Fantasy Baseball Top 10 Second Base Rankings

by Joe Bond
2024 Fantasy Baseball Top 10 Second Base Rankings

Welcome to the next installment of my 2024 positional Top-10 Fantasy Baseball Rankings, this one being for the second base position. I will be going through each position breaking down my early top-10. If you missed the others follow the links below.

2024 Positional Top 10 Rankings

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Second base is a very deep position and I'll be honest I had trouble coming up with the top-10 here. You can bet as the season nears, this list will change. So be sure to keep up with the official rankings for F6P once they are released later in January.

Back to the position talk. You can get a lot of power-speed guys here. There are also some players, such as Max Muncy, who I have left off this list, for now, who provide elite power, but do not help with speed and can drain your batting average. There, now you know why I left him off.

It is nice to get a top-end second baseman in the drafts, but with how deep this position is it is not something I would force as you can find a very good player to start for you.

2024 Fantasy Baseball Top 10 Second Base Rankings

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No. 10: Andres Gimenez, Cleveland Guardians

2023 was a forgetful year for Andres Gimenez. He came into it with a lot of hype around him coming off a 17 home run, 20 steal year, while batting .297. Things started off bad, and didn't get much better as the year went on.

Statcast tells us that he was not barrelling the ball at the same rate as 2022. That led to him dropping to the bottom of the league in both exit velocity and hard-hit rate.

I believe in the talent and at just 25, I think he will make adjustments to get back closer to what we saw in 2022. As bad as it was, thanks to expectations going in, he still had a 15/30 season.

No. 9: Matt McLain, Cincinatti Reds

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I guarantee you McLain will not be available for you to draft as the ninth second-baseman off the board. His early ADP is in the 40s, which would put him just outside the trio of Marcus Semien, Jose Altuve and Ozzie Albies. You'll see why I grouped them together later.

Sorry, I get the talent and the fact that he had an amazing MLB debut last season, but I'm not paying up for a player that even projections don't consider him to be at that level.

A couple of things stand out to tell me that his numbers were a tad inflated.

  1. His BABIP was a crazy .385, almost 100 points higher than his batting average.
  2. He had a 28.5% K-rate, which is another sign that the batting average will drop.
  3. He actually hit more GB than FB, meaning his home run pace of last year is not sustainable.
  4. his xSLG was .435, another sign that the power will drop.

Look he is a good player and improvements will be made at 24 years old, but I'm not ready to buy into him being near as good as the trio mentioned above.

No. 8: Ha-Seong Kim, San Diego Padres

Year three in the MLB and everything seemed to click for Kim. We got the speed, 38 steals and the power ticked up, 17 home runs.

San Diego still has a loaded lineup despite losing Juan Soto. This leaves Kim to bat leadoff with Xander Bogaerts, Fernando Tatis Jr., and Manny Machado batting right behind him. Assuming he can get on base at a high rate again, and with a 12% walk rate I don't see why he can't, then he will score a lot of runs still.

No. 7: Nico Hoerner, Chicago Cubs

Hoerner is a good, reliable hitter. His batting average is a plus for your team and he stole an amazing 43 bases last year too. Projections and me agree that 43 is not likely again, but its good to know that is possible.

The rest of the numbers are just ok, especially home runs and RBI. Maybe we get a couple more home runs out of him as he improves on a 4.9% HR/FB ratio that is below his 2022 mark, but I would not expect much more than say 12.

Yes, his 98 runs scored last year was great, but I don't know if that is replicable again for a couple of reasons.

  1. If he isn't stealing 43 bases again then he won't be in scoring position as often.
  2. The Cubs have done nothing to address holes in their lineup, even from player like Cody Bellinger leaving via Free Agency. Chad Simpson says the Cubs are one of the biggest offseason losers cause of this.

No. 6: Gleyber Torres, New York Yankees

Embed from Getty Images

There were a lot of skeptics coming into 2023 about Torres. Not going to lie I was one of them to a degree. I didn't think 2022 was a complete fluke, but the infield was crowded for the Yankees last season and he had gone through two absolutely horrible seasons prior to 2022.

All that said, Torres had his best season since 2019. The biggest surprise was his batting average jump, up to .273 when he had not gone higher than .259 since 2019. A deeper look and he lowered his k-rate, increased his walk rate and hitting more line drives than he had before.

The Yankees lineup was beat up all season and he was still able to produce. We know if Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton and or course newcomer, Juan Soto can stay healthy it is going to help everybody around them, including Torres.

No. 5: Ketel Marte, Arizona Diamondbacks

It is an even year, so maybe we should not trust Ketel Marte. I joke, but in each of the previous even-year seasons he has had way below average seasons.

However, there is just too much talent here for me to rank him much lower than this. He can hit for 25-30 home runs, prob around 180 R+RBI and close to a .275 average.

I know he has burned us before, but with a revamped offense in Arizona, mostly thanks to Corbin Caroll, I believe he will be reliable again in 2024.

No. 4: Marcus Semien, Texas Rangers

The next three on this list are super close in value to me. Early ADP agrees too as they are separated by five total draft spots.

Marcus Semien is very unlikely to repeat his 2021 season where he hit 45 home runs. I said after that season that his home run total did not match with his underlying stats. His exit velocity was and still is just above league average, and even though he hits the ball at a high launch angle, 45 just seemed a bit much.

The last two seasons he has sat in the mid-to-upper-20s, which makes way more sense.

Semien and the next two on the list are super close in power and even their R+RBI totals are close. Semien and Altuve are higher in runs since they bat leadoff, while Albies is more balanced hitting second a lot being able to hit Acuna in a ton.

Again it is very close, but batting average is what keeps him below the next two. Semien regularly has a lower average than the next two.

No. 3: Jose Altuve, Houston Astros

Embed from Getty Images

Pretty simple here. He is going to be very similar to Marcus Semien just a much better batting average.

He has added some more speed back to his game lately too after multiple seasons of single-digit steals. If he stays on the pace he was last year, we could be looking at 20+ steals again for Altuve. That is a mark he has not hit since the 2017 season.

No. 2: Ozzie Albies, Atlanta Braves

Albies is the most complete of the three that I've grouped together. He is capable of providing 100 runs and 100 RBI. He has also hit 30+ home runs each of his two previous healthy seasons.

His batting average is a bit of a question mark. It dropped considerably in 2021 and 2022 but with a fully healthy Ronald Acuna and Austin Riley and Matt Olson batting behind him in 2023, it climbed to .280. I fully expect him to be closer to .280 than the .250 range we got the previous two seasons.

No. 1: Mookie Betts, Los Angeles Dodgers

Embed from Getty Images
I don't think its any surprise that Mookie Betts is the No. 1 ranked second baseman. He had a near MVP season last year. He would have easily won it, if not for Ronald Acuna Jr.'s historic season.

The only knock on Betts now is he does not run as much as he used to, so you can say goodbye to the days of 20+ steals from him.

Still, everything else is elite and should stay that way with an even more powerful Dodgers lineup this year with the additions they've made.

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