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There are few better things than drinking a cold beer on a hot summer day. I know that baseball has been missing for a few months but I have a dream that we will soon be enjoying beer and baseball like the good ole days. With that in mind let’s take a look at the Beer and Baseball Stadiums – AL Central edition.

Last week we traveled down the east coast of the U.S. and even visited a different country! Go read up on the great beers of Toronto, Boston, New York, Baltimore, and Tampa Bay in the AL East edition.

This week on Beer and Baseball Stadiums we will be visiting the AL Central. From places like the south side of Chicago, Cleveland, and Kansas City, we will have an eclectic group of beers. As for baseball, we have some great players to feature in Francisco Lindor, Eloy Jimenez, and Jose Berrios.

If you want, grab your favorite cold beer and take a sip every time “beer” or “baseball” is said. Let’s see how tipsy you can get!

Minnesota Twins

The place that all middle-aged moms like to shop is also the home to the Twins….kinda. Target Field, which is conveniently located on Twins Way, is one of the MLB’s newest stadiums. One of the most well-known breweries in Minneapolis is Surly Brewing Company, known for its Minnesota is Firey IPA.

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Fantasy Outlook

Marketed as an “aggressive hoppy” IPA this beer has a kick! This is similar to the baseball that plays at Target Field. Known to be absolute thumpers when it comes to hitting dingers the Twins 2020 lineup is great from top to bottom. Nelson Cruz, Miguel Sano, and Josh Donaldson are all 30+ homerun hitters in a normal season.

Last year the Twins smashed the record set the previous year by the Yankees (Twins had 307 in 2019 while the Yankees had 267 in 2018). It’s crazy to think that a majority of the home runs that these Twins sluggers hit at Target Field were not home runs. So if you are looking for that extra home run to put you over don’t start a player at Target Field.

Chicago White Sox

The south-side ball club is considered the “artsy” child when it comes to baseball, which is not a slight on the White Sox, they are just not as well-loved as the crosstown rival Cubs. However, this collaborates well with Marz Community Brewing Company.

With the belief that brewing should be a collaboration of many, to be enjoyed by the masses makes Marz unique. Having a group of people who enjoy a beer while collaborating on other projects is a concept that I know fits well with the belief of the White Sox. All of the beers have fantastic names, for example, Catch 22, Dank Grass, and Karaoke Kitty on Marz to name a few. The one that takes the cake is Missing Gravity. This is exactly what happens when Eloy Jimenez hits a homerun.

Fantasy Outlook

In the next few years, the White Sox will have a 100mph heater in Michael Kopech on the mound and another slugger in Luis Robert whose home runs are also missing gravity. The trio of Kopech, Robert, and Jimenez will have the White Sox competing like their north-side rivals very soon.

Kansas City Royals

Kauffman Stadium is one of the oldest ballparks in all of baseball and dates back to the sweet swing of George Brett in the early days of “the K”. The one of a kind stadium is known for the fountains that sit behind the outfield wall.  These fountains are truly an amazing spectacle to see when a Royals player hits a home run. Royals fans are also very particular about the beer they drink and work to ensure it stays true to Kansas City.

One of the best beers comes from the Boulevard Brewing Company. With their Kansas City Pills which looks eerily similar to the Royals logo, the truly bring the spirit of the Royals to their beer. Kansas City loves this American Lager, it is dedicated to all of the local breweries in the K.C. area who work hard to make a great brew.

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Fantasy Outlook

Salvador Perez is one of the best catchers in baseball. Not only is he a great hitter, but he also throws out most runners that try to steal on him. This is not the case for opposing catchers who come in thinking they are going to be stealing on Royals hitters. Guys like Whit Merrifield and Adalberto Mondesi on the basepaths, it is almost a guarantee that one if not both are going to swipe a bag every game.

Detroit Tigers

One of the cool things about Comerica Park is that a merry-go-round is in the outfield. What else many Tigers fans desire is a Dirty Blonde to drink while they ride the merry-go-round. Brewed by Atwater Brewery this light and flavorful beer is a great way to wash away your sorrows while the Tigers continue to struggle.

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Fantasy Outlook

With an aging Miguel Cabrera as their best hitter, the Tigers are desperate to find some offense. Without much speed or power in the lineup, look for the Tigers to just try and get a good pick in the 2021 draft. Tigers and opponents alike do not put up many runs in Comerica. Top pitching prospects Casey Mize and Matt Manning are close to being called up. The friendly confines of Comerica park should help the young hurlers provide plenty of value.

Cleveland Indians

Progressive Field is located right across the street from Quicken Loans arena and has had a long, storied tradition of being a fun ballpark to visit. With many bars close to the field, it’s easy to grab a beer before and after an Indians game. Any Clevelander will say that one of the greatest breweries in the Cleveland area is Great Lakes Brewing Company. Having lived near the Clevland area for a few years I love their Tank 7 American Saison.  You can definitely grab this beer while you watch Francisco Lindor make spectacular plays.

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Fantasy Outlook

Progressive Field is an above-average hitters park in regards to home runs and doubles. Lindor and Jose Ramirez are elite Fantasy options and should produce well surrounded by fellow power bats Franmil Reyes, Carlos Santana, and Domingo Santana.

I hope you enjoyed reading about awesome beers in the AL Central stadiums. If you think I missed a beer or want me to give a shout out to another beer tweet at @MantelJosh. Until next week my friends when we talk about my favorite division the AL West.

“Milk is for babies. When you grow up, you have to drink beer.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger

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