About Us

About Me

My name is Joe Bond, and first of all I want to welcome you to Fantasy Six Pack. Now, let’s get to a little bit about myself and this site. I graduated from Virginia Tech, Go Hokies!, and after that went to work in the IT world.

During my college days, 2001 to be exact, I played in my first fantasy football league and quickly became addicted to it. I ended up finishing second in that league, which helped start the addiction. I can’t tell you how many leagues I have been in, but I can tell that I have won many of them and overall, I have been very successful in the ones I did not win.

Other than launching and writing for this site, I also contribute to the expert consensus rankings and other articles on FantasyPros.com, where I was the No. 5 ranked expert in 2014 for the Fantasy Football draft rankings, as well as No.1 for in-season Quarterback rankings and Kickers in 2016. I have also been ranked in the top 15 for Fantasy Baseball the last two years. I was also the content manager for So-Called Fantasy Experts.

I co-host the, The Fantasy Six Pack Hour Podcast, and have been a guest on multiple radio shows/podcasts to discuss fantasy sports, including RotoExperts in the MorningHome Run the JewelRoute 4 Sports and Pursuing the Perimeter. You can follow me on Twitter @FantasySixPack and also follow our site on Facebook.

How did this site get started?

After college, a few of my friends that I played against regularly recognized that I was having continued success in our leagues, and started asking me for advice about their teams.

In late 2009, I was joking around with one of them that I should starting charging a fee for my services. He joked back saying, “Maybe you should start a blog”. Well, that idea blossomed in my head and I decided I enjoyed helping my friends out so much, why not use my addiction to fantasy sports to try and help anybody out there that wants it. So, in December 2009, Fantasy Six Pack was born, and the rest is history.

What’s with the name?

I’m guessing you get the Fantasy part of the name, so I will explain the “Six Pack” part. The idea came from the first writer I recruited for the site, Garrick (you might ask who beat me in that first fantasy football league…well, it was Garrick), who said we should somehow combine fantasy sports and beer. Since we weren’t going to be writing about beer, I had to spin it in a different direction. I came up with having the site discuss six different fantasy sports: Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, NCAA, Premier League and NASCAR DFS Golf, making fantasysixpack.net a one-stop shop for pretty much all your fantasy sports needs, or at least we try.

Meet the F6P family

Tyler Gettmann (Fantasy Baseball)

Tyler is originally from the Philadelphia area. He now lives in the beautiful and serene Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania with his wife, dog and cat. Children are not in his life yet, but they are planning for them. Tyler graduated from Lycoming College with a BS in Mathematics, Certified in Secondary Education; later receiving an MS in Mathematics (Gr. 6-8). Tyler’s passion is sports. Since an early age he has been involved in, played (or coached), soccer, baseball, softball, basketball, golf and football. This is what intrigued him about the fantasy sports world. Sports and statistics for Tyler go hand in hand, which is why he is very passionate about both. While watching mostly baseball and football games, he finds himself analyzing each play and often says what the announcers say before they do. For the past five years, Tyler has been the commissioner of his own fantasy football league and is also involved in other fantasy baseball and football leagues. Tyler looks forward to working with the Fantasy Six Pack website and unveiling his knowledge and opinions to the fantasy sports world. One can ask a question or just send comments to him on Twitter @RedSox_SF49ers.

Kevin Huo (Fantasy Football)

Kevin is an avid NFL enthusiast who has been competing in fantasy football since 2008. He is a recent UC Davis graduate (Go Ags!), with a B.S. in Genetics and Genomics. He uses advanced statistics and the eye test to back up his opinions, which has led him to multiple league championships and top 3 finishes. Kevin is constantly on Twitter, getting real-time updates to gain an advantage over his opponents. You can follow him on Twitter: @KevinH_F6P

Richard Savill (Fantasy Football)

Richard is the Fantasy Football Content Manager at Fantasy Six Pack. A long-time NFL handicapper and fantasy football enthusiast. His background includes Computer Programmer, Web Developer and Networking. He has been a consistent league contender since 2009, including three wins, two runners-up and a 4th place in 2013. FSWA 16 team league winner in 2015. Combining his gaming skill with pure gut instinct, Richard brings his interesting insights and “outside-the- box” thinking to Fantasy Six Pack for the novice and expert alike. He is an avid computer hobbyist, football nut and a strong chess player. Richard has three children. He lived most of his life in the Vancouver, Canada and currently resides in the UK. You can follow him on Twitter: @RRSSavill

Tyler Thompson (Fantasy Baseball – Football)

Tyler is a recent graduate of the Univ. of Arkansas in Fayetteville (Woo Pig) with a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering and a minor in Mathematics. He has been a real-life baseball addict and/or player for 15 years and finally picked up fantasy baseball after joining a league in college with some fellow engineering students. He prides himself in his ability to identify pitchers that are under the radar or performing better than their statistics may say along with predicting relievers that could overtake the closing role on a given team. He is currently the Fantasy Baseball Content Manager and is excited to share his knowledge of the game from a real-life standpoint and project it to fantasy production for readers looking for that extra edge. You can follow him on Twitter @TheRealWody. Feel free to contact him with questions, comments, criticism (as long as it is constructive), and random thoughts on trade rumors (speculating is fun).

