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4 Defenses to Stash for the 2017 Fantasy Football Playoffs


One of the more overlooked positions in Fantasy Football is the Defense/Special Teams (DST) position. While drafting a fantasy defense late can be a proven strategy, it can be a huge advantage to holding on to one or two defenses with nice schedules at the end of the season to give you an edge during the fantasy playoffs.

Since most fantasy leagues don’t count Week 17 and have Week 16 crown the champion, I will be focusing on DST’s to target for a nice remaining schedule through Week 16 (Further, these DSTs will mostly be owned in less than 65% of Yahoo!/ESPN leagues and this is based on standard scoring).

I will say right off the bat, I really like the Jaguars and Ravens the rest of the way. Granted, they are probably already owned by now, but they have solid remaining schedules to go with decent overall teams (if they are there, by all means, invite me to your league next year). That being said, we have to dig a little bit deeper and examine a few teams that might still be sitting on the waiver wire.

Let’s take a look at some numbers, shall we?

The seven teams with the most sacks allowed so far and remaining week 14-16 schedules are:

4 Defenses to Stash for the 2017 Fantasy Football Playoffs

Denver Broncos

Yes, the offense leaves something (a lot of somethings) to be desired. Though, it is hard to ignore playing the Dolphins, Jets, Colts, and Redskins to close out the year.

The Dolphins just gave up seven sacks to the Patriots in Week 12 and have very little going on offense right now. The Colts have given up the most sacks to opposing defenses; and while the Week 2 performance against Dallas at home was their highest fantasy total thus far, the team is coming off back to back multiple sack games and has forced turnovers in three of the last five.

They are owned in 75% of Yahoo! leagues, but only 63% of ESPN leagues and worth a stash for the final push of the 2017 fake football season.

Washington Redskins

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Currently, has the Redskins as the fourth best rest of season schedule for defense. Over the last four games the Redskins have eight sacks and have at least one turnover in each of their last seven games.

While I value the sack category much more than the interception category, the Redskins are tied for fourth in the league with 12 interceptions thus far and get the Chargers, Cardinals, and Broncos to close out the season.

They are owned in 12% of ESPN leagues and 14% of current Yahoo! leagues. A bit of a power move here, but in the fantasy playoffs, matchups are everything!

New England Patriots

The Patriots are an interesting bunch. Did you know they have only one game this year without a sack? They are coming off a seven-sack performance against the Dolphins in Week 12 and have Tom Brady controlling the offensive side of the ball.

Over the past four weeks the Patriots have allowed sixth best 904 yards and second in the league with just 35 points against. A switch was flipped in the land of Brady, and with Buffalo and Miami again on the road, this team has definite appeal going forward.

Yes, they are owned in 79% of Yahoo leagues, but just 60.9% of ESPN leagues. Go look, add, and stash!

Chicago Bears

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DAH BEARS. I know, I know…Let me explain.

First look at their next three games

  • @Cincinnati
  • @Detroit
  • @Cleveland

Look at that schedule!

The Bears aren’t bad on defense this year. Quietly, they have put together a solid season and have at least one sack in every game this year!

They will appear in top 5 best schedules remaining in just about every “strength of schedule remaining” list you’ll see. has them third best remaining and has them second best.

They are currently owned in only 38.1% of ESPN leagues and in 33% of Yahoo! leagues. While they don’t have any real stud muffin player, they have a solid unit that is 12th in total yards allowed and 15th in points allowed per game.  Did I mention I really like matchups when it gets to crunch time?  The Bears have a bright spot in my heart for a few games during the remainder of the season, watch out!

Don’t Forget Special Teams

Overall, don’t forget about special team points as well. Each one of these teams has a capable kickoff and punt returner that can take it back for six. While this stat is very difficult to predict, don’t forget that scoring comes from many sides of the ball when you choose your DST.

I hope this helps. As always, good luck with the remaining games! Write to me on Twitter with any questions or comments @LuftCT

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