2024 NFL DFS Divisional Round Picks: Bottom of the Barrel

by Chris Robin
2024 NFL DFS Divisional Round Picks

Bottom of the Barrel is back! This time for the 2024 NFL DFS Divisional Round Picks.

With each passing moment, every game gets more valuable. When it comes to playoff baseball every single pitch has us on the edge of our seats. Every single snap of a football during the post-season is of vital importance. Where does that leave us as fans? Laughing, crying, and everything in between!

In the Wild Card round last weekend the Dallas Cowboys played so poorly that their fans were angry. To the point of burning all their jerseys and hats. While adult men were crying at Ford Field in Detroit Sunday night.

It is always astounding what we put our time and effort into. In the grand scheme of it all a football game has no real bearing on our everyday lives. Yet, in many cases, it controls our every fiber and being. The way we act while showing our fandom can be downright embarrassing. On the other hand, it can be a sign of strength and pride!

We all have different reasons for following the teams that we do. The biggest factor has always been location. For example, if you are born and raised in Michigan then anything in Ohio is off limits. Let’s say the hatred between the Raiders, Chiefs, Broncos, and Chargers is nasty when it comes to the AFC West. The same could be said for the AFC North. Rivalries come in all shapes and sizes!

Broken down to its simplest form, a football game has everything to do with regular everyday life. We root for our favorite team in honor of others. For our later father who showed us the way! For our favorite aunt who made all those holiday parties tolerable. No matter where we put down roots our fandom is as connected as our hearts.

The NFL Playoffs are a special time. Some folks take them for granted. While others cannot wait to dance in the streets. Please enjoy the Divisional round this weekend. The storylines are once again abundantly joyous. Take it all in and please gamble responsibly.

2024 NFL DFS Divisional Round Picks

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Favorite Picks

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Jared Goff Lions vs. Buccaneers(23rd)


For the second time in the 2023-24 NFL Playoffs, the Detroit Lions will be hosting a post-season game. From dust and crickets in 30 years to two home playoff games in two weeks. A lot of 2’s are coming around this week.

As the Lions look to advance to the NFC Championship game, they face a similar team in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Jared will have his hands full with the Bucs defense but being at home helps. In an odd unexplainable way when things are going your way, good stuff happens. Not exactly the greatest betting advice but if you are still reading then I am sure you understand!

Look for Jared Goff to complete 23-24 passes for 265-270 yards, and a pair of touchdowns.

Devin Singletary Texans at Ravens(12th)


Devin has been one of the more underrated players all season in his position. When we think of a stud running back Singletary rarely comes to mind. Why is that? I find it to be all about personal perspective. The media also plays a huge role in how we look at players. Toss all the nonsense aside for a few minutes.

The Texans have an unbelievably bright future. While we are all on the Ravens this week look out for Houston as they have nothing to lose. Let’s open the playbook and get going! Devin should comfortably see 15-16 carries, 60-65 yards, and a touchdown. In addition to 2-3 receptions for 10-15 yards.

Dontayvion Wicks Packers at 49ers(19th)


Suddenly, the Green Bay Packers have a sneaky good group of wide receivers! I saw a tweet earlier this week that mentioned how the Packers finally put together a fantastic set of WRs the same season after Aaron Rodgers split for the Jets.

Wicks is that wild card wide receiver for me this weekend. We all know Reed and Romeo will see most of the action. Well, not the most but they will be more involved in the game flow if that makes sense. Does not matter to me as Dontayvion should catch 4-5 passes for 45-50 yards and a touchdown! Do not let the Romeo hangover get to you!

Isaiah Likely Ravens vs. Texans(29th)


It is so great to hear that Mark Andrews might be active and ready to play on Saturday. In most cases that would sink Likely down the depth chart, and we all move on. I am just not feeling that this week with Isaiah. While he is a tight end, he moves more like a WR. I am sure the Ravens aren’t complaining as they have now unlocked another weapon. Bad news for anyone in Baltimore’s path!

Originally, I was cool with 5-6 targets and 3-4 receptions for Likely. If Andrews is back and active for Saturday’s game, I do not see a drastic drop in what Isiah can do. Maybe take a target, or two, away but that is about it. It is also safe to give him around 45-50 yards.


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That is it! Bottom of the Barrel for the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs! The player pool has slimmed down and so has Bottom of the Barrel. One more win and it is off to Championship Sunday. Every snap, pass, rush, touchdown, and turnover is huge! Have fun.

Good luck this week and I hope the 2024 NFL DFS Divisional Round Picks Bottom of the Barrel is good to you. Make sure to tune into the Fantasy Six Pack YouTube channel to catch my DFS/Single-Slate videos and other great content from the F6P team.

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