2024 Fantasy Baseball Week 2 Drop List

by Corey Pieper
2024 Fantasy Baseball Week 2 Drop List

It is still early in the season, but Fantasy Baseball managers have tough calls to make on players to drop. This is why I'm here to give you my 2024 Fantasy Baseball Week 2 Drop List.

This article isn't going to focus on the injured players. You won't see Eury Perez or Shane Bieber listed below. Since we know that those players are not accumulating any statistics for the rest of the season, they need to be dropped. There is no analysis necessary for that. Rather, I'm going to focus on the tough calls that fantasy managers need to make.

It can be hard to cut bait on an underperformer early on. All the offseason research that you put into your draft plan, only for someone to underachieve the first few weeks. How long do you keep holding them? It's always going to be a tough call and there is certainly no hard and fast rule.

Fantasy Six Pack's own Joe Bond (@F6P_Joe) recently held a poll to determine which site is the most popular for Fantasy Baseball. Yahoo was the winner so that is the site that will be used to focus on ownership percentages. All of the drop recommendations will be players that are at least 30% rostered on Yahoo.

Knowing which players to drop can be is just as important as knowing which players to add. With that in mind, read on to see five players to drop early in the season. You should also take a look at our Rest of Season Rankings to help you make decisions on who to drop.

2024 Fantasy Baseball Week 2 Players to Drop

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Will Smith, RP, Kansas City Royals (45% rostered)

Will Smith started the season as the closer for the Kansas City Royals. He took a loss in his first game of the season while allowing four earned runs. He followed that up with a clean inning and a save in his second appearance. His third game was back to poor form as he blew a save and allowed two more earned runs. He has not earned a save since then, even though the team has had three saves in that period.

The only reason that Will Smith is rostered in nearly half of all fantasy leagues is that he was drafted late for the potential for saves. It appears that the Royals have decided to prioritize not only James McArthur but also Chris Stratton ahead of Smith in the saves pecking order. McArthur has a bloated ERA due to a .500 BABIP against but has two of the past three saves. He is the relief pitcher to own in the Kansas City bullpen.

Jose Abreu, 1B, Houston Astros (40%)

Jose Abreu has had a remarkable career, but it appears to be coming to an end. Last season, was his career worst OPS+ at 87. He was still viewed as a viable corner infield option coming off a strong ending to 2023. From July 1st onward, he hit 12 home runs with 49 RBI. His start to this season though does not inspire confidence in another rebound.

At this point, Abreu has a -33 OPS+. I must admit that I didn't realize that they could go negative. His 2-30 start at the plate with 4 runs scored is about as bad as it can get though.

Drafting Abreu off his pedigree hoping for a bounce back was understandable. It doesn't appear that it's going to come to fruition though. First base is a deep enough position that there should be quality options on the waiver wire. Use one of those options for the time being and if Abreu begins to show signs of heating up, then look to re-add him.

Esteury Ruiz, OF, Oakland Athletics (53%)

This recommendation is very league dependent. If you are in a rotisserie league where stolen bases are a category, do not drop Esteury Ruiz.

Ruiz was sent to the AAA to be an everyday player instead of a speed specialist option for the Major League team. He is off to a hot start at AAA.

Even if he spends a month in the minor leagues, Ruiz is still as likely as any player to steal over 50 bases.

Points leagues were already Ruiz's weaker format. Sure, you do get additional points every time he steals a base, but it's such a small value. Last season, he finished as the 54th outfielder in Fantrax standard scoring for points league.

The best way to win in weekly leagues is typically through volume. Every at-bat is a chance to score more points as you try to beat your opponent. As long as he is in the minor leagues, he is accumulating zero at-bats and zero points for your fantasy teams. Move on.

Bo Naylor, C, Cleveland Guardians (40%)

A popular breakout candidate before the season, catcher Bo Naylor is off to a slow start. He is 4-24 at this point. Even more concerning are the 12 strikeouts in only 24 at bats.

Naylor's minor league track record has always tantalized fantasy managers. Catchers who can provide power and speed are far and few in between. It is typically J.T. Realmuto and no one else. Naylor has multiple double-digit steal seasons in the minors (including an impressive 20-20 season in 2022).

One subtle transition over the last few seasons is that the catcher pool is suddenly deep for fantasy baseball. In a 12-team league that only starts one catcher, there are almost assuredly better options on the waiver wire at catcher. Options such as Luis Campusano or Logan O'Hoppe may be available. They would be priorities at this point over Naylor.

Dropping a player doesn't mean that you can never roster him for the rest of the season. It just means that for now, you're looking elsewhere.

Ryan Pressly, RP, Houston Astros (49%)

It's strange to see that Ryan Pressly is still rostered in half of Yahoo fantasy leagues. There must have been a lot of drafts before Josh Hader was signed by the Astros. It's either that or there are more leagues where holds are a category than I thought.

Hader is off to a slow start giving up runs in his last three appearances. There is still no chance that he is relinquishing the ninth-inning job to Pressly.

Pressly is off to a rough start himself. He currently has an ERA over 14. Of course, that will regress down closer to his career 3.32 ERA. If you are looking for holds, Pressly should be rostered. He is likely a Top-20 option in that format for relief pitchers. In a traditional 5 x 5 league though where saves are necessary, there is no reason to keep rostering Pressly.

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