AAF DFS Week 8 Picks: Spider Senses Tingling


Looking over the AAF DFS week 8 slate, Orlando players look like a lock. They are clearly the best team in the league. They have already clinched a playoff spot and are facing a miserable Memphis team who are out of the playoffs with a loss here. What could go wrong?

Well, true-believers, Orlando has already clinched a playoff spot and Memphis is out of the playoffs. I would not be surprised to see an impassioned crowd support a psyched up Express team. Despite having given up the league’s most opposing yards, the Express then upset the Apollos, who are un-phased because they are still in the playoff.

But that’s not the only scenario that has my Spider Senses tingling. Is that hard to imagine Orlando being up early and then Steve Spurrier pulling many of his starters? Or maybe he doesn’t pull them, but just tries to bleed the clock by rushing the ball on every play. I’ve been on the Charles Johnson bandwagon all year. However, I am definitely fading both him and Garret Gilbert this week.

Of course, I try to use my Spider Senses to pick winners, not just avoid losers. And fortunately, as the season has worn on, my picking prowess has improved each week. I’ll give you two examples from last week. One, I loved the Orlando rushing attack last week. But even Uncle Ben could have seen that coming. But correctly picking John Wolford, who simply scored four total touchdowns, as the week’s top quarterback? That was more dexterous than Doc Ock!

Maybe my spider senses are wrong. But I can tell you personally that they rarely are. The only question, of course, is even if they are right, can I make the other right week 8 AAF picks? Let’s give it a try…

AAF DFS Week 8 Picks

AAF DFS Week 8 QB: Logan Woodside ($5,500)

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The Commanders have been playing great on both sides of the ball lately. However, Arizona is one of the better offenses in the league and I think this game turns into an ol’ Texas Shootout. Because Arizona’s offense is great.

I can’t say the same about their defense. Logan Woodside currently has the third most fantasy points per game of all AAF quarterbacks. Gilbert is first of course, but I already told you I’m fading him. Wolford is second and is very tempting but San Antonio has the league’s loudest crowd. I’d rather save myself the salary space and go with Woodside.

AAF DFS Week 8 RB: Trent Richardson ($8,000)

There are probably a lot of you who have had some success picking the opposite of what I say. I’ve been fading Richardson all year. And I’m still not expecting a ton of yards. But 10 total touchdowns in seven straight weeks is getting tough to fade.

Throw in the fact that Richardson is likely to run all over Atlanta’s league-worst rushing defense? Sigh. I can’t fade him anymore. Of course, that means he probably won’t score this week. But I can afford Richardson because I’m going to save some money at wide receiver.

AAF DFS Week 8 WR: Francis Owusu ($3,700)

Yes, there are some stud WRs I like more than Owusu. But a lot of my high salary stud picks this week are interchangeable. Owusu, however, jumps out at me.

Owusu has seen his number of targets go up each of the last five weeks and is quietly establishing himself as an integral part of the San Diego passing attack. I expect that trend to continue against Salt Lake’s second-worst pass defense.


Mekale McKay ($6,300)

So many things to like about McKay this week. For one, I’m stacking him with Woodside.

Two, while he’s been a stud all year, he’s scored a touchdown in three straight weeks.

Three, the HotShots regularly give up big chunks of yards through the air.

The Commanders aerial assault will keep the league’s most raucous home crowd delighted.

Nelson Spruce ($6200)

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If you are part of the home crowd in Salt Lake City this weekend however, you might not be so delighted. In fact, you should be terrified.

Spruce is coming off a monster game. His web-like hands caught 12 of 14 targets for 146 yards. Salt Lake’s passing defense has been quite disappointing this year. Spruce will only make it worse.

De’Veon Smith ($5,300)

So I am not fading the Apollos completely, just their top quarterback, wide receivers, and top running back. And let’s be clear, Smith is not reproducing his 3-TD output from last week. But a touchdown and maybe 60 yards?

You don’t need to be Stan Lee to imagine that scenario. And with great power comes great responsibility. It would be irresponsible to keep Smith out of my AAF DFS week 8 picks.

Good luck with yours!

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