2024 IDP Football Rookie Mock Draft Review

by Steve Hungarter (IDPHunter)
2024 IDP Football Rookie Mock Draft Review

As we get closer to the 2024 NFL Draft, I'm going to review an IDP Football Rookie Mock Draft that a panel of IDP writers banded together to complete. This is not just my review though, we all gave our opinion on our own drafts to discuss and provide analysis for those draft selections. So, without delay, here are our projections for picks 1-24 with the snake draft.

Joseph Harlow, @joelow63 is a writer and analyst over IDPGuys. He most recently has written the rookie previews content articles and does a waiver show during the season. In this draft, he will have picks 1.01, 1.05, 1.09, 2.4, 2.8, and 2.12.

Steve Scholtz, @BigSteveFF is a Senior Bowl Collegiate scout and also a writer and analyst at IDPGuys. He will be selecting from, 1.02, 1.06, 1.10, 2.3, 2.7, and 2.11.

Jamie Perog, @JaimePerog, is a podcast contributor on GoingFor2. Fantasy Intervention and SFB13 competitor. Draft selections are 1.03, 1.07, 1.11, 2.02, 2.06, and 2.10.

Myself, Steve Hungarter, @IDPHunter am a writer, analyst, and podcaster here at Fantasy Six Pack. He is also the No.4 Accurate IDP ranker according to Fantasy Pros. I will be playing from the 4th spot so 1.04, 1.08, 1.12, 2.01, 2.05, and 2.09.

Let's kick this thing off!

2024 IDP Football Rookie Mock Draft Review

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Below are the draft picks for each round.

RoundOv PickPosPlayerCollegeDrafted By
11LBEdgerrin CooperTexas A&Mjoelow63
12EdgeJared VerseFlorida StateBigSteveFF
13EdgeLaiatu LatuUCLAJaimePerog
14EdgeDallas TurnerAlabamaIDPHunter
15EdgeDarius RobinsonMissourijoelow63
16DBTyler NubinMinnesotaBigSteveFF
17LBPayton WilsonNorth Carolina StateJaimePerog
18IDLJer'Zhan NewtonIllinoisIDPHunter
19DBJaden HicksWashington Statejoelow63
110LBJeremiah Trotter Jr.ClemsonBigSteveFF
111EdgeChris BraswellAlabamaJaimePerog
112EdgeBralen TriceWashingotnIDPHunter
213IDLByron Murphy IITexasIDPHunter
214CBCooper DeJeanIowaJaimePerog
215IDLT'Vondre SweatTexasBigSteveFF
216LBJunior ColstonMichiganjoelow63
217SKamren KitchensMiami (FL)IDPHunter
218EdgeChop RobinsonPenn StateJaimePerog
219LBCedric GrayNorth CarolinaBigSteveFF
220EdgeMarshawn KneelandWestern Michiganjoelow63
221IDLLeonard Taylor IIIMiami (FL)IDPHunter
222CBTerrion ArnoldAlabamaJaimePerog
223EdgeJavon SolomanTroyBigSteveFF
224LBTrevin WallaceKentuckyjoelow63

Joseph Harlow's Picks

"My plan and strategy involved detailed scouting. I wrote several articles over at IDP Guys (check them out btw) so very surprised most of "my guys' were here while I was picking.

I noticed there was a run at DL and wanted to continue that with Darius Robinson, who overall in my book.

For all my picks especially the Jaden Hicks selection, I could conclude that I am higher than most, but given the way he plays could easily project to the NFL. I think the community is not caught up on a few of these guys but if you look at PFF and any advanced metrics it's all right there."

-Joseph Harlow, IDP Guys

Steve Scholtz's Picks

"I was shocked to be given the 1.02 as all my players were still available. Having the pick of the liter, my strategy was fairly easy. Taking my consensus top players at safety and edge rusher, and the top linebacker off the draft board, allowed me to use my Senior Bowl scouting to fill in the rest of my positions. I feel really good about that.

Jared Verse was my player because I think coaches could refine him and make him better next level. Getting the clear-cut S1 at the sixth pick was also amazing here, and Trotter having NFL Bloodlines is going to help.

My last two picks Sweat and Solomon were huge Senior Bowl standouts I got to see up close. I feel that is a huge advantage to see these players up close versus just seeing the film."

-Steve Scholtz @BigSteveFF

Jamie Perog's Picks

"I watched Rocky 5 the other day, and I know to never let a sports injury keep a player down. They keep on making those movies!

In this draft, four clear-edged rushers should be top picks. Why not take the best one? Latu has the best win run and pass defense metrics out of all of them. I am not afraid of a little injury in my athletes as long as it is not from Ivan Drago. I am joking but seriously now, this is arguably the weakest Draft Class since 2021 after studying it here is where all my off-season research is about to pay off!

Cooper DeJean in all my other drafts is usually the seventh-best player to come off draft boards so I took him here at the 14th selection. Speaking of cornerbacks, they need love just like kickers do! I am kidding again (or am I). Here is another one Arnold who could be the top respected in his position I just could not pass up.

I also took Chop Robinson because I feel he is next tier edge (4th) after the elites are taken. Chris Braswell reminds me a lot of Clubber Lang from Rocky 3. He is a really good prospect who plays angry and just wants his respect. I feel like all my research this off-season provided me great knowledge heading into this draft and provided me a great 80s montage to maneuver this board."

-Jamie Perog @Goingfor2 and @jamieperog

My Pick's

The fun part about playing from the last draft spot is you could see where the value falls and where all the draft runs begin.

My strategy originally was to take the best player available. To my surprise, Dallas Turner fell to me, which is most people's No. 1 overall player as well as mine. Usually getting the best player at fourth overall is enough to be happy about but I followed that up by creating a run at inside defender.

If you followed my content this off-season I have noted this is a strong early edge class, but also deep at interior lineman class and I got the top three on my board. Newton, most folks' top player is a machine.

Byron Murphy at 2.01 is also a steal, as he leads the nation in pass rushes. Finally, to wrap up my Edge rusher picks, Leonard Taylor III is a five-star recruit who plays like a bull in a china shop.

Getting the top edge, and my top three interiors is enough for most drafts but wait there's more. Kamren Kitchens, the DB2 on most drafts boards just fell to me as the fourth secondary player taken so good deal. As if this draft could not have gone any better, getting Bralen Trice at 12, who commonly goes as a top edge in the first eight picks just put a smile on my face. I wish this was a real league.

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