiders has always been a polarizing position. Maybe they don’t need to blow a top-3 pick to grab one. Or blowing an ungodly amount of money on a free-agent QB. Aiden has done just fine since taking the helm in Week 9.

I fully understand what this Denver defense is about. The Bronco’s secondary is phenomenal. Yet, this is week 18! Who in the heck knows what we see? Who in the heck knows what we get? A strong showing from the kid here is what we should count on. Around 250 passing yards and two touchdown passes is what I am expecting.

Running Backs

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Jaleel McLaughlin Broncos at Raiders(23rd)


Jaleel is still sharing carries with Javonte Williams and Samaje Perine. So what? Jaleel has only had 72 carries this season. So what? Jaleel has only scored three touchdowns this season. So what?

McLaughlin isn’t this stud running back but he is a professional running back. All it takes for me to look his way. As I just mentioned Jaleel has only carried the ball 72 times this year. Yet, he has spun that into 404 yards. That is a 5.6 yards per-carry average.

No matter how this game shakes out I am almost certain Denver leans on the running game.

Roschon Johnson Bears at Packers(21st)


The rookie scored last week but the Bears insist on feeding Khalil Herbert. Not my problem but I do enjoy watching him play. The Bears are on the cusp of a major franchise shakeup once this year is over. More questions than answers to be honest.

As far as this week is concerned the Green Bay Packers defensive front that has allowed the 11th-most fantasy points to backs on the season. Khalil will get 14, or more carries in this one while Roschon gets 6-7 carries. Johnson's gleaming upside in this one is in his receptions.

Antonio Gibson Commanders vs. Cowboys(13th)


Antonio only had four carries for 19 yards and two catches for 17 more against the 49ers last week. The Commanders are only 4-12 and go nowhere fast. Based on that fact the Washington starters should be playing the entire game. If, by chance, Washington decides to call it halfway through then Gibby should see a ton of work. If it starts and ends with the Brian Robinson show, then it is curtains for Gibby.

On paper, the Dallas Cowboys should wipe the floor with Washington. At what point do the Cowboys pull the plug in favor of their playoff run? So much unknown that also lends itself to large amounts of game theory and daydreaming. In the grand scheme of things, this game sounds like a nightmare from a DFS point of view.

La’Mical Perine Chiefs at Chargers(22nd)


La’Mical Perine should be the biggest benefactor for backfield reps for the AFC West champions as they are locked into the No. 3 seed. No Mahomes, no Kelce, no Rice, and no rest of the starting offense. Just don’t be fooled by what this game is.

Nothing but a time waste until the clock gets to 0.0 and the Chiefs can hit the ground running in the NFL Playoffs. In the meantime, all these other players are getting dressed so they can get a taste! Case in point, La’Mical Perine! For the sake of the article I have Perine around 12-13 carries, 50-55 yards, a catch or two, and one touchdown.

Chase Browns Bengals vs. Browns(12th)


Now we are talking! I cannot be the only one who will be on Chase this week. Hopefully, the news that the Bengals are expected to play their starters in a meaningless season finale on Sunday will bump some folks off Chase.

This game is meaningless for the Bengals. They have already been eliminated from the playoffs. Cincinnati is still in that win-now window. Once Burrow can get back to it the Bengals will be fine. The only reason I mention this is because they have no reason to leave Joe Mixon in this game for any prolonged period! For right now he is their stud RB, but he is also 27. God forbid anything happens him the Bengals win now mode takes a huge hit.

I am really hoping everything head coach Zac Taylor has said about this game is just coach talk. None of it is true. Run the rookie coach! They will be valuable reps!

Kenny Gainwell Eagles at Giants(25th)


Kenny Gainwell has a shot this week to hang some significant point totals and usage. The Giants run this blitz-happy defense that could mess with his route usage. That doesn't bother me one bit. Why though?

I am fully expecting this Giants offense to find some room and hang a few points. Which would lead to a fast-paced Philly offense. Exactly the kind of Philly offense we want to see! If that is the case Kenny should return value quick!

Pierre Strong Jr. Browns at Bengals(19th)


Pierre is on my short list of favorite running backs to use on Sunday! Cleveland has punched their ticket to the NFL Playoffs and are expected to rest most of their starters in Week 18 against Cincinnati.

Let the good times roll! I’m thinking 13-14 carries, 60-65 yards, 2-3 catches, 15 more yards, and a touchdown! Given how unbelievably cheap he is there is a ton of wiggle room with Pierre in as one of your RBs.

Ronnie Rivers Rams at 49ers(2nd)


Ever heard of Ronnie Rivers? Kid is a talented running back in his own right. Come to find out the Rams have locked in a spot for the NFL Playoffs and will be playing all reserves possible. Ronnie should be their lead back on Sunday. Playing any RBs or WRs against this 49ers defense is always bad news but this will be a watered-down version of the San Francisco defense.

Let’s say 12 carries, 55 yards, 2-3 catches, and another 15 yards. Once again, if used correctly in a massively large GPP Ronnie can really take us to the moon if he scores!

Wide Receivers

Embed from Getty Images

Wan’Dale Robinson Giants vs. Eagles(32nd)


The Eagles secondary has just been gashed for big plays after big plays. While Robinson has been given some attention lately. Both add up to a very meaningful output. The appeal is there! Ownership percentages might follow.

Anyway, we slice it I have no issue taking a shot, or two, with Wan’Dale. I have him around 7-8 targets, 4-5 catches, and 55-60 yards.

