2024 Fantasy Baseball OBP Targets

by Chad Simpson
2024 Fantasy Baseball OBP Targets

In this article, I am going to be discussing some of my favorite targets this 2024 Fantasy Baseball season in OBP leagues. These players will be targets of mine and will easily move up draft boards for me due to their ability to boost you in the On-Base Percentage category. By the way, you can find more players to target in OBP leagues by using our Fantasy Baseball Cheat Sheet.

OBP (On-Base Percentage) is to me the purest form of baseball statistics. It isn't about power, speed, or even contact. Instead, it is a stat that measures the pure baseball skill of a hitter. It rewards those who know when to make good contact, when to take a borderline pitch, and how to wear down an opposing pitcher.

It is a stat that can buoy the worst of hitting slumps, allowing you to hold onto players who may be struggling to make contact because they are finding their way on base enough to generate value.  From the obvious to the who even is that guy let us dive in.

(Note for the sake of this article I am excluding first-round players as there is very little I need to say about the elite hitters)

2024 Fantasy Baseball OBP Targets

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Luis Arraez, 2B, Miami Marlins

When you are a perennial threat to break the modern Batting Average record and coming off a .393 OBP season you get put on this list. With an OBP floor of mid to upper .350 due to a high batting average, Arraez is the benchmark for OBP leagues. Year in and year out he will be on-base at a ridiculous clip that would impress Ty Cobb.

Currently going off boards at 2B13  Arraez is an incredible value at a generally shallow position.

Nolan Jones, 1B/OF, Colorado Rockies

Benefitting from a move from Cleveland to the land of Coors was ROY contender Nolan Jones. Coming off a cup of coffee in 2022, Jones in 2023 produced a well-rounded power/speed blend alongside a .389 OBP.

Jones is currently coming off draft boards as 1B8 and heads the budget tier of upper-echelon 1B options alongside Christian Walker and Tristan Casas.

There is risk of a sophomore slump and a crop of OF prospects coming down the pipeline to further limit Jones room for error but Coors is such a boon that any concern is mild.

J.P. Crawford, SS, Seattle Mariners

Coming off a year where he hit .266 with  a .380 OBP en route to a top 10 SS finish the former top prospect Crawford continues to be undervalued and overlooked currently going off the board at an absurd SS25.

With an improved Seattle Mariners lineup around him, Crawford is a solid blend of extra-base hits, runs, and OBP.

Andrew McCutchen, OF, Pittsburgh Pirates

The ageless wonder, then 36-year-old Cutch returned to Pittsburgh with a solid .256 AVG and .378 OBP while flashing glimpses of a bigger performance.

While there is extreme risk in a 37-year-old outfielder falling off a cliff, it is a risk that comes at a dart board throw price. If Cutch can reproduce 2023, he will be a great 5th/6th OF option helping you in tight OBP matchups.

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LaMonte Wade Jr., 1B/OF, San Francisco Giants

If you miss out on both the top and Nolan Jones tiers at 1B it might be fruitful to wait til the end of the draft and pick up Lamont Wade Jr.  Wade closed 23 with a .256 AVG and .373 OBP while providing good power value with 17 home runs. His early 2024 projections are falling right in line with that performance making Wade a free source of OBP with minimal risk.

Ryan Jeffers, C, Minnesota Twins

My general rule of thumb is that catchers are single-category specialists beyond Adley Rutschman and Will Smith. Jeffers falls into the category of OBP specialist but with some pop. Hitting 14 home runs last year alongside a .369 OBP Jeffers is coming off the board at C24 which is great value at a position that largely serves as a weight to the rest of your roster.

Michael Busch, 3B, Chicago Cubs

Finally free from the dungeon hidden in the locker room of the LA Dodgers AAA affiliate OKC, the young third baseman has gotten a new lease on life with a trade that sets him up to be the Cubs starting first baseman all season.  With 30 HR and .400+ OBP potential, there might not be a higher upside player on this list with his bonus 3B eligibility.

There also may not be a riskier one as Busch could prove to be an AAAA-level player and get squeezed out of playing time.

Currently 3B32, expect that to rise as draft season goes on and spring training starts up.

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