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A Beginners Guide to Fantasy Football


With the new season fast approaching, more and more people are getting the itch to create and build their own ideal team. New players get excited about the prospect of compiling an unbeatable team of the sports stars, but fantasy football is an entirely different ballgame, with its own tactics and strategies for success. If you just think that you can pick your favorite players and call it a day, you are extremely mistaken. 

For those who haven’t had the pleasure of competing against your friends and strangers from around the world, excelling in fantasy football can be a difficult ordeal. With this guide, as well as a few advanced tips, you’ll know the core techniques and tricks to at least give yourself a fighting chance to avoid the dreaded last place position. 

Don’t try to fill your team with stars

When building their squad, so many fantasy football virgins start by drafting in the biggest names in the sport. This is nice for a while as the likes of Tom Brady, Aaron Donald and more link up, but soon you’ll hit a problem. This is because the best players in the sport have historically been the most expensive, which Cashlady research proves. With most fantasy football platforms giving a tight budget to work around, you’ll find yourself running out of funds fast, meaning your only option at this point is bringing in some cheap rookies. 

It’s better to have a well-balanced team of decent players than two or three top, expensive players surrounded by guys who probably won’t get onto the field. By having a reliable first 11, you’ll be able to get more points from more players.

Don’t pick your team and then forget about them

Whether you like it or not, fantasy football is a long-term commitment, and if you want to do well, you’ll have to be proactive and engage with your squad and starting line-up. No good fantasy football player has done well by simply drafting their initial squad and letting it play out. 

There are so many things that can happen in a season that can make it important to monitor your team and change it around. Injuries can reduce a player’s game-time, limiting the number of points they bring in or players might not be playing well, meaning that they’re losing you points. A good way to stay informed in the performance of your players is to check out NFL Next Gen Stats, so that you can make informed decisions and transfers. Also, don’t forget that towards the end of the season, some teams may be knocked out of competitions, meaning if they’re in your squad, they won’t be playing to earn points. 

Know the most valuable positions

When drafting your squad, it’s important to consider which positions you want to fill early, and which are best left until later on in the draft. As most fantasy football platforms use draft rounds, you want to make sure you grab players that are vital for your team early, so that others in your league don’t get them before you. 

A good tip is to draft RBs early and often, with two good RBs in the first three rounds being a good option. Make sure to acquire an elite wide receiver in the first three rounds, as they’re going to be a big avenue for points. 

Don’t waste early picks looking for kickers or defense, as there are plenty of depth in those positions that can do a good job for you in later rounds. Quarterbacks are a good option to get in the middle rounds. There will be plenty of productive players in this position available, but the top ten quarterbacks will most likely be drafted before the tenth round, so use your own initiative for that one. 

These are just a few essential tips to get you a good footing when competing in a fantasy football league. There’s always more to learn, but by being active and engaging with the game, you’ll soon pick up the strategies and tactics organically yourself.

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