2024 Fantasy Baseball ADP Battle: Gimenez vs Arraez

Luis Arraez vs Andrés Giménez

by Corey Pieper
2024 Fantasy Baseball ADP Battle: Gimenez vs Arraez

The Fantasy Six Pack 2024 Spring Training Fantasy Baseball coverage continues. In this post, we continue the ADP Battle series with a look at Andres Gimenez vs Luis Arraez for the 2024 Fantasy Baseball season.

A great starting point to understand the second base position is to read Fantasy Six Pack's second base preview.

Our second ADP position battle pits the Cleveland Guardians' Andres Gimenez against the Miami Marlins' Luis Arraez. These players each have similar ADPs per FantasyPros ADP data. While they are not the top-tier options at the position, Gimenez is an across-the-board producer and Arraez is a true difference-maker in one category.

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Read on to see which second base option wins this 2024 ADP battle: Luis Arraez or Andres Gimenez?

2024 Fantasy Baseball ADP Battle: Gimenez vs Arraez

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Luis Arraez, Miami Marlins

FantasyPros ADP 142.3 overall 14th among second basemen
2023 Stats: 71 R, 10 HR, 69 RBI, 3 SB, 354 average
ATC Projection: 75 R, 8 HR, 62 RBI, 4 SB, 317 average

Luis Arraez has won back-to-back batting titles for two different teams in two different leagues. He can do that with his truly elite contact ability. His Baseball Savant page shows he is in the 100th percentile in expected batting average, sweet-spot %, strikeout %, and whiff %.

Detractors will say that he was lucky with his 362 BABIP last season. However, if you look at his history, you'll notice he consistently runs higher BABIPs. He has played five seasons and his lowest BABIP is 323. Typically when players run consistently higher BABIPs it is because of the speed that they offer. That is certainly not the case with Arraez. Last season, he was in the 21st percentile sprint speed, so he only stole three bases. Then, how is he able to get so many hits?

Another logical conclusion would be that he hits the ball consistently hard. That certainly isn't it. He was in the bottom 10 percentile in both hard hit % and barrel rate %. Considering how lightly he contacts the ball it is quite impressive that he was able to generate 10 home runs.

He can run such BABIPs that lead to his consistent batting averages by optimizing his swing for line drives. Arraez led the league in line drive percentage last season at 28.5%. The next best was the Los Angeles Dodgers' first baseman Freddie Freeman at 27.6%. Plus, as you can see by his spray chart below, there is no way to predict where he is going to hit the ball.

Andres Gimenez, Cleveland Guardians

FantasyPros ADP 116.3 overall 12th among second basemen
2023 Stats: 76 R, 15 HR, 62 RBI, 30 SB, 251 average
ATC Projection: 76 R, 16 HR, 66 RBI, 26 SB, 264 average

While the average dropped substantially from his 2022 season, Andres Gimenez still found a way to provide fantasy owners with plenty of value in 2023. His average dropped from 297 to 251 even though he dropped his K% which usually helps with increasing a batting average. Most of his batting average regression can be attributed to the BABIP drop. His 353 BABIP of 2022 fell to 289 in 2023.

How did Gimenez still provide comparable value even when he lost that much off his average? He set new career highs in both stolen bases and runs scored with 30 stolen bases and 76 runs scored. It was the third consecutive season where he set a new career high in both categories. Based on his 93rd-percentile sprint speed, we could see yet another stolen base increase in 2024 which could help with setting another career high in runs scored.

The power statistics of home runs and RBI each took a slight step back in 2023. His 15 home runs were still a number that appears higher than you would expect given his batted-ball metrics. He was in the very bottom percentile in average exit velocity. His hard-hit% and expected slugging were slightly better than his exit velocity but were still not ideal. The good news is that expected home runs by park on Statcast support that he is likely to replicate another 15-20 home run season again.

It should be noted that Gimenez has made a noticeable change in his batting stance in spring training from last season. As you can see below, his hands are lower which naturally keeps the bat in a more upright position. I'm an optimistic person who always assumes off-season changes are for the better.

Arraez vs Gimenez

For two players that have very similar ADPs and play the same position, these two players couldn't be much different. Your best bet is to assess where your roster strengths and weaknesses are when making your selection between the two. If you have a team that has a batting average strain due to your earlier selections, Luis Arraez is the better selection for what you need. Conversely, if you feel comfortable with your average, then select Gimenez for the power and speed upside.

It is the power and speed that Gimenez offers that would make him my preferred selection. While he won't be able to compete with Arraez in batting average, I would predict Gimenez to be better in the other four rotisserie categories.

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