Darius Slayton Giants vs. Eagles(32nd)


I have an odd feeling the Giants will use this game to get in some of their younger prospects. It is a good plan. Why not? While Slayton has had a few great games in a row he has a shot at finishing the season very strong!

I have him around 5-6 targets, 3-4 catches, and 50, or more, yards.

Jaxon Smith-Njigba Seahawks at Cardinals(16th)


Seattle needs to win this game. No way around that one. In doing so, targeting JSN more than they did last week! Given all that I can safely say JSN sees 6-7 targets, 4-5 catches, and 50-55 yards. Best stacked with Geno Smith!

Curtis Samuel Commanders vs. Cowboys(6th)


Curtis has seen 10 targets but only snagged four passes over his last two games. Samuel has been quiet since scoring two touchdowns in Week 15. We have seen Sam Howell look his way a little more when active.

The Commanders would love to beat Dallas, but they just don’t have the horses to run with them. It would be a lovely fairy tale ending for Washington if they could!

Greg Dortch Cardinals vs. Seahawks(21st)


Dortch had a fantastic Week 17 as he was on Kyler’s radar all game. It was a series of intermediate targets from Kyler Murray that did the trick! While the Seahawks have some legit talent at their corner spots Greg should find a seam or two on Sunday!

Cedric Tillman Browns at Bengals(23rd)


Tillman should, without doubt, see a bigger role in Week 18 with many of the Brown’s regulars expected to get rest. Despite getting 4.8 targets per game over his last five, Cedric still hasn't scored a touchdown this season.

Let’s expect 6-7 targets, 4-5 receptions, 50 yards, and his first professional touchdown!

Jameson Williams Lions vs. Vikings(27th)


Jamo is coming up a little bit! What if this game, at home, is the one where he just explodes. Absolutely smashes and goes a run. What a wonderful piece to click and get going for the Lions as they head into the Playoffs.

The Vikings can be had in their secondary. I would not be shocked if Goff takes several deep shots at the kid. More than he normally does. I have said it before, and I will say it again. Jameson will score a touchdown of the longer variety on Sunday. Book it.

Xavier Gipson Jets at Patriots(18th)


This game looks awful. However, plucking a few simple players here and there isn’t a bad idea. The over/under in this one is currently at 30.5 points. That is bad news. Now it’s time for the good!

The Jets have started to use Gipson in a multitude of ways. All of which are fantastic. Oh, did I mention he also returns punts and kicks? Just like Jamo above it would not shock me one bit to see him touch the ball around 10 times. Run it. Jamo and Gipson in the same line also sounds appetizing.

K.J. Osborn Vikings at Lions(29th)


While Justin and Jordan get their piece of the pie on Sunday, I’d expect K.J. to go completely unnoticed in most formats. If what I say comes true, then Mullens and his passing attempts and yardage total?

Her, I’ll tell!  Osborn gets a little more pie than expected!

Ronnie Bell 49ers vs. Rams(24th)


The 49ers are resting all their starters this week. Including Deebo and Aiyuk. Ronnie is slouch but will never be this big time WR1. The Rams are also resting their starters. This game could be fun or a total crap fest. I feel fine betting on the fun and exciting.

Tutu Atwell Rams at 49ers(20th)


Once again, the Rams will be resting all their starters. As previously stated so are the 49ers. This game could be fun or a total crap fest. I feel fine betting on the fun and exciting. See what I did there?

Tight Ends

Embed from Getty Images

Juwan Johnson Saints vs. Falcons(27th)


The Falcons are quite generous against opposing tight ends. As it stands now Juwan has scored four touchdowns. I see no reason why he cannot get to five touchdowns or even six!

Kyle Pitts Falcons at Saints(25th)


Once again Kyle is in a very plum match-up and should make good of it. It is probably easily found material but if I remember correctly Pitts is a tad better when Ridder is under center. It’s nothing too crazy but you’d be a fool not to at least get a little excited about it.

Tucker Kraft Packers vs. Bears(18th)


Tucker is well on his way to being an outstanding TE option. Not only in real life, fantasy football, and in DFS formats. These two teams absolutely despise each other. Green Bay in earlier January is no picnic.

Every time the Pack gets inside the redzone this kid is threat to score. Another great anytime touchdown bet!

Hunter Henry Patriots vs Jets(26th)


Here is the last piece I am plucking from this game. Hunter has always been a reliable tight end. To be fair I find Henry to be inside the top-10 when it comes to real life football action. If this really is Bill Belichick’s last game as the head coach of the Patriots, I’d like to think he will pull out all the stops. Give me a Hunter Henry touchdown early in the game.

Tanner Hudson Bengals vs. Browns(10th)


I know Tanner’s name isn’t Eddie, but Tanner has been a steady Eddie. The Browns are locked into the NFL Playoffs, so I am not too sure what they plan on doing with their first teams. Tanner is a safe play here. Won’t goose egg you and that is all that matters.

Johnny Mundt Vikings at Lions(17th)


I like Jake Oliver in this spot too. So, both Minnesota TEs are in play! For the 765th time if Nick Mullens does what we expect him to do then Mundt should have no problem grabbing 5 passes, hanging 45-50 yards, and scoring a touchdown.

Good luck this week and I hope the 2023 NFL DFS Week 18 Picks Bottom of the Barrel is good to you. Make sure to tune into the Fantasy Six Pack YouTube channel to catch my DFS/Single-Slate videos and other great content from the F6P team.

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