2024 IDP Football Green Dot Defenders

by Steve Hungarter (IDPHunter)
IDP Football Green Dot Defenders

Welcome to this article where I'm going to discuss the 2024 IDP Football Green Dot Defenders.

In the complex world of NFL defenses, communication is key. One of the most critical roles in ensuring smooth and effective communication is held by the player wearing the "green dot" sticker on the back of his helmet.

In this article, 2024 IDP Football Green Dot Defenders I wanted to highlight those players who are responsible for relaying the defensive play calls from the coaches to the rest of the defense, making it a vital position for any team's success. Typically it is your team's inside linebacker who performs these duties but not always as you will see. Join me in looking at the Green Dot Candidates of 2024.

2024 IDP Football Green Dot Defenders

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What Is A Green Dot?

The presence of a green dot on the back of certain players' helmets is worth noting, as it holds significant importance within the game. Allow me to provide you with comprehensive information regarding the significance of these green dots on NFL helmets.

First, the basics,  the term "green dot" defines the green sticker attached to the back of a helmet (as pictured above) equipped with a headset.  This unique headset and sticker enable coaches to relay into the game to that chosen offense or defensive player pre-snap before any play. On offense, it is the Quarterback, but on Defense, it isn't always clear and could determine the coach's scheme.

There are two types of players that get designated for "green dot duties" on offense, so its kinda boring to discuss. It is generally a Quarterback, to be honest. Sarcasm aside you came to the right article on defense and most of us can tell you who the top 200 offensive players are.

On Defense, this can shift from week to week.  It's important to know who is calling the plays and why the schemes are being used in the first place. If you don't see the value you will likely get lapped by your league mates. On your Defense though, if you don't know players you will get lapped in your experts league. This Green dot here signifies players who communicate with the coach, receive play calls, and put themselves in the best situations to succeed. Don't believe me? Look no further than fantasydata.com and look at those metrics it is no coincidence that these are usually the best players on any team.

It runs much deeper than that though. The Defensive player who gets assigned this role is going to play three downs of football and rarely leaves the field. This makes him even more valuable since he is guaranteed a high snap count.

So ask yourself this, would you rather have a top household player who plays just one down or a solid player or who plays all three? The latter will have triple the chance of scoring your points.  This is one of the biggest mistakes a rookie manager will make when doing research. The top College players not being trusted enough to log significant snaps is far less valuable to the Veteran who is out there making plays. Because IDP is so much different than offense, where you could get away with those misnomers, the Defense you will need to pack information due to the research and count the snaps. An easy identifier to know such a player is to figure out who will have that green dot sticker. Your friends know about its significance and now you do too.

NFL Team2024 Green Dot ProjectionSecondaryrumors during OTAs:
ARIKyzir WhiteWhite excels in this role as witnessed during the Eagles SB run. He will continue usage here and be a steal in Drafts due to his low ADP.
ATLTroy AndersonKaden EllisBefore his injury, Anderson was expected to do this role in 2023. No reason to see this change
BALRoquon SmithTrenton Simpson
BUFTerel BernardMatt MilanoI am not sold on Milano taking over this role. He was passed over two years ago for Edmunds and again we saw in 2023 Bernard excelled and finished quite well.
CARShaq ThompsonJosey Jewell
CHIT.J EdwardsTremaine EdmundsNight and day players that compliment each other well. Edwards is your inside guy making the calls though and is an excellent playcaller.
CINLogan WilsonGermaine Pratt
CLEVJordan HicksJeremiah Owusu-KoramoahBrowns may eventually turn to the younger JOK to take over the green dot but Hicks in his career has called the plays well.
DALEric KendricksKendricks is the immediate replacement for Leighton Vander Esch and slightly more athletic, The former all-pro has worked with Mike Zimmer in this role before.
DENAlex SingletonSingleton is a tackling machine and has been calling all the plays, as expected, during mini camps.
DETAlex AnzaloneJack CampbellAnzalone was better than expected and did everything possible to be given back this role, eventaully Jack Campbell will have this job but not for now.
GBQuay WalkerEdgerrin CooperMinicamps show impressive skill from Cooper (5/20/24) corralled a loose ball during one team period on Friday for what might have gone for a touchdown. so might not be too long where he may challenge for this role.
HOUAzeez Al-Shaair
INDZaire FranklinE.J. Speed
JAXFoyesade OlukunDevin Lloyd
KCNick BoltonDrue Tranquill
Las VegasRobert SpillaneThe new coaching staff loves Spillane and that's good news for IDP production.
LACDenzel PerrymanJunior ColstonColson knows Jesse Minter's defensive system after their time together in Michigan so we could see this change early on.
LARErnest Jones
MIAJordyn BrooksDavid Long
MINBlake CashmanIvan Pace Jr.Too close to call. Early mini-camp reports (5/22/24) specualte Cashman wearing the dot, still Pace wore this dating back to preseason his rookie year, but both might have significant role. Stay tuned
NEJa'Whaun BentleyA new coaching scheme will give Bentley increased responsibility to improve on his breakout last season.
NODemario DavisPete WernerAs long as Davis is not retiring he is not giving up this role. He continues to be dominant.
NYGBobby Okereke
NYJCJ MosleyQuincy Williams
PHINakobe DeanDevin WhiteCoin toss. Let's give it to Dean only because he lost the duty to injury in '23 and was being groomed for the responsibility.
PITPatrick Queen
SFFred WarnerDe'Vondre Campbell
SEAJulian LoveTyrel DodsonI don't trust the Seahawks linebacker room, I could see Love inheriting this role until rookie Knight could show promise. As of 05/11/24 minicamp report shows Knight being mixed in at OLB.
TBLavonte David
TENCedrick GrayAmani HookerMinicamp reports 05/02/24 suggest Gray to be the signal caller. Defensive Back Hooker has asked to step in and has the tackling abilty to do it if called upon.
WASHBobby WagnerFrankie LuvuWagner has made a career of doing this and is now reunited with his Legion of Boom coach Quinn from his Seahawk days.

