30 Team Dynasty Baseball League: The Draft

by Andrew Spurling
Dynasty Directives

Welcome to 30 Team Dynasty Baseball League: The Draft!

There isn't a lot of information focusing on the depth and complexity of managing a 30 team dynasty available. I would like to take a closer look at what you can expect when starting one of these dynasty leagues. With the lockout ending recently there is no better time to start a new Dynasty Baseball League.

I highly recommend joining one of the leagues run by The Fantasy Commish @dynastyonestop. There are many different formats and price points to choose from. All of the leagues are run on the incredibly deep and customizable platform Fantrax.

I always like to begin by becoming familiar with as many Dynasty lists as I can consume. There is no better place to start than with the Fantasy Six Pack rankings from Dave Eddy.

30 Team Dynasty Baseball League: The Draft

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Read The Constitution

Before starting the draft I think one of the most important things you can do is read the constitution thoroughly. It's easy to overlook the rules and just fill out a roster. The small details make a difference though.

The obvious important factor is the scoring categories. Beyond the scoring system though you should pay close attention to the minimums and maximums in categories such as innings pitched for pitchers or potentially the number of starts you can make. I also consider the minimum number of At-Bats that are required on offense.

For this article, I will be referencing the @dynastyonestop 2022 startup #D1S3030CLUB. The draft is 30 teams and 60 rounds for a grand total of 1800 players rostered leaguewide leaving the draft. It goes without saying the draft is a far more integral part of the league than that of a more typical shallower format.

Research and formulate a rough plan

Through some trial and error as well as several mock drafts over the past few seasons I feel confident in recommending to you my previous Dynasty Strategy Article. In this 30 team format, I overemphasize the points detailed there within my draft strategy article. Heavily weighing young MLB players and from there MLB players in general early.

In the first 10 - 20 rounds I am very selective with choosing prospects. If I do take a prospect it's most likely to be someone close to the majors with a perceived high chance of succeeding. I may also mix in one or two higher upside prospects if I can get them a couple of rounds after where I think they should go. My focus is on drafting MLB players. Unless there are keepers, contracts or redispersion rules the only chance you will have at these players moving forward is via trade.

Draft Rounds 1 - 20

This is the most crucial part of the draft. I take this opportunity to lay the groundwork by building a strong foundation of 17 MLB players and then three strategically selected prospects.

Manny Machado provides my team a stable force on offense while also filling the shallowest position in a 30 team league. Then I add two workhorse arms in Sandy Alcantara and Robbie Ray. This provides a huge floor of innings and strikeouts with this league also having Innings Pitched as a category.

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I specifically targeted the duo of Oneil Cruz and Nick Gonzales when the chance presented itself. They both play middle infield for the Pirates, a young team with plenty of chances for the duo to thrive and they both possess compelling offensive traits. Gonzales is led by a stellar feel to hit and the ability to lay the barrel on the ball. Cruz is quite possibly the most physically imposing prospect since Aaron Judge and is also athletic enough to play the infield and steal bases.

Later I select Brady House, at that point in the draft House was by far the most talented prospect left and the clear end of a tier for me. He is much farther away but I choose to believe in his loud offensive tools and carefully choose to use valuable capital on my one-prospect splash. I lay the groundwork to be competitive right away by selecting primarily strong contributors in the present while also having a bright window into the future.

The Draft Rounds 21 - 40

This portion of the draft starts off with me adding the final piece to the Pittsburgh young trio in Cole Tucker. With daily roster adjustments in this format, I feel good about holding a good portion of the Pirates' future.

The only other Pittsburgh player I hoped to draft was Llover Peguero. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to land him.  I was happy to draft an underrated Cincinnati OF in TJ Friedl. As well as, still being able to add some very useful relief pitchers in this section of the draft.

Draft Rounds 41 - 60

In rounds 41 through 60 I continue to add some intriguing prospects. I added MLB bullpen help and depth arms.

Nomar Mazara has a decent chance of providing some depth ABs for my team this season. I really like the talent of Manuel Rodriguez and Hagen Danner as young relievers for my team. Eric Pardinho is a young high upside SP with great command and control. Pardinho also has questionable projection largely because of his frame and physicality.

Parting Thoughts

The draft room was very adept and I honestly expect the entire #3030CLUB league to be very competitive. I can't wait for the season to start. Then I can start tracking some results and see where I can potentially pursue improvements for my team.

I look forward to getting to know more members of the league as well.  This is going to be a fun league to monitor. I love 30 team leagues because they really allow you to feel like the GM of your own fantasy franchise.

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