AAF DFS Week 3 Picks: Real and Spectacular


They’re real and they’re spectacular. Yes, we could be talking about Teri Hatcher’s…um…features, but I’m talking about the AAF DFS Week 3 picks.

Yes, there are plenty of debates as to whether the league will survive and just how good the football is. But I’m jonesing already for my DFS football fix, and this fills that void nicely. Where can you find AAF DFS action? Our friends over at Fanball.com have plenty of AAF contests to choose from and they will be my primary site for my Week 3 picks.

Of course a couple quick notes regarding my AAF Week 3 picks.

First, I prefer playing GPPs over cash games because I’m going to endure the same amount of stress and research, might as well get the big bounty for it. So my picks below are definitely a little more slanted towards GPPs.

Second, player names are followed by position, team city, and salary cost in parenthesis.

Lastly, if in doubt, I go with the guy whom I know from the NFL (my seasonal leagues draft sheets that I’ve been doing for over 10 years go over 300 deep, so I know a lot).

Maybe that’s a poor strategy, but I’d rather take the guy who has proven he has enough talent to play the main room.

Enough notes. So, who do I like for Week 3 in the AAF?

AAF DFS Week 3 Picks


Luis Perez, QB, Birmingham ($5700)

So the chalk plays are Orlando’s Garret Gilbert and Arizona’s John Wolford. I wouldn’t fault you for going with either one of them. However, both are quite pricey and will likely be popular picks. Since I prefer playing GPPs, I’m going to be a bit contrarian and take Luis Perez. Perez has yet to throw a touchdown, but his receivers have had a bad case of the dropsies. Perez is an electric escape artist who should close the gap very quickly on Gilbert and Wolford when his receivers start catching the ball. Take a look at this key play for example.

However, I’m not staying away from the Orlando offense completely, because no one player impressed me more than the next player on my team:

Wide Receiver

Embed from Getty Images

Charles Johnson, WR, Orlando ($7400)

I remember watching preseason highlights of Charles Johnson back in 2013. I probably rated him too high at that point and winced when one of my rival dynasty owners snagged him. Obviously, the sting wasn’t too bad. Now half a dozen years later, Johnson is using the AAF to showcase his talent while reminding me why I liked him as much as I did.

The 6’2 215-pound receiver is big AND fast. He often gets great separation on deep routes and is part of the reason why Orlando has the most prolific offense in the league.  I promise you will hear about Charles Johnson many times this spring before you hear about him this fall during the NFL season.

Johnson is going to be a staple in my AAF lineups every week.

Others, however, might be more of a weekly play, like Johnson’s teammate, Deveon Smith.

Running Back

De’Veon Smith, RB, Orlando

Embed from Getty Images
We continue with the high powered offense of Orlando and will grab De’Veon Smith, one of the few players who has scored a touchdown every week of the season so far. Can he make it three weeks in a row? At a cost of only $4K worth of salary, I am willing to find out.


Quinton Patton, WR, Birmingham ($6300)

Given that I am rolling the dice with Perez, I want to stack him with his favorite receiver, Quinton Patton, who has been targeted 16 times over the last two weeks. You might remember Patton, as he did play for the 49ers for a few years and brings NFL skills to the AAF. Patton likely wants to get back to the NFL and I expect him to make a name for himself in the AAF.

Josh Huff, WR, Arizona ($5800)

I know, it’s getting repetitive, but if in doubt, you go with the guy you know who played in the NFL, right?

Brian Brown, WR, San Diego ($5700)

Of course, it’s not all about the NFL. When playing DFS, you have to look at the matchups and few rank lower than San Antonio’s defense. For that reason alone, I want some exposure to San Diego’s offense this week. Brown has seen six targets each of the first two weeks and I suspect it is the beginning of a trend. Brown makes for a solid final piece to my AAF DFS Week 3 picks.

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Despite his youthful appearance, Mark has aged hundreds and hundreds of years due to soul-sucking and crushing near misses over his decades of both playing and writing fantasy sports.

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