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Beer and Baseball Stadiums – AL East Edition


Beer and baseball are now making a trip to the Northeast. We will talk about some great beer in Toronto, Boston, NY, and Florida in the Beer and Baseball Stadiums – AL East Edition.

If you haven’t tried out the tasty brews in the NL East, Central or West go and check them out. They will give your palate flavors you could never dream of in a beer.

On our adventure we will travel north of the border and talk about the upstart Blue Jays and how their young core is fantastic with a brewski. We will also visit one of the most historic baseball stadiums in the world, in Fenway Park.

Let’s begin with the only MLB team not in the United States, the Toronto Blue Jays.

Beer and Baseball Stadiums – AL East Edition

Toronto Blue Jays

The only stadium that is north of the border is the Rogers Centre located fittingly on Blue Jays Way. Canada is known for its hockey and taking great pride in the beer that they drink.  Located right across the street from the Rogers Center is Steam Whistle Brewing, one of the top breweries in all of Canada.

The premium pilsner is simple yet flashy just like the young Blue Jays. The crisp taste with a hint of bitterness is just like Cavan Biggio, Bo Bichette, and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is sweet to watch but hurts a little when the young trio play against your team.

Fantasy Outlook

Although Steam Whistle has a brewhouse right next door it doesn’t seem like they have a local beer in the stadium. When the home for the Blue Jays opened in 1989 as the SkyDome it had the dream of being a place with mammoth home runs(see below). Since it’s opening, 11% of hits in the park have been home runs, which ranks eighth in the percentage of home runs hit since the opening of a stadium.

With the three young gun hitters just starting their major league careers expect more homers and potential dominance in the AL East. Especially with teams like the Yankees and Red Sox starting to get much older. I also forgot to mention you got Nate Pearson whose fastball grades as an 80 on the 20-80 scale!

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Boston Red Sox

Now we head back to America and the city of Boston. This is where the most well know baseball stadium in the world is located, Fenway Park (or as my Aunt Wendy calls it “Fenway Pa’hk). With the famed Green Monster in Left Field and the Red Sox known for their curses, it only makes sense for the Undead Party Crasher to be the beer of choice. Brewed by the famed Clown Shoes Brewery, this imperial stout is made with holy water.

The American style Imperial Stout has a rich taste of coffee and chocolate that melts in your mouth. Sadly, the beer selection at Fenway is not available at the historic stadium itself. With only 21 beers offered at the stadium, it ranked as the smallest selection of beers in all of baseball in 2019.

Fantasy Outlook

With the Red Sox trading away their best player in Mookie Betts and getting a minimal return in Jeter Downs and Alex Verdugo, I expect this team to be pretty terrible in 2020 and the 2021 season.  The left-field Green Monster which is the shortest left field in all of baseball (310′) always provides great entertainment for any opposing left fielder. If you have a right-handed power hitter and they are headed up to Fenway, I advise you to start them. They are likely to do great for your fantasy team during that series.

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New York Yankees

One of the biggest rivalries in all of sports is between the Red Sox and Yankees. So, let’s head back to New York and talk about the pinstriped team in the Bronx. Yankee Stadium is one of the crown jewels of the baseball world. One of the great places to grab a beer is Blue Point Brewing Company.

One beer that I recommend from a great selection is Pinstripe Pills. This is a great beer to while you sit in the Judge’s Chamber in right field. This pilsner comes in a pinstriped can and is one of the best looking beer cans in baseball

Fantasy Outlook

While the opposite of Fenway Park, Yankee Stadium has one of the shortest right fields (314′). This gives left-handed hitters an incredible advantage to hit some dingers.  The Bronx Bombers have continued to hit for power since moving to their new stadium in 2009. They rank third in the majors in home run rate since their opening.

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Baltimore Orioles

Well, we come down to Baltimore and the famous Camden Yards. There is not much to say about the team that Baltimore puts on the field. Let’s be honest with ourselves if you relegate in baseball the O’s would be a AA team. What is not mediocre though is the beer that is produced in the Baltimore area. One of the staples of the O’s brings them back to the olden days in Old Oriole Park Beer.

Fantasy Outlook

This tasty beer is great to drink on muggy Baltimore day while you watch Chris Davis get his twelfth golden sombrero of the season. One of the cool accomplishments of Old Oriole Park Beer is the winner of the best craft beer in Maryland. This compliments Camden well with its historic feel.

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Tampa Bay Rays

The final location we got in the AL East is the beautiful Tropicana Field. Named after everyone’s favorite orange juice, it is also known for its mile-high pop flies. One of the other great things about living in Florida is the cold drinks. This brings us to our next beer, Margarita Gose from Cigar City Brewing. Known as a sophisticated drinking man’s beer, they even have an exclusive club. One of their most popular beers is Margarita Gose. If you are wondering what it tastes like well, its lime, salt, and orange.

Fantasy Outlook

Imagine that, the beer has orange in it just like Tropicana. What also resides at Tropicana Field is the always nasty Blake Snell. Between Snell, Tyler Glasnow, and the old man of the bunch Charlie Morton, the Rays are primed to be great this season. Keep an eye on this team once the season gets going.
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Well, we just cruised down the east coastline and hit up some fantastic ballparks. Visting places like Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium and enjoying great beers have been fun. So, next week we will be going to visit the AL Central. If you like the beers or think I should have picked others tweet at me @MantelJosh.

On victory, you deserve a beer. On defeat, you need it.

– Napoleon Bonaparte

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