Jonathan Chan (Fantasy Football – Baseball)

Jonathan is a recent graduate of the University of Toronto. He has a degree in Kinesiology and a Masters degree in Exercise Science, specializing in concussions. He loves reading about injuries, rehabilitation timelines and researching how injuries can affect a player’s future performance. He has been a sports addict since he was nine years old and found the 24-hour sports channel on cable (shout out to TheScore). He has been playing in Fantasy leagues for over 10 years, ever since he took control of a Fantasy Hockey pool his mom had entered. You can find Jonathan in his natural habitat, with a beer in one hand and a TV remote in the other, channel surfing for the most exciting game possible. If you can’t make it to Toronto to talk about sports, you can start a conversation by following him on Twitter @JChan_811.

Alex Hamrick (Fantasy Football)

Alex is an avid fantasy football player and enthusiast. He enjoys using quantitative methods to develop detailed fantasy football analysis. This insight has led Alex to multiple 1st place finishes, while never finishing worse than 3rd. Alex has a B.S. in International Business and Global Logistics from the College of Charleston and he is currently pursuing a Law Degree (J.D.) at the University of South Carolina School of Law. Alex plays in several Fantasy Football leagues each year and is the commissioner of a league in which he plays with his close friends and family. He also enjoys playing Daily Fantasy Sports and offering DFS tips and advice. Alex finds a way to stay busy year-round by playing other fantasy related games including; Fantasy Football, Fantasy Basketball, and Fantasy Soccer. For insight, questions, and comments, follow him on Twitter: @AlexBHamrick

Michael Trivisonno (Fantasy Football)

Michael is a big-time NFL and sports fan who has been competing in Fantasy Football for years now. He is currently in college and is majoring in Sports Management at the University of Akron. He tends to back up what he says with several different facts and statistics. Michael goes in depth with stats and numbers to make his audience understand more of whatever he is talking about. You can learn more about Michael and his love for sports by following him on Twitter @Mike_Triv

Dennis Sosic (Fantasy Baseball)

Dennis Sosic is from Cleveland, Ohio and a HUGE sports fan including NFL and college football, MLB (GO TRIBE), NBA (GO CAVS!) and MMA. He is an avid Cleveland and Ohio State sports fan. He has been called a Sports Geek by friends and foes alike and that fits him perfectly. He has been competing in fantasy sports, mainly fantasy football and baseball for over 20 years. He participates in numerous fantasy football leagues annually and is the commish in his two biggest money leagues. Also, participates in up to four fantasy baseball leagues annually and is the commish in one league that has been competing for over 15 years. Dennis has won several leagues in each sport and is the team to beat in the league and everyone knows it. Dennis is also an avid DFS player in both football and baseball. Dennis is a student of all sports and normally calls out what the game announcers say before they say it.

Greg Benson (Fantasy Baseball)

Packers of the NFL, and the Washington Nationals of the MLB. He is a avid watcher of basketball, baseball, and football. You can follow him on twitter @Greg_Benson24."}” data-sheets-userformat=”{"2":513,"3":[null,0],"12":0}”>Greg is originally from the Fairfax, Virginia area and grew up there his entire life. Greg was a student at Northern Virginia Community College for two years before transferring to the University of Mary Washington, located in Fredericksburg, Virginia. He has attended Mary Washington for two semesters and is working on a business management degree. With this degree, Greg hopes to one day in the future be involved in the public relations field for a sports organization. Greg played baseball for fourteen years, along with playing basketball for ten years and competing in track and field while in high school for three years. Greg became involved in fantasy sports in 2006 when he played in his first fantasy football league and has continued to participate in fantasy football since. For the past three years, Greg has been the league manager of an online fantasy football league that he plays in with his friends. He became involved with fantasy basketball and baseball shorly after football, but instantly became addicted to the different fantasy sports aspects presented to him. Greg’s favorite teams include the Memphis Grizzlies of the NBA, the Green Bay Packers of the NFL, and the Washington Nationals of the MLB. He is an avid watcher of basketball, baseball, and football. You can follow him on twitter @Greg_Benson24.

Kyle Megrath (Fantasy Baseball)

Kyle is an unlikely baseball and fantasy baseball fan. He lived in Oregon for several years, played some tee-ball, and went to two Mariners games where he became a Ken Griffey Jr. fan. Later, though he discovered soccer and played it all the time. When he moved to Maine in junior high he ignored the New England sports fanatics until college when he fell in love with the Red Sox and started playing fantasy baseball. Kyle won his first league and never looked back. He began meticulously preparing for drafts, reading everything, joining all kinds of leagues, geeking out for Eno Sarris, creating ridiculous fantasy draft spreadsheets and getting into long debates about baseball and fantasy baseball. Now, Kyle couldn’t be happier writing and contributing to and industry that has brought so much joy and frustration to his life.
Kyle now lives in Boston with his girlfriend and three dogs. When he is not fantasy baseball-ing he is working to make the world a more just and equitable place by working and volunteering towards social justice.