2024 Dynasty Baseball Top 10 Shortstop Prospects

by Alex Welch
2024 Dynasty Baseball Top 10 Shortstop Prospects

Shortstops are always in high demand, and it’s a tough position for prospects to stick at long-term. But it might be the most stacked position out there right now. Let's take a look at the 2024 Dynasty Baseball Top 10 Shortstop Prospects.

Arguably the top prospect in all of baseball plays shortstop. The are multiple shortstops in the top 20 for most prospect rankings, too. It's a coveted position for Dynasty managers, and you should hope to have at least one of the names below in the top 10 to compete in your league.

Before we get into the shortstops, be sure to check out the prospects listed in our 500+ Dynasty Baseball rankings, along with our full prospect rankings and FYPD rankings.

2024 Dynasty Baseball Top 10 Shortstop Prospects

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10. Carson Williams, Tampa Bay Rays

He's a great defender at shortstop. Sure, that might not help your Fantasy team, but it should help Williams remain at that position long-term.

He showed good power at the plate in 2023 with 23 home runs in 105 games at High-A. He also added 17 steals and will likely offer a decent blend of speed and power for Dynasty players.

The strikeout rate is too high, though, reaching above 30% for the second year in a row. Shortstop is open for the Rays going forward, so if Williams can improve his plate approach, he could have that spot locked down for years to come.

9. Matt Shaw, Chicago Cubs

The Cubs first-round pick in 2023 made it up to Double-A by the end of the season. His aggressive approach paid dividends throughout his first season in the minors.

In 38 games overall, Shaw hit .357 with 8 HRs and 15 SBs. His 1.018 OPS and 170 wRC+ look like an early win for the Cubs and should have him moving up in 2024.

The Cubs have tried him at third base, and some scouts project him as a better second baseman. Maybe he ends up as a super utility player for your Dynasty team.

8. Jett Williams, New York Mets

Here’s a guy you just want to root for. At 5-foot-6, Williams plays with a chip on his shoulder, drawing some comparisons to Dustin Pedroia.

He boosted his stock with his 2023 performance. Williams had 6 HRs and 32 SBs in 79 games at Single-A and then looked even better with 7 HRs and 12 SBs in 36 games at High-A.

Williams drew 104 walks as a 19-year-old last season. His walk rate nearly matched his strikeout rate. That plate discipline mixed with his 70-grade speed is a talent to invest in.

7. Colson Montgomery, Chicago White Sox

Colson Montgomery certainly looks the part of a shortstop who can rake. But I’m torn on where to rank him at this point.

A back sprain made him miss time in 2023. Excluding his complex league rehab games, he batted .275 with 7 HRs and 31 RBI in 54 games between High-A and Double-A. But he did hit .244 with a .308 BABIP during his Double-A stint.

He followed that up with a .244 batting average and .715 OPS in 20 games in the Arizona Fall League. He walks at a high rate and still keeps the strikeouts in check, so OBP leagues should have no problem buying in. We’re still waiting to see a more dominant display with his size and skillset, though.

6. Sebastian Walcott, Texas Rangers

This is the most volatile time you’ll find in these rankings. What do we make of Walcott? It might be anyone’s guess at this point.

He’s incredibly athletic at 6-foot-4 and possesses a quick bat and potential plus power. That only added to the hype he built in rookie ball as he exploded with 6 HRs and a .293 average in 21 games.

But then the negatives showed up. His strikeout rates exceeded 30% in complex league play and in a very small sample at High-A. At just 17 years old it’s tough to make any definitive statements yet, but it’s a major red flag to see someone strike out that often in rookie ball.

Clearly a gifted player, Walcott is probably worth the risk in Dynasty, but we’ll be keeping a close eye on his progress in 2024. A slight improvement in plate discipline could skyrocket his stock.

5. Marcelo Mayer, Boston Red Sox

The 35 games he played at High-A created quite a buzz for his outlook. The 43 games he played at Double-A killed that buzz and maybe hurt his stock more than any player on this list.

This is a time when Dynasty players should be actively looking into acquiring Mayer. A shoulder injury that ultimately ended his season and a .220 BABIP at Double-A seriously affected his disappointing stat line. Don’t let that fool you.

Dynasty analysts and MLB writers were enamored with Mayer before the 2023 struggles. He feels like an obvious trade target right now. Everyone loves that swing, and his 60-grade power should offer mid-20s to possibly 30 home runs a year.

4. Adael Amador, Colorado Rockies

We can write off the end of his 2023 season. Amador missed two months after suffering a broken hamate bone and then returned to struggle with advanced competition at Double-A.

But before that point, he looked the part of a promising Fantasy shortstop. He batted .302 in 54 games at High-A, slugging 9 HRs and stealing 12 bases.

He’s a patient hitter who looks good from both sides of the plate. His 70-grade hit tool will offer a huge floor with his batting average. There are concerns about his frame and power output, but Coors Field can aid him there.

3. Jackson Merrill, San Diego Padres

He dealt with some illnesses to start last season and then ended his campaign dealing with a hamstring injury. Maybe that doesn’t completely let him off the hook for a somewhat underwhelming season as far as counting stats go, but it certainly played a factor.

The lesser of the Jackson shortstops still offers plenty of Fantasy value. He finished with 15 homers and 15 steals in 2023 while making major strides in cutting down his groundball rate. The Padres seem confident he will ultimately offer plus-power.

There always seem to be talks of players moving off short, and Merrill is no different. The Padres might try him at other spots, but he should continue to offer eligibility for the foreseeable future.

2. Jordan Lawlar, Arizona Diamondbacks

A brief slump to start 2023 probably gave Dynasty players their only window to buy somewhat low on Lawlar. He bounced back and finished with 20 home runs and 36 steals in 105 minor league games.

The brief MLB stint looks alarming on paper, but 34 plate appearances as a 21-year-old should not scare you off his skillset. He cut his strikeout rate down to 15.0% at Triple-A and decreased his groundball rate throughout 2023. The speed is elite, and the power appears to developing if you look at his uptick in exit velocity.

Playing time is the biggest question mark. Geraldo Perdomo is blocking him at shortstop, and while the Diamondbacks did give Lawlar time at third base last season, they also just added Eugenio Suarez to complicate matters. This could open the door for maybe a bit of a Dynasty discount.

1. Jackson Holliday, Baltimore Orioles

He sits atop most overall prospect rankings, so it’s no surprise to find Holliday as the No. 1 shortstop in the minor leagues. As a 19-year-old he excelled through the entire Orioles farm system and finished 2023 at Triple-A.

Collectively, Holliday batted .323 with 12 home runs, 75 RBI, 24 steals, and 159 wRC+ in 125 games last season. He started the year at Single-A and showed skills far beyond his age after each promotion.

If we have to nitpick, we could say the power and speed stats haven’t blown us away so far. But the underlying numbers show he hits the ball hard, and the plate approach seems to only get better. He consistently walks at a high rate – above 20% at High-A and Double-A last season – and keeps his strikeouts in check.

The power should continue to build, but the 70-grade hit tool and plate discipline will give you an elite Fantasy contributor.

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