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3 Fantasy Premier League Tips: Dominate Your League


We’ve all been there, your friend edged you in Fantasy Premier League yet again and now he thinks he is king of the world. A mere three more points and Gary would get off his high horse. Why let that happen in the first place? This article will outline three simple and effective tips to dominate the Fantasy Premier League. Gary’s got nothing on you if you follow these three Fantasy Premier League tips.

3 Fantasy Premier League Tips

1. Rotate your Defense

Most fans credit FPL attackers with leading their teams, but just like real football, the core of any successful side is a tough defense. Just like Liverpool, a top-heavy team goes nowhere. Unlike forwards and midfielders, you generally want to rotate your backline frequently based on the upcoming fixtures. For example, United away to City is far more difficult matchup clean-sheet wise than Burnley at home to Palace. In this case, dropping your United defender, even a top one like Valencia or Bailly, would be a smart play.

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There are a number of EPL defenses that often are overlooked in fantasy, my favorites including Burnley, West Brom, and Southampton. When defensive mid-table teams like these play at home versus mid or low tier competition, definitely pick them up. Same goes for goalies, who also earn four points per clean sheet.

2. Form is Key

It can be hard to let go, but FPL is no time for emotion. Just like Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola, if a player is underperforming, you need to let them loose. Going into game week eight, for instance, I cut Rooney from my fantasy lineup. Rooney has endured five consecutive goalless outings in the Prem, and Koeman has even dropped him to the bench in recent weeks. Never hesitate to ax someone from your squad because they were great two years ago or since their high-rated in FIFA. A prime example of this past equals present notion is  Daniel Sturridge. The striker was electric partnered with Suarez four seasons ago, but that should not warp his current abysmal form in the slightest.

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A simple method to research form is to average a player’s three-week score and the consistency of their performances. If player A scored ten, five, and nine points over the past three weeks, I would choose him over player B with twenty-two, one, and two points because their big haul may have been a fluke.

3. Draft for the Future

As I explained earlier, rotating your defense week to week is hugely important, but the future is crucial as well. In the same vein as tip number one, be on the lookout for your squad’s upcoming fixtures as far as ten games ahead. If you notice that in week nine, two of your midfielders and forwards play Manchester United away while three defenders match up against Spurs and Chelsea, make the necessary adjustments ahead of time.

In FPL normal mode, this means using your weekly free transfer to prepare ahead of time so you can field a full strength side. In the draft, pick up some defenders from the overlooked defensive lines on the waiver before your competitors, even if they will sit on your bench for the next few weeks.

On the other hand, it is far more individual for midfielders and forwards playing strong defenses in the future. Top players like Lukaku and De Bruyne should not be benched in any situation, even against top teams. Mid-tiers option such as Mata may not be up to scratch in games like Chelsea away. Against any top six defense (sorted by goals conceded) consider rotating players of this quality.

Bonus Tip

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Benji is an avid fantasy sports player and football fan in particular. He recently finished in the top 5,000 for the United States during the 2017/18 FPL campaign and hopes to bring his knowledge of the game to you. If you have any FPL related questions, be sure to ask him on Twitter @benjielster

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