2024 Fantasy Baseball Steals Targets

by Chad Simpson
2024 Fantasy Baseball Steals Targets

Speed (no not the amazing 1994 Keanu Reeves masterpiece) is an important aspect in Fantasy Baseball. Not only does speed influence runs and RBI, but it is a tool that helps in one of the more inconsistent categories - stolen bases.

Now I could tell you to go draft Ronald Acuna and his 50+ SB superstardom but where would the fun in that be?!

In today's article we will focus on players deeper in the draft and in some cases potentially not on the draft board and hopefully you will be able to steal a win the SB category this season.

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2024 Fantasy Baseball Steals Targets

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Nico Hoerner, 2B/SS Chicago Cubs

Not only is Nico Hoerner a fabulous source of speed he also happens to be my favorite 2B option in Fantasy. Coming in under drafted annually Hoerner is currently coming off the board at pick 60 (2B5). Hoerner is a unicorn at the position as while a couple others provide the speed none of them do so with the run, BB, AVG, or OBP upside that Hoerner provides coming off a 98 run, 48 BB  .283/.346/.383 year in 2023. Look for Hoerner to aim for a 50 SB 100 run season this year.

Josh Lowe, OF, Tampa Bay Rays

Like Nico, Lowe is a bit of a unicorn as when you get to sources of speed around Lowe's ADP of 91 you don't find anyone that brings 25/25 upside. Not to mention hitting almost .300 in 2023. I am a huge fan of power/speed blend outfielders and Lowe is no exception. I do not expect the AVG to be quite as high in 2024 due to his K rate but he should continue to be a quality dual threat for years to come.

TJ Friedl, OF, Cincinnati Reds

Are you sensing a theme of me liking a high AVG power/speed blend? Friedl admittedly is the riskiest choice I've mentioned so far. Coming on hot in the 2nd half of 2023, Friedl ended it with 18 HR and 27 SB.  His ADP of 153 is good value and helps to offset the risk. Ultimately I believe Friedl will repeat if not take a step further thanks to a strong K rate.

Jonatan Clase, OF, Seattle Mariners

This one is exclusively for those in leagues with NA slots to stash as Clase will not debut until midseason at the earliest. There might not be a higher upside speed source that will see MLB time in 2024.  Clase is coming off a 20 HR 79 SB Minor League season in 2023.  Clase is going undrafted due to the uncertainty of debut and makes for a great last round grab to stash and open up a streaming spot on your roster in the process.

Bo Naylor, C, Cleveland Guardians

Unicorns are the theme here today which brings us to Naylor. Catcher is an impossible place to find speed with the exception of J.T. Realmuto over the past few years. Naylor only had 5 steals in 2023 but that gets interesting when you realize he  had less than 200 AB. A 20 SB season in the minors in 2022 means Naylor is the rarest of unicorns, a catcher with 20/20 upside.  With an ADP of 224 he is my preferred catcher for Adley Rutschman drafters and for people who draft their first catcher later in the draft.

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