2024 Dynasty Football Mock Draft Review: Post-NFL Draft

by Jordan Schultz
2024 Dynasty Football Mock Draft Review - Post-NFL Draft

Now that we officially have landing spots for all of the incoming rookie class it is the perfect time for a Post-NFL Draft 2024 Dynasty Football Mock Draft Review. To do this we gathered 12 of the best Fantasy Six Pack football analysts to conduct a Superflex, PPR start-up mock.

This year there won’t be much of an early discount on the talented class of rookies, as we saw three rookies drafted in the top 20 picks and eight total through six rounds. Like last year, you can expect QBs and WRs to fly off the board in the early rounds, providing a nice discount at the RB and TE position later. Let’s analyze the first seven rounds of the draft and break down how I constructed the back end of my roster in the later rounds.


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2024 Dynasty Football Mock Draft Review: Post-NFL Draft

Round One

The first round went about as expected for Superflex leagues with QBs coming off the board as the first eight picks and ten of the 12 total picks in round one. I feel like the majority of the industry has the same seven QBs at the top, and QB8 is where it starts to get interesting.

We saw Kacey select Jordan Love with the 8th pick here, which makes me nervous as I was able to snatch up the Green Bay offense at a discount last draft season and that may be gone this time around. After Anthony Richardson and Caleb Williams went right in front of me, I rounded out the first round with CeeDee Lamb who we just saw has overall WR1 upside and is returning to the same role on the same offense he thrived in last season.

Round Two

I was very tempted to double-tap WR with Ja’Marr Chase to start round two but was nervous about waiting until the end of round three to secure my QB1, so I added Kyler Murray with the 2.01. I’m all-in on the Cardinals offense this season and expect the addition of Marvin Harrison Jr. to raise the ceiling of all the guys around him. Speaking of Harrison, he was the second rookie off the board followed by Jayden Daniels at pick 20 overall.

We didn’t see an RB come off the board until pick 23 where Dennis and Keith selected Bijan Robinson and Christian McCaffrey. Last year I reversed course from my normal strategy in redraft leagues and started to heavily invest in RBs early due to the draft day discount, and it appears dynasty leagues may be trending in that same direction.

Round Three

The RB run continued with Jahmyr Gibbs and Breece Hall going off the board with the first two picks of the third round before Gibbs's teammate Sam LaPorta was selected at 3.03 as the first Tight End off of the board. In TE-Premium leagues, you can expect LaPorta off of the board in the second round, but without that bonus, the early third is probably about where his ADP settles into.

My concerns about waiting until the end of round three to select a QB ended up being unfounded, as I was able to grab Tua Tagovailoa with 3.12 and still had several other QBs on the board I would have been comfortable drafting there to be my QB2. This is definitely something I will keep in mind in my real drafts if the QB demand in Superflex eases back a little bit from where it was last year.

Round Four

I mentioned earlier that I was all-in on the Cardinals offense this year, and I put my money where my mouth is by selecting Trey McBride to stack with Kyler Murray with the first pick of the fourth round. If I could redo this pick however I would likely select one of the WRs that went off the board the next two rounds before it got back to me, as my team ended up on the weaker side at the WR position when it was all said and done.

We saw big names like Nico Collins, Drake London, DJ Moore, Michael Pittman, and more go off the board in this range. While there may be some benefit to waiting on WR this year, I’d recommend grabbing two anchors within the first four rounds unless you are in a league that pushes RBs up the draft board.

Round Five

Wide Receivers continued to fly off the board in round five as we saw a mix of young and old selected before it got back to me. Names like Deebo Samuel, Mike Evans, and Stefon Diggs, as well as up-and-comers like Rome Odunze, Tank Dell, Rashee Rice, and Jordan Addison, were all drafted in this round. By the time it got back to me, the WRs left on the board that appealed to me were names like Davante Adams and Cooper Kupp who didn’t really fit my roster construction to that point, so I selected the guy I think who will be the next great mismatch in the NFL, Brock Bowers.

While it may seem a bit outrageous to invest this heavily in the tight-end position this early, it’s a strategy I employed and won several leagues with last year. With how many highly productive Tight Ends are in the game today, you don’t want to be that team stuck drafting from the TE9-12 range or you’re going to be at a bigger disadvantage than in previous seasons.

Round Six

At this point I knew I needed to add a punch to my Wide Receiver room that had a huge upside, so I used the 6.01 to add the Chiefs' new first-round pick Xavier Worthy. I figured that I’d be able to grab him now and pair him with one of the other rookie WRs I like the next time around, and luckily this ended up being the case.

It was a bit of a surprise to see names like JJ McCarthy, Bryce Young, and Deshaun Watson still available and going off the board this late, as the two latter QBs were going off the board in the top 24 picks last year. This may correct some as the season gets closer, but waiting on QB looks like a more viable strategy than ever in Superflex leagues.

Round Seven

In round six I mentioned that I was banking on one of the other rookie WRs I like sliding to me at the end of round seven, and luckily Keon Coleman was still there for me at pick 7.12. Ladd McConkey and Brian Thomas Jr. were the other rookies I was eyeing with this pick and Mark and Joe sniped them up ahead of me at 7.09 and 7.10, so the sense of relief for me was absolutely real when John selected Kirk Cousins at 7.11 instead of Coleman.

It’s definitely a risky strategy to wait this long before adding your second and third WRs this late in the draft, but if you’re going to do it taking a chance on the guys that could develop into a top option for Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen seems like a good bet of guys to take that risk on.

Round Eight and Beyond

I hammered the RB position with five of my next seven picks, adding DeAndre Swift, David Montgomery, Joe Mixon, Jaylen Wright, and Gus Edwards to make up my group of backfield options. Seeing these names available late reminded me why I like to stick to the other positions early in my draft as you can routinely snatch up value on veteran RBs in the middle and late rounds.

I rounded out my bench with Rookies Michael Penix and Ja'Lynn Polk, before adding the guy who could end up starting in Vegas, Aidan O’Connell with the last pick of the draft. You can truly never have too many good QBs in Superflex leagues.

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