2024 NFL DFS Wild Card Picks: Bottom of the Barrel

by Chris Robin
2024 NFL DFS Wild Card Picks

Here we are for Bottom of the Barrell 2024 NFL DFS Wild Card Picks!

Wild Card Weekend of the NFL season remains one of my favorite times of the year. Now it is called Super Wild Card Weekend! Hopefully, sooner rather than later the NFL adds duper to it. Then we would have Super Duper Wild Card Weekend! Can you imagine the hijinks and mayhem that would go on?

We all learn and develop in our own time. We are also into different things. I recently discovered the film series The Purge. Little later than others but I found it very interesting and fun! The Purge is not a real thing and falls under the entertainment umbrella. However, it did spark a few ideas in my brain.

In the recent landscape of sports and society social media has currently reigned supreme! With a slight bump to YouTube. There are an insane amount of people broadcasting right now. With all the podcasts and the open air of the internet, everyone has been given a platform. Truth be told, some folks are just not cut out for talking into a microphone. Far be it from me to judge anyone. Got me thinking about mixing all the cameras and microphones with a slight twist for The Purge.

Super Duper Wild Card Weekend could take on a new meaning. Seeing how this time falls early on in each New Year it has some promise. Look, I have no thoughts or ideas about causing any harm to anyone or anything. Just a boost to the way Playoff Football is played!

First off, there would be no bye weeks for the highest-seeded teams. If you made the cut and made the Playoffs, then you keep going and keep playing. Seeing how that would make it an odd number of teams at seven let’s add in a fourth Wild Card team. This means Cincinnati and Seattle would have made the NFL Playoffs in my version of things. Players have long said that the bye weeks and resting to start the Playoffs can be a bad thing. They can lose their edge and the hotness of how things have gone on.

Second, we flip the seeding for a one-player pick-only draft. Any player from a team that has not made the NFL Playoffs is eligible. For example, in the AFC Playoffs, the Pittsburgh Steelers are the lowest-ranked team. They would be allowed to select any player of their choosing from another AFC team who has not made the Playoffs. I’d imagine they would want a QB for a postseason run. Would they decide to select Trevor Lawrence, Will Levis, or Jake Browning maybe? It would be a fantastic event!

Third, the Playoffs would be a running clock. We could give each team an extra timeout and go from there. Each team would have four total timeouts and would be honored as such.

Fourth, the coaches red flag challenges would be handled by anyone who purchased a ticket and is in the stadium. Kind of like that ask the audience lifeline in Who Wants to be a Millionaire? The home team fans would be more supportive, but the road team fans would be more likely to travel and show up to support their team.

In closing this is just a small example of what I think about daily. As the NFL Playoffs continue, I will do my best to keep adding on any other rule changes or weird ideas I can think of. Bottom of the Barrel has always been an off-the-wall daydreaming type of process for me. This specific run of the playoffs is going to be phenomenal. I can already feel it! Here we go!

Good luck and enjoy! We are in for one heck of a weekend!

2024 NFL DFS Wild Card Picks

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Favorite Picks

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Jared Goff Lions vs. Rams(28th)


It is tough to hold back my personal feelings on this one. As a lifelong Detroit Lions fan, I have made no secret about my love for the Lions. I have also not let it rule my writing and broadcasting. Being open, honest, and objective is an important combination when handing out sports betting and daily fantasy sports advice.

Would not be a huge deal if occasionally, I went nuts over my hometown favorites. Jared Goff and the Lions know what is at stake Sunday night. This city and state have never wanted anything more than a home playoff game. It’s pretty lame I know but we all know the Detroit Lion's past. One thing at a time! The Rams have gotten hot at the perfect time. Here’s hoping that the Week 18 rest their head coach gave them has cooled them off a tad.

Let’s expect Jared Goff and the Lions to come out rolling and aggressive. Goff gets to go toe-to-toe with his replacement Matthew Stafford and ex-head coach Sean McVay. Jared will step up and help this long-suffering franchise win their first-ever home playoff game at Ford Field. I have him around 25-26 completions for 270-275 yards and two three-touchdown passes.

Aaron Jones Packers at Cowboys(13th)


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As a non-Green Bay Packers fan, you take what I say here with a grain of salt. So, as an outsider looking in, I’d say Aaron Jones has been the heart and soul of this team for a long time. Starting quarterbacks come and go. Wide receivers can be out for long periods. Shoot, Aaron Jones wasn’t exactly the pillar of health this season. Yet when they needed him most guess who was active and pounding the football? He was!

The Dallas Cowboys at home is a different beast. If any team playing this weekend can beat the Cowboys at home, it is without doubt the Packers. In all honesty, what do the Packers have to lose? On the flip side, what do the Dallas Cowboys have to lose? In my honest opinion, everything. That idea alone is enough to take the stress and pressure off the Pack. Just come into town and play your game and everything will be fine.

Feeding the ball to a healthy Aaron Jones is the way. Taking shots downfield in between is even better. These Cowboy defensive backs love to take risks. Do I dare say Jordan Love is equipped to handle this game? Look for Aaron to carry the ball 16-17 times for 75-80 yards to go with 3-4 receptions for another 25-30 yards.

Brandin Cooks Cowboys vs. Packers(16th)


Every offense-skill positional player for the Cowboys is playing second fiddle to CeeDee Lamb. Rightfully so given what he and Dak have accomplished this season! While Cooks has had an up-and-down year but has been great over the last few weeks!

Brandin was targeted eight times, catching six passes for 39 yards and a touchdown last week. Now that this Cowboys offense has started to hum, I see no reason to fade Cooks this week. The Cowboys are ridiculously better at home. Their home and road splits prove that!

Expect Brandin Cooks to see 6-7 targets, 4-5 receptions, 50 yards, and a touchdown.

Tucker Kraft Packers at Cowboys(5th)


Tucker was only targeted three times and caught all three passes for 31 yards last time out for Green Bay. Kraft should remain the Packer's primary tight end even with the return of Luke Musgrave. The Packers have their work cut out for them in Dallas on Sunday.

The Dallas Cowboys are currently projected to score 29 points. This means the Packers should be throwing the ball a little more than usual. I would also expect Green Bay to use their RBs as often as possible to start the game but once Dallas gets rolling Jordan Love and the coaching staff will make the switch to a more pass-happy type of offense.

Look for the rookie tight end to be targeted 5-6 times, catch 4-5 passes, and put up around 45-50 yards. A very nice stat line given the position.


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That is it! Bottom of the Barrel for Super Wild Card Weekend of the NFL Playoffs! Anything is possible and expect the unexpected! Do not be shy or shocked if the weird and unusual happens right in front of you. Point spreads and player projections will be blown out of the water.

Good luck this week and I hope the 2023 NFL DFS Wild Card Weekend Picks Bottom of the Barrel is good to you. Make sure to tune into the Fantasy Six Pack YouTube channel to catch my DFS/Single-Slate videos and other great content from the F6P team.

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