Identifying Candidates For Green Dot Usage

Secondly, know the following point. The NFL has allowed headsets for defensive players since 2008; this opens it up and gave the ability to have a quarterback on that side of the field. They will have to have high IQs, be natural leaders, and be athletic enough to make key plays. Early off-season forecasting for this is tricky, as it will take OTAs, plenty of reporting, and some general assumptions to identify these players correctly.

On the list below, we try to identify and outline four major sleepers for the green dot position based on their sneaky usage or team scheme.

Due to the frequent substitutions and sub-packages in the defense, there are some differences in how the green dot system operates. If the player designated with the green dot leaves the field, another player with a green dot can replace them. However, to maintain continuity and effective communication, the coaches prefer to have one player wear the green dot as much as possible.

In fantasy football terms, there is a special connection between the number of defensive snaps a player participates in and the number of fantasy points they accumulate. Therefore, rostering a player on the field for the entire game (100% snap count) and who can anchor the defense can provide a significant advantage.

So, wearing the green dot may indicate that a player is an every-down linebacker and will likely be able to make several impact plays.

Julian Love, DB, Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks have some turnover at LB since last season. As they shipped out not one but two of their staters in Bobby Wagner and Jordyn Brooks.  Rightfully so since the team ranked poorly against stopping the run. Some statistics-At 4.6 ypc (ranked 27th) then 3.1 yards after contact (30th) and a missed tackle rate of 14% (which ranks 31st) The Seahawks could not afford to keep this lineup in tact.

New Starters, though, also come with questions. Jerome Baker is not known as box tackle guy and plays better on the outside. Tyrel Dodson grades well with 90.2 per PFF and should excel with this opportunity, but last season struggled early on cracking the Bills rotation until Milano went down for good so I am hesitant and have reservations on these duties.

I expect Defensive Back Julian Love to take on this role of wearing the green dot for the Seahawks. Although it's uncommon for a defensive back to relay plays compared to linebackers, new head coach Mike Macdonald has experience with doing this, having done it with Chuck Clark in Baltimore.  So this would be a savy pickup in IDP tackle heavy leagues.

Ivan Pace Jr, LB, Minnesota Vikings

Thus one leaves fantasy managers perplexed because the Vikings did sign  Blake Cashman, but now that Jordan Hicks is moved on to the Browns this paves the way for Pace to continue to grow into his role. Going all the way back to last pre-season, Pace coming in as an undrafted free agent excelled when he was given the green dot duty and when he cracked the lineup never looked back. Even when Hicks came back we assumed he would diminish his role and go back to the bench but Pace continued to be a Dynasty asset. Early reports are handing this role to Blake Cashman, giving Pace more space and ability to make opportunities. Don't be surprised if these roles change. One of the key battles I am keeping an eye on.

He is a must-add in leagues where he is forgotten about. At the time of this writing, it is Blake Cashman calling the plays out now so anything is possible just don't discard these players both are on tap for production.

Nakobe Dean, LB, Philadelphia Eagles

Another head-scratcher is Devin White or  Nakobe Dean, being the play-caller here for the Eagles. The short answer here is we don't know but there may be a few clues left here to solve this answer. Dean did take over communication duties before he got injured so I would have to think he knows the playbook and has the edge.

A lot of people may not know this but Devin White has extensive experience wearing the green dot for the Bucs (over Lavonte David) but there are rumors he quit on his team last year and his overall performance just keeps declining so this may be nothing more than a Veteran passing though to his next team who could fill in as a contingency plan.  I am going with Dean for now but just to let you the audience know it's close and could be a camp battle.

Cedrick Gray, LB, Tennessee Titans

This sounds farfetched but we seen Rookes (Ivan Pace jr last season) excel with this role on day one. Cedrick Gray is a tackling monster (200 tackles in College the last two seasons) and enters a team in desperate need of defensive starters. As mini-camps are now underway it is being reported that Gray will need to compete for the starting job with Kenneth Murray, who is not expected to wear the green dot. His toughest competition for the role will likely come from Jack Gibbens and Otis Reese. So should not be hard to win over this battle if he is the player we think he should be.

If Gray doesn’t secure the green dot for any reason, general manager Ran Carthon mentioned in minicamp that veteran safety Amani Hooker has volunteered to take on that responsibility. if that happens, Hooker would be a name at DB to keep an eye on in deeper leagues